Monday, November 1, 2010

Last Sabbath ( 30th October 2010 - Also known as Saturday ), the Lighthouse Church which I have been attending lately decided to have our Worship Day at the Kulim Adventist Church..

So me, my mum and Jye woke up as early as 7.30AM to prepare ourselves..and we manage to reached Dr Chew's house at 8.30AM sharp..! It was a bright and cooling morning during that day..and it was slightly cloudy due to the weather forecast which predicted that there will be rainfall on the 30th onwards..

A view of The Cove

Here's a view from Dr. Chew's house..he has such a beautiful house which is also where the Lighthouse Church is located..
The sun was glaring during that morning..and the view of The Cove condominium was so clear from where I was standing..

Dr. Chew

So we finally left Dr. Chew's house around 9.00AM and head on to the Kulim Church..and there were around 10 people in Dr Chew's Car..Look there he is driving us around..He is such a nice guy, he taught me, my mum and Jye many things which is beyond our knowledge..and all the bible study which he has given to us was so interesting and meaningful..May the Lord Bless Him and his wonderful family..!!

Jye and Me

Took a picture while waiting for the others to arrive at the BKE second toll..I wonder why I always look so pale in pictures.. =.=

Kulim Adventist Centre

We finally arrived at the Kulim Adventist Centre after roughly 45 minutes..The reason our service was held at the Kulim Church on that day was to because all the Lighthouse Church members went there to support an Adventist Church member in Kulim which has Lung Cancer and is fighting for her life and her name is Andrea..! 
There are many things which are unfair in this world..however, I know the Lord will help Andrea to go through all the pain and sufferings..and may she be strong and recover from her illness soon..

Inside of the Adventist Centre

Here's the inside of the Adventist Centre...there were only a few members from the Kulim Chruch..and it is amazing as I realised you don need a crowd to worship God..a few members who are faithful and sincere to God will make the Church stand strong and tall..

Dr Chew Preaching 

It was Dr Chew was preach through out the service..and he taught us many meaningful works in the Bible..which is regarding the FOUR Callings of the Lord Jesus Christ..

Praising the Lord Through Songs

We sang before the preaching from Dr Chew, and also before we end the service..

Look at the Crowd!!

Here are all the Lighthouse members and the Kulim Members..singing and praising the Lord!

As we end our service around 12.00PM, we all planned to have a picnic at the Sedim Waterfall which is located at Kedah Darul Aman..! I can say it was my first time going to Kedah and I was so excited to see the river and waterfall!!

Rainforest and Sedim River, Kedah

At last we reached the Sedim River which took us roughly another 45 minutes from Kulim..
We paid an entrance of RM3.00 which I felt was quite expensive as they shouldn't charge people for visiting and appreciating nature!

Sedim River

After we got off from the car..I ran straight to the river..and I felt like a child again..! The river was almost crystal clear..and the current of the water was strong..and it was such a beautiful scene! Oh..what a memorable experience..!

It's Me!

I was so excited..I jumped on a rock right beside the river..and took a picture on it..! =)

Lunce Time - FOOD!!

After saying our prayers and thank the Lord for the good food..we proceed with our lunch..Look at all the delicious food..!! It may look simple from the picture..but I can assure you that the food is simply delicious..!! The Potato Salad was great..and the Nasi Lemak and Spaghetti was out of this world..!! It was so good that when I wanted to have a second was finished!

Jambu Tree

We found a huge Jambu Tree beside the place we had our picnic..Look at all the bright red and juicy Jambus..!! It tasted so sweet and slightly sour..and it was clean and so fresh..!! Ahhh..! It was my first time having fruits straight after plucking them from a tree..Again..another wonderful experience..

Me, Jye and the Jambu!

Look at the both of happy to see the Jambu..and the leaves among the Jambus makes it look like a mistletoe and Christmas is just around the corner!

Greedy Me!

LOLx..look at me..holding up a plate of the Jambus which are picked by the Church members..I have no intention on eating so many actually..was the bright colour of the Jambu just make me so attracted to it..!

Dearest Mum

After, my mum and Jye decided to head on to the river side and enjoy the cool breeze and the sound of the running water from the river..
I seldom get to take an individual picture of my mum..So I asked her to pose a picture for me..Look at how nice the picture is..=)

Mum Again..!

As mum walked on down to the rocks by the river..I asked her for another picture..! Such a nice and memorable one..!

Mum and Me

I love taking pictures with my mum..So with the help of Jye..he took the both of us standing so tall on the was quite slippery on that it was actually drizzling when we arrived..

Me and Jye

Then it was me and Jye's turn to take a picture together..Unfortunately I was only able to take a small part of the river as our background..

Standing Tall - Jye

Finally it was Jye's turn..Seems like all of us find that spot a good place to take a picture..and he seems to be so happy too..

Uncle Ewe Hock and Mum

Chit chatting among the Lighthouse members and between my mum and Uncle Ewe Hock who also happens to be my mum's childhood friend..


I was trying to look like I'm about to fly..but I guess I failed to do so..LOLx..

Strong Current and Clear Water

You'll be able to see how strong the current is from the above picture..the pure white colour part of the water shows the speed and power of the water as it gush down heading towards the waterfall..

Lighthouse Members

All the lighthouse members enjoying themselves..Some of them even jumped and dived from the Rock into the water..For those who intend to jump/ sure to head on the deeper ends of the avoid any injuries..

Tiny Me

There is a tree top walk which start off from the bridge..Look at how tiny I am on the bridge from the river..The picture was taken by Jye..Can you imagine how high the bridge is..?

The other side of the Bridge

As soon as Jye went up the bridge..I took the camera..and start to snap a picture of the rushing waters from the other side of the bridge..The current was so strong that the sound of the rushing waters was very loud..

View from the Bridge

Look at all the Lighthouse members having fun..this picture was taken from the bridge I was standing on..and you can also see a clearer view of the river too from this angle..

Pray I won't Fall

I remember taking roughly 10 pictures on the bridge..and I was quite scared of falling down from the bridge..It was so high..but I finally manage to take a nice one with the river below it..


Before going down from the bridge..I took a last picture of Jye standing on the bridge..I just love this I manage to capture the rushing waters below and also the rain forest behind him..!

I'm high above the Tree!

There were actually many tall and high rocks around the area..After climbing up one..I took a few pictures on it..with many positions..but I guess this one is the best..!

Bible Study and One with Nature

After enjoying ourselves..Dr Chew decided to have a bible study among the nature and it was only between the three of us..! He told us a such a nice and wonderful story which touches my heart and now I know the "GRACE" of God..The Lord is graceful..and he is loving and forgiving..and knowing such things enlighten me..! Thank You Lord for bringing me to such a wonderful place..and thank you Dr Chew for such a wonderful story and bible study..

Auntie Melody, Dearest Mum and Uncle Ewe Hock

It was great taking pictures of my mum with her childhood friends..They are all Adventist Church Members since they were teenagers..and I love seeing old friends meeting up and having fun..and taking this picture above..would be a memorable one for my mum..

All of Us!

From Top Left : Auntie Melody, My Mum, Auntie Alice, Uncle Ewe Hock and Me

Again another nice and memorable picture taken..! 

Beautiful Flower

Saw this beautiful flower around the place we took a picture..I must say I'm a good photographer this time..! I'm so attracted to this picture..

Me on the Log

One last picture of me alone before leaving the river area..

Me and Dr Chew

It was great having a picture of me with Dr Chew, he is the one who made me realised many things and learned more about God and the Lord Jesus Christ..

We left the place around 3.15PM..and head on back to Penang..All of us were exhausted..and we thank the Lord for protecting us all along the way to Kulim, to Kedah and back to Penang..!
I will always remember that particular day..all the fun I had with people I just know, with my loved ones especially my mum..and also seeing my mum being happy with all her friends..!
May the Lord Bless us all..!


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