Monday, June 16, 2014

It was a lazy Sunday noon yesterday and we thought of getting some refreshments as well as touring a small part of Penang's Heritage Area.. We decided to stop by the Busy Bodhi Cafe to have a look after all it was actually part of our plans to visit the cafe..

The name of the cafe is taken after the Bodhi tree, and being famous for Ernest Zacharevic's mural, I must say Busy Bodhi cafe is a catch for locals and tourist for a pit stop after cycling and strolling..

Busy Bodhi Sign Board

Upon arriving at the cafe, we saw that the cafe was crowded with tourists and locals having their tea/coffee breaks.. but lucky for us..there was a small table still available..


After ordering our drinks, it's time for pictures...the cafe has a small bar where they prepare our food and drinks

Roof of Umbrellas

The roof of umbrellas is the main reason we visited the cafe, with it's unique decoration of umbrellas acting as roof, it gives out a cozy and comfortable ambiance for a place to hang out..

It seems the theme of the cafe is "Umbrellas" everywhere.. Haha.. Saw this at the bar top, where the tables are made out of bottle corks, paper umbrellas, and the chairs are made out of wires and bottle caps... Hmm..creative I must say..

 Postcards for Sale

There are also postcards,magnets and key chains for sale as a souvenir/remembrance of Penang's heritage attractions


Came across a few jars of biscuits known as "Atapchi" in hokkien, this used to be my favourite snacks when I was a kid.. Brings back alot of old memories..

Souvenirs for Sale

More stuff for sale..

How to get a Boyfriend?

Now this is a funny sign board I came looks a little faded so let me explain it..
with the title "How to get a boyfriend?"
1. Buy coffee from "Busy Bodhi cafe"
2. Give it to the guy you like, tell him if it's nice then let's get together
3. Our coffee is really nice, so you will be successful
4. If he rejects you, please come back, we will provide you with another extra HOT coffee to splash him on his face.

Would you dare try? Haha...


Now here's one of the famous mural by Ernest Zacharevic , Penang's heritage area is famous for all his murals.. and to be able to capture one of his artworks is an honor to me.. 

What's the boy reaching for? Visit Busy Bodhi cafe to find out!

Can Crush Game

Why play candy crush when you can play "can crush"?? The waiter at the cafe is kind enough to invite us to try out the game... Can you crush a can with just one hand??


Finally our refreshments arrived... me and my friend Minn ordered the thirst quenchers which is the Busy Bodhi Fizz of Peach and Cranberry flavours each costing only RM 13.00
and as for brother, he ordered the Ice Latte which costs RM 12.00.

Would definitely visit the cafe again for the drinks and ambiance..

Ratings :
Ambiance : 7/10 (0-3 Plain, 4-7 Comfortable, 8-10 Classy)
Food Choices : 6/10 (0-3 Limited, 4-7 Average, 8-10 Plenty)
Pricing 7/10 (0-3 Cheap, 4-7 Reasonable, 8-10 Expensive)
Taste : 7/10 (0-3 Tasteless, 4-7 Average, 8-10 Tasty)
Service : 8/10 (0-3 Poor, 4-7 Average, 8-10 Efficient)

Also available:
(All day breakfast, Snacks - Salmon paste and crackers, Salmon caviar paste and crackers, selections of tea and coffee, beer)

64, Lebuh Acheh,
10200, Georgetown, 
Penang, Malaysia.
(Tel: +6012-4975599)

Operating hours : 
Mon - Thurs: 9.00AM - 7.30PM
Fri - Sun: 9.00AM - 9.30PM


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Nice post, you make this horrible cafe look like it is worth visiting. I think it is overpriced tourist trap with rude staffs

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