Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Day One - Arrival/Relaxation and Have Fun!

Last Friday ( 8th October 2010 ), Me and Jye took a trip to Genting Highlands for a weekend trip..It was roughly a year ago since we both went to Genting Highlands together..this costs us around RM139 for the Hotel Room and Bus Ticket for two ways..

We departed from Penang at approximately 10.00PM (8th October 2010), and we arrived at Genting Highlands' First World Hotel around 3.45AM (9th October 2010)..!! We were both tired and we head on to find our dear friend Angeline also known as Mun Yee and XK..They were both sleeping when we arrived..However, I was thankful that she had a room on Friday night..and there was a bed for us to sleep on too..!! Thank God for her..=)

Took a nap till around ready and head on out for our breakfast!!

A View of Genting Highlands

Took a view of Genting Highlands from Mun Yee's Room before leaving for breakfast..! What a perfect weather for a holiday at Genting!

Hou Mei Restaurant

Jye and Me

It was only me and Jye for breakfast as Mun Yee and Xk head on for their free breakfast at the First World Cafe...So we decided to have our breakfast at a restaurant in First World, Hou Mei..

After breakfast...we head on to the outdoor theme park..bought our ticket which costs RM44 per pax..


As we entered the park..Mun yee and Xk went to check out from their I decided to take some pictures while waiting for her..

The Two of Us

In the vintage car which is on display..

The Cyclone

This was our first ride..If I'm not wrong..the Cyclone was Malaysia's First Roller Coaster..We were grateful that the weather was good on the day we went..It is not advisable to play the Cyclone on misty weathers..

Me and Mun yee

Yay! It was our first picture together since I arrived at Genting..We were queuing up for the Cyclone ride..

The Flying Chair

Next we head on for the Flying Chair ride..Actually..I felt kind of nausea from this ride..however, it can be fun as you will be able to feel the cold breeze when the chair is swinging and flying..

The Cockscrew

This is one of my favourite rides..the cockscrew..I took this picture above when we were at the Dinosaur Land..

The Four of Us

Xk took a picture of the four of us when we were waiting for the Cockscrew ride..!

The Swinging Ship

It was my first time taking the Swinging Ship at my last visit, the ride was closed due to bad weather..All the time..I played the Swinging Ship when I was at Sunway Lagoon, KL..

Again the Four of Us!

I remember when we were playing the swinging ship..we were laughing non the feeling of the swinging ship makes us feel like trying to hold our urine from coming out..!! yeah, disgusting I know..but it was really funny and we enjoyed ourselves..!

Me with Jye and Mun Yee

I took a picture with Jye and Mun yee at the fountain while waiting for Xk to go to the toilet..Seems like the Swinging Ship is an effective way for those who can't pee..!!

London Bus

L for London

The Last time I visited Genting..I don't remember seeing a London double decker bus..So I decided to take a picture of it..took some pictures in the bus and the london phone booth too..but I did not upload any of it..since my last trip..I did upload a few pictures of it in my blog..

Mun yee and Me

Look at the both of us inside the London bus..Smiling so happily like we are about to travel to somewhere..! LOLx..

MarryBrown Lukcy Plate and Chicken Burger

Lunch Time !! We decided to head on to Marrybrown for our lunch..It was my first time tasting Marrybrown's food..and it reminds me of KFC's fried chicken! I had the Lucky Plate which comes with two pieces of fried chicken, mashed potato, coleslaw and for Jye, he ordered the Chicken Burger and made it a Combo which comes with fries and a cup of soft drink..

Dinosaur Land

After lunch..we decided not to play those thrilling rides..and instead..we opted for the slow ride..such as a visit to the Dinosaur Land..

Jye and Me

One of my favourite pictures..! Love the dinosaur land word behind us..!!

The Cotton Candy Feast!

Before entering the Dinosaur Land, the four of us bought two packets of Cotton Candy to feast on..!! It has been a long time since I had cotton candy..! Look at Jye eating it so happily and greedily..LOLx..

Dinosaur Land Boat Ride

Finally after queuing up for 15mins..It was our turn to go on board the boat which will take us on ride and enter a cave which tells us the dinosaur history..I did not take any pictures in there, as I felt it was quite lame..LOLx..However, I took pictures of the view most of the time..and even some pictures of me and Jye..

Animals Deco

As we started our ride..we saw many animals decorations which are made with plastics on display..The ride was approximately 10mins for one whole round..

DinosaurLand Sculpture 

Somehow I was attracted to this Sculpture..or perhaps it was the angle that I took the picture which makes it stand out..and the two dino eggs makes which are cracked looks so real..!

Mun yee and Me!

After the dinosaur land ride..we took a walk around the dinosaurland..and found a big rock..I was so scared when I climbed up the rock..and it was so high..and if you might fall and injure yourself..but it was great to sit there too as the cold breeze was blowing against us all the time..!

Both of Us Again

LOLx..I was posing like I'm about to fly away...and Mun Yee was laughing at me..thinking why am I so excited..
We were both actually afraid of slipping off the rock that's why we couldn't stop laughing..!!

Me and Jye

Then it was me and Jye's turn to take a picture on the rock..Such a memorable moment!

Jye and Me Again

Thanks to Xk for taking the picture above..The Ferris wheel behind us really compliment the picture..! looks like a portrait..!

Standing Tall

Look at Jye on the left side picture, he is as tall as the Space Shot ride!! Thanks to me the photographer..and on the right picture, it is me..also almost as tall as the funny shaped rock..!! One of my favourite pictures again!

Energizer is good

I was supposed to have my thumbs up to imitate the energizer statue far behind us..!! Look at Mun yee..smiling so happily with her thumbs up..! We were standing on the Dinosaur Land Bridge which overlooks the entire theme park..

The Flying Dragon

After leaving the Dinosaur Land, we head on to the next ride..which is the Flying Dragon, I manage to capture the front part of the machine, however it was too long and I was unable to take a picture of the whole dragon..
On the right picture, XK helped us to take a picture while queuing up for the ride..This reminds me of the time when I was at Malacca and he took a picture of us with the same angle..!

 The Kissing Dinosaurs,Snakes,Human??

On the way to our next ride, we saw this funny kissing stone-liked creatures..I wonder if they are dinosaurs, snakes or what? Look at Mun Yee and XK, trying to bite each other, but they looked like they were kissing from far! LOLx
As for me and Jye, we used our hands to imitate the kissing creatures behind us..! 

The Vintage Car

We finally reached our next ride..which is the Vintage Car..after queuing up for about 10mins..We finally got on our ride..

Jye and Me

In the Vintage Car..snapping away..! Look at how happy we both we exit the tunnel to the bright sunlight..!

From Left : Mun Yee and XK

Although the picture looks quite small and they look tiny in can tell that they are both Mun yee and XK peeping out from the vintage car..!

Archery Time!

Upon purchasing our theme park tickets, we were given free coupons and one of them was "Three (3) arrows free for Archery" both the guys decided to let the girls play..It was Mun yee's first time holding the bow..and it was my second time..after 10 years I think..

The right picture my favourite picture of all..! Jye was praising himself as a good photographer as he did capture a very nice angle of me holding the bow and arrow..!

Daily Fresh

Me and Jye took a break for some snacks while Mun yee and Xk took a walk..I spotted the Daily Fresh stall..which attracts me and jye to give it a try...


Look at the Daily Fresh's specialties.."Icekimo" on the left and the "WafitoPremium" on the right..We decided to order both and give it a try..

Choco Deluxe and Strawberry Icekimo

I must say..both of them tasted Great! The Choco deluxe is actually waffles which are spread with peanut butter and sprinkled with choco flakes..!! Simply delicious especially for peanut butter lovers..the dough used to make the waffle is a mixture of flour and Chocolate sauce..!! 

As for the Icekimo, it is recommended to order after having the it is cooling and soothing for the throat after having the thick waffle..There are many flavours for the Icekimo, and I was torn between the Honeydew and Strawberry, I decided to go for the Strawberry when Jye opted for it..

Both the Choco Deluxe and Strawberry Icekimo costs RM5.00 for each..Therefore, we spent around RM10.00 here at the Daily Fresh..

Jye's Highest Achievement!

After refreshing ourselves with some snacks..We decided to do some hard work and paid RM10.00 per pax for the Rock Climbing Game..
The above picture was Jye's greatest achievement..Although it looks low, it is not..he almost reached the top..!! Look at the genting logo above which is actually the top..!

From Left : Mun yee and Xk's Greatest Achievement

As for the above pictures, it was both Mun Yee and Xk's greatest achievement..Xk's record was by far the best among us..and followed by Jye, Mun Yee and Me..
There was no picture of my best achievement as Jye took a video of it instead of a picture..However, I did not do well as it was tiring and slippery..!

After our rock climbing, we were all feeling we headed on for A Mamak stall which is located at the Carpark close to Resort Hotel..It was my first time having mamak food at Genting Highlands..and it was quite cheap and reasonable..!

Temperature : Day One and Two

On the left picture, It was on the first day which is 9th October 2010, the temperature shows 21.4 Celsius..
As for the next picture, it was the second day, the 10th of October 2010, and the temperature decreased to 19.6 Celsius..!! 
Overall, it was all the while below 22 Celsius, hence the title of my Posting..!

Wax Sculpture and Pinky Bear

After our rock Climb..we headed on for the Hand Waxing Session which costs us RM50 for the complete package without colouring..the above picture of the hand wax was a combination of my hand and Jye's..!

As for the Pinky Bear, it was a gift from Mun yee as she knew I wanted a small bear from the arcade we went to..However, there wasn't enough tickets for me to redeem anything..So she gave me as a present and also to match her Creamy Bear which XK won for her..! Thanks my dear friend Mun yee..

Table Flipping Game

We head on to the arcade after our hand waxing session..Look at Mun yee playing the "Anger Explosion" Game which requires you to hit the table and flipped it..!! See how fierce she is when she flipped the table..LOLx..Scary..!

After playing at the arcade..Mun Yee and Xk decided to call off for the day..and head on home to Kuala Lumpur..As for me and Jye, we went back to our room to refresh ourselves..and head on downstairs for dinner and supper..!

Lobby Cafe

After refreshing ourselves, me and Jye headed down to the Lobby of First World Hotel to search for the Special Strawberry Tarlets which is recommended by my dear friend Sandra..and we finally found it..!!

Strawberry Tarlets

I must say..this is by far the best stuff I ever tasted at Genting Highlands..!! The Strawberry tartlets which costs only RM8.85+ is covered with cream custards, a generous amount of strawberries, sprinkled almonds in a Baked crust with Chocolate coated base..!! tasted like heaven when I took my first bite..It was a sad thing I couldn't buy home for my mum as the custard will melt through out the journey back to Penang..

4 Quarters Cake

After having the strawberry tartlets, We decided to order the 4 Quarters Cake, which actually tasted just normal to me..Not particularly my favourite as the taste of cherries is too strong..and the cake overall tasted too sweet for the both of us..!
A piece of the 4 Quarters costs us RM7.80+ which is actually slightly too expensive to me..

Tropical Passion Tea Latte and Double Vanilla Tea Latte

As usual, whenever I visit Genting Highlands, I never miss my favourite spot to enjoy the breeze while dining..which is The Coffee Bean outlet located at the Hotel Resort..We both ordered a cup of drink while having our cakes..and I even bought a cup of Tom Yam Maggi Mee for supper as I was craving for some Spicy and sour food after recovering from my sickness..!

After having supper..the both of us head on back to our room and call if off for the we were both too tired to go to the Casino..

Day Two - Breakfast and Tour Around First World Plaza/Departure

Hoi An Bridge

The following day, we woke up around 9.00AM and get ourselves ready for breakfast and departure from Genting Highlands..

While walking around the First World Plaza..I remembered The last time I visited Genting Highlands, I took a picture of the Lover's Bridge..this time..I took a picture of the Hoi An bridge which connects customers to the Vietnam House restaurant on the other side of the man-made river..

Me on the Hoi An Bridge

The restaurant was close during that time..So I took the opportunity to snap some pictures on the bridge..Can you spot me on the bridge in the first picture on the left? As for the right picture, it was me holding up the lantern on display on the bridge..

Antique Ship

There was an antique ship displayed right in front of the Vietnamese Restaurant..It looks so big and somehow unstable..I was afraid to touch it as it looks like it was about to fall..

Fly Away

On the way to breakfast..we were walking around the Star Walk where celebrities and superstar pictures are on display along the way..Look at Jye trying to pose like he is about to fly away..

Breakfast at Coffee Bean

Finally we arrived at the same coffee bean outlet at Hotel Resort..and ordered our breakfast meal..Jye had the Egg Club Sandwich Set and for me, I ordered the Food for Thought Set..However, I've forgotten to take pictures when the food arrived, as we were both too hungry and we dived into our meals as soon as it arrived..!

Genting SuperMan!

After our breakfast, we decided to have a walk around the First World Plaza before checking out the hotel..I took a few pictures which I have never taken on my last trip to Genting..
Like the above picture of the Superman bursting through the brick walls..! Unique isn't it..

The Dragon Hanging Boat

Spotted this Hanging Dragon Boat Ride which is one of the attractions in the First World Plaza, I remember going on it once when I was on my school trip in Secondary School..
The Hanging Boat Ride will take you around the Mall..overlooking restaurants, other rides and even clothing and accessories shops..

Eiffel Tower

Wow..! There is even an Eiffel Tower in the First World Plaza..Imagine having one of the 7 Wonders in Mall..!!

After walking around the First World Plaza, we decided that it is time to check out from the hotel room..So we head on to pack our stuff, check out and rest at the lobby..

Street Performers

While Jye was resting at the lobby..I decided to take a walk around the lobby area of the First World Hotel..
Saw this two street performers dressed up as Clowns and performing songs such as "I'm yours by Jason Mraz", "OMG by Usher and Will.I.Am", and a few oldies and classical..I must say they have a great voice..however, it would be more entertaining if they move along with the songs they sang..

It's me Again

After resting at the Lobby, we both decided that we should head on to the First World Garden which also overlooks the outdoor theme park..As for me..I was busy taking pictures all around the garden..
Does the first picture on the left looks like I'm hugging the plant?

In the Bus

Finally it was time to head on home..and we board the bus around 12.50PM..The picture taken above was the last picture taken for the trip..!!

I would say this was a memorable trip..and having my friend Mun Yee with Xk there was even better as we had a lot of fun laughing and enjoying together..Although both me and Jye's expenses exceeded our expected amount, we were satisfied with long as we did enjoy ourselves without having to worry about cash..!!

Till then..wait for my next trip to Singapore..!!


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