Monday, October 4, 2010

One week ago, I attended the 7aste Monte Carlo Event which was held at 32 Mansion, Penang..along with my two friends Jonathan and Sky a.k.a Cheng Wei..

After registering as members at the website ( ), we were granted free entrance to the event..and for those who weren't members..they are required to pay RM77 per pax..

The event started at 8.30PM and there was a long queue outside the entrance as I arrived..


Spotted this Bentley beside the entrance..and on the other side was a Porsche but I did not take any pictures of it..Both cars has the the number plate of "7aste"..

Circuit de Monaco

As I know, Monte Carlo is famous for underground racings, gamblings and casinos..So it wasn't a surprise when I saw the two lavish cars at the entrance and the banner at the above picture with the word " Circuit de Monaco "


The queue finally moved on..and as we were about to enter..I saw this chandelier right above us..Lovely..

Royale de Entertainment

Now here's another sign of the Monte Carlo theme.."Casino"..We were very close to the entrance..

Fortuna Wheel

Finally we were granted entry..and the first thing I saw was the Fortuna Wheel which somehow resembles the Roulette game..There were many people playing and trying their luck to win a chip as the chip will grant you a glass of champagne which can be redeemed at the bar..

Punto Banco

Opposite the Fortune Wheel was the Punto Banco which now resemble the Player/Banker game..Love this game..but never had the opportunity to try many people were playing it..


Drinks for that night was free flow of beer, however, one person is entitled to redeem only one bottle at a time..So the three of us took a bottle with us..and head on to find a place to sit..

Look at the crowd..trying to redeem their free drinks..Who wouldn't want free booze all night long?

Mild Seven Collections

There was a Mild Seven Collection of Cigarette Boxes on the side of our table..

Mild Seven Deco

This reminds me of a mini christmas tree with ornaments..except this one is a plastic decoration with cigarette boxes as ornaments!


The event started off with girls dancing to electro songs on stage for the audience..
They were wearing gowns which reminds me of wedding dresses/gowns..


That's me holding up the 7  shaped ash-tray..unique design..and it's new..! 

Empty Bottles

Look at our empty bottles after about 15mins..and we head on for our second and third round..I didn't drink that much that night I've skipped dinner..and it wasn't healthy to drink that much..


After the performance by the was time for one of the famous violinist and her band to perform..I must say..she is very talented as she made me want to learn how to play the violin..! Excellent performance..

Malaysia's First Female Award Winning DJ

Not sure if I got her title right..but I know that She was somehow the first female DJ to win some Award..Again..another amazing mix of trance, electro and some dance songs by her..Cool..!

I'm not sure if there were any other performance that night..but I left after her performance..

7aste Tag

I suggested we take a picture of our a remembrance for the event..!

Me and Jonathan

Look at his rosy cheeks..was it caused by the alchohol? LOLx..

Cheng Wei and Me

He always gives the cool look when taking pictures..and I looked like I'm promoting the beer!

It was around 11 when we the event ended around 12.30AM that night..We wanted to get more drinks..but the beers were not chilled at that time..So we decided to call it off for the night and head on home..

A memorable event..! For sure I will head on to more 7aste event in future if there is any here in Penang or perhaps KL..! Thank You to 7aste for having such events here in Penang..!


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