Sunday, March 28, 2010

Penang Orchid Festival

Species : Unknown

Last Sunday (21st of March), we went to the Penang Orchid Festival located at the Penang Botanical Gardens..There are 300 species of flowers brought in from all over Malaysia..It was the 8th day which is also the fi
nal day on Sunday..The Orchid Festival used to be held in Komtar,Penang but they changed it to Botanical Garden this year..Somehow I love looking at flowers..but I just dont have the guts to keep them..LOLx..Reason? Because I'm afraid of creepy crawlies like worms and insects..Eww..So I can only admire them and not taking care of them..haha..
The Orchid Competition consist of 35 categories, each flower in one category..Each category winner will be awarded RM50 and the grand prize winner will be awarded RM300..curious to find out which one won the grand prize? Haha..keep on reading..

Bird House

Spotted this cute little bird house before entering the Orchid Show Area..Haha..if you are wondering whether the bird is for real or not..the
n the answer is No..its is just a decorative item and a real bird wouldn't stay still that long for you to take pictures..=) isn't it?

Mini Pond
Saw this mini pond before entering the Orchid Show..haha..Yeah..I dont know why everything is in a mini size there..but they are just for decoration guess that is why they are small..those Koi fishes in there are not real..and of course the duck,chicken and the bird are not real too..but if they are much bigger I think it will be nice..


Ever thought that orchids can be lazy too..? Looks like we humans are not the only lazy ones..haha..maybe someday I will get some if I plan to grow some orchids..

Mini Bicycles

The cute bicycles are just below the bird house..they look like olden days bicycles where they have big wheels on the front and a small one on the back..haha..Sometimes I do wonder how they balance the vehicle which doesn't look stable to me..but its actually c
ute..a great thing for collections..

Anyway..lets head on to the collection of
flowers..Most of the flowers did not have a name tag on them..and Since I'm not an expert of flowers..haha..I do not know their enjoy the flowers..=)

*We are walking anti
-clockwise,so classes or categories of flowers will be in reverse form*

Species : Unknown

I couldn't say that this species of flower is rare..but I can say its quite uncommon..[there is a difference=) ] Most of these breed can be found in East Malaysia which is in Sabah and perhaps Sarawak..In Malay, it is called "Bunga Periuk Api"..It is said to store water during rainy days and the water is safe to be consumed by human and animals..So when you're hiking and you're thirsty..look for this flower..hehe..

Species : Hawaiian Treat
Class : 25

Hawaiian Treat won the first prize in the Orchid Competition(F.O.M.O.S), but to be honest..I do not know how do they decide the placing..because there are many first,second and third prizes given out..!! How can a few flowers win the same placing? weird..

Species : Unknown
Class : 24

Now this one..won the second place for the F.O.M.O.S (Sorry no idea what that means..perhaps the name of the Competition)..N
otice there is a wither on part of the flowers? Tsk..Tsk..not well taken care of..

Species : Unknown
Class : 23

Species : Unknown
Class : 22

Species : Unknown
Class : 21

Species : Pink Lady
Class : 20

Species : Unknown
Class : 19

Again there is another one which won the first place in the Orchid Competition..haha..Sorry no idea how is the placing..perhaps the placing is on how well the orchids are nurtured.. As I guess the real prizing will be the one which receives a medal..(which is Coming right up) =)

Species : Unknown
Class : 18

Do you like how the pictures are taken so far? They are taken by my Photographer Mr Jye..LOLx..which also happens to be my dear..I like the way the pictures are focused on the flowers causing the background to be blurry..yeah..thats how it is supposed to be done..thanks..=) you'll make a great photographer in future..hehe..

Species : Unknown
Class : 17

Wish someday I can have a garden with all these flowers..haha..but I shall have a gardener as well..cause I do not have green fingers and again..those worms and creepy crawlies..Eww..

Species : Unknown
Class : 16

Species : Unknown
Class : 15

Species : Khaw Biaiyhuni
Class : 14

This species won the third in the F.O.M.O.S Competition..Haha..again there is another flower with the same placing in the Competition..

Species : Unknown
Class : 13

Species : DR Anek
Class : 12

DR Anek received the second prize in the Orchid Competition..This is one of the unique orchids I saw at the the Orchid grows above the leaves and supported by them..truly unique..

Species : P.Jia-Ho Girl
Class : 11

This species reminds me of the Sakura flowers..maybe because of it unique pinkish colour..and the name..sounds "japanese" too..haha..

Species : Unknown
Class : 10

Won the first placing for the Orchid Competition

Species : Unknown
Class : 9

Now this is the one I am talking about above..This breed won the Gold Medal for the Orchid Competition..Looks very unique..but when I look at it for a long creeps me out..LOLx..because it looks like two tongues sticking out..Eww..haha..I'm too imaginative I guess..

Well if you are wondering or guessing..than you might be right if you guessed that this is the species which won RM300..haha..unbelievable..

Species : Unknown
Class : 6

Didn't manage to take all the classes of flowers..Some of them are from class 30 and above..but there are too many people there..and they are busy taking pictures as well..

Species : Unknown
Class : 5

Again..this one won the first place for the F.O.M.O.S..haha..another confusion on the prizing..

Species : Unknown
Class : 31

This one won the third prize for the F.O.M.O.S Competition

Me! Me! ♥

Me Again! =)

Sigh, I still look so pale in these two pictures..was sick during that time and still haven't recover..but I'm glad to be there to enjoy the flowers..♥

Anyway..thats all for now..=) hope you enjoy the pictures of flowers..Xoxo..


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