Sunday, April 4, 2010

Ecco Cafe

Front Entrance

Anybody been to Ecco Cafe lately..? If not..this is one of the places which you should include in your list for your daily meals..I just found out that Ecco is actually a popular chocolate drink in Italy..just like our own traditional MILO here in Malaysia..haha..
Sometimes, If you are lucky,you might bump into the Owner of Ecco Cafe..She told us she is from Boston,USA..Very friendly lady..I only saw her twice out of my four times visit..

Actually its been quite some time since I went to this place, until I watched the programme of Nigella Bites ( love her cooking program ♥ ) showing her HOME MADE pastas which immediately reminds me of Ecco Cafe..and guess what I had for dinner..? Pasta of course..Mmm..
You know, its weird..I never fail to meet someone each time I visit Ecco Cafe, my first time, I think I saw someone, but I couldn't remember who, then my second visit, I saw my friend, Derry, then my third visit, I saw my ex- colleagues, and my fourth time which is recently, I saw my ex-schoolmates..hahaha..Now can you tell how famous this place is..?

I've included the Address at the end of this posting, but let me explain more about the place, Ecco Cafe is located among the pre-war shop houses of Chulia Street which is just opposite Cintra Street..Due to its location in the town area..Ecco Cafe is frequently populated with tourist and foreigners..If you have never been there before, you might have some trouble looking for the shop, so my advice is..look out for the two pillars with Chinese wordings, and the brown blinds printed with Ecco Cafe ( see picture above ) won't miss it..! =)

Food Menu

This is the Food Menu, you can see that there are many selection of Italian Pizzas and Pasta, ranging from Rm14-Rm17..The price is quite can even personalize your own pizza by choosing your own toppings..As for the pasta there is one which I wanted to recommend, Its called Lemon Infused Chicken with Pasta..Mmmm..that is what Uncle ordered, the chicken is really good and tasty and the pasta goes well with the creamy lemon sauce..but too bad we were all too busy eating to take any pictures..haha..

The menu has a wide range of food which consists of Sandwiches, Pasta, Pizza, Salad, Brunch meals and Snacks as well..

There is another Menu for beverages which they will provide when you dine in..

Mango Lassi

I ordered a Mango Lassi which I shared with Jye, as it is more cost saving..LOLx..There are other flavours such as Strawberry and Banana which will cost you around Rm4-4.50 per glass..

Chicken Pot Pie

Inside the Pot Pie

MmmMmm..On my first and previous visit to Ecco Cafe, I ordered the Chicken Pot Pie, its the first dish I tasted in Ecco Cafe, and Oh my, Its great..but be sure not to be a glutton and dunk everything in your mouth the moment you see it, because its very very hot..!! The Chicken Pot Pie is made up of Chicken Cubes, peas, carrots and potatoes baked with a
pie-crust..There is a side dish of salad and two bread sticks..Yum..
Mum likes it too..! and I second the motion! For those who plan to go..try this out..the Chicken Pot Pie cost around Rm16 per bowl,kinda costly but its quite filling..It is also the Chef's Specialty..♥

Eleanora Pizza

You've gotta order Pizza when you are in an Italian Cafe..isn't that a norm..? haha..Mum ordered the Eleanora Pizza as she has a craving for something spicy that day..This pizza comes with Spicy Chicken, fresh chilies, Onions, Olives and Capsicum..which will cost you only Rm17..Please excuse the shape of the they were real busy on that day..and it wasn't well presented..just like my pasta which I decided not to take any pictures at all..

Louisiana Pizza

All Pizzas, Pastas and bread doughs are all home-made..So there are no added preservatives.. which are harmful..and Yes it taste good..!! Especially the Pizza Crust! The Louisiana (Pronounced as Louie-sia-na) Pizza is baked with Salami ( a type of Sausage ), Tomatoes, Olives, Onions, Chilies and Basil leaves..It is sort of like a Pepperoni Pizza except it is made out of Salami..One serving of Louisiana Pizza will cost Rm17..

Fungi Pizza

For those who loves mushrooms..This is the pizza that you should order, The Fungi Pizza! The toppings consist of Mushrooms (of course), tomatoes and basil..The colour itself looks real good and what are you waiting for..? Try it..The fungi pizza will cost you only Rm16..

Calzone Pizza

Looks plain isn't it? Well..its not..look at the next picture..=)

Inside the Calzone!

Well..the Calzone pizza does look plain on the outside when it is served,especially it does not come with any side dishes..but look at all the colours and ingredients when it is cut opened..This is what my dear ordered for his main course..The Calzone is actually a turnover dough Pizza with stuffed tomato sauce, turkey ham, capsicum, basil leaves, onion and cheese! My dear said he is not that full after eating I think its not that filling after all..For those who are big sure to order more..!! =)

Creme Brulee

Ahhh..!! Creme Brulee has always been my FAVOURITE dessert, I never fail to order this whenever I visit Ecco Cafe (even though it only the fourth time..haha) The creme brulee is great..Its is actually an egg custard pudding topped with caramel and topped with burned sugar which is done with a blowtorch before serving..but I didn'
t really like the sugar which is rough..I think it would be better if the sugar is fine and those served in Annabelle's Place, but well..I think its still worth it to order as that is the only dessert served in Ecco Cafe..It cost only RM10 per cup..=)

Brown Sugar and Salt

Something to go with your coffee or tea..

Wood-fired Oven

For your info, normally pizzas cooked in wood-fired oven has the best results..! All the pizzas are cooked in this oven..and the crust is really crispy when it comes out..besides you wont have over cooked pizzas when you can monitor it and take it out anytime when its cooked to perfection..*wink*

Jye my dear

We were so cramped up when we went to Ecco Cafe last week..cant remember the date thou, There were so many people and the waiter was so busy walking here and there..that is why..some of the food wasn't presented they were too rush..but it is still cool if you dont mind the traffic and the echo of people chit chatting in there..LOLx..

Ecco Cafe Banner

Took this picture before I left the place..Such a nice place for dinner..its cozy and warm in there..but there is a downside to that place..which is the busy traffic and the noise pollution..but who cares..when you are enjoying a good meal with your family or friends? ♥
Sigh..beginning to miss the food there..*slurp*

They open daily from 11.30am-2.30pm and from 6pm-10.30pm
Previously they closed on Sundays,but now they have changed the closing day which Im not to which day..Sorry,but its worth a try even if you have to go to town..=)

For those who are interested to try's the address:

Ecco Cafe
402, Chulia Street
Georgetown, Penang


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hmm, at last i managed to register :P, btw how about some local food recommendation since penang is called hawker's paradise

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haha..nowadays i seldom blog about food..i focus more on the places i go to..previously i had a blog which is about all the food in penang..haha..but i closed it and open this one

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Yup..i love food too..don mind spending much on food too..=)

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