Saturday, March 20, 2010

Salsas Restaurant

Salsas Entrance

Its been quite some time since I blog about food..until I went to this restaurant few days ago..with my uncle,mum and my dear..Its been more than a year since I last been to Salsas Restaurant..previously,Salsas was located at Kelawai Road which is now Slimming Sanctuary, Now it is located at Upper Penang Road, on the ground floor of Hotel Continental..Kinda miss the food there..

Six Pax Dining Table

Here's a look of how the tables in Salsas are decorated a way..its a fine dining restaurant..and according to the Owner of Salsas, he said business is always good..and even when he close the doors to public..he still earn profits from hotel like he made the right choice in re-locating..! He said..not many tourists or foreigners dine at Salsas..but..I seem to see lots of foreigners there...LOLx..and couples too..cause its romantic in there..!


LOLx...dont know why I took a picture of this..but to me it felt like a sign of fine dining environment..

Anyway..lets talk about the food..

The appetizer: Salmon and Muscle Clam (Overall View)

Salmon and Muscle Clam (Closed-up View)

The four of us chose the Set dinner, So for appetizers..
we are served the Salmon and Muscle is topped off with vegetables..Its been so long since I had Smoked Salmon..Its my favourite as compared to fresh salmons...but the Muscle taste just normal to me..haha..I just cant get enough of the Salmon..I even thought of taking one from my dear.. ♥

Pumpkin Soup

Well..its not main course yet..! =) they served us the
Pumpkin Soup with cream next..which I didnt expect to see it cause I thought the appetizers are only Salmon and Muscle..haha..never expect to see the Soup..Anyway..the soup was good..cant say anything Pumpkin soup is not my favourite..for those who plan to try out..I think they serve different soups everyday..perhaps tomato or mushroom on certain days..

Me and Dear's

Mum and Uncle's

Uncle was about to order some Red Wine by that time, and suddenly we were served four glasses of wine..We thought it was included in the Set..LOLx..till the Boss/Owner appeared and said..its on the house..because Uncle and Mum knows the Owner named David..quite a nice guy..=)
Uncle did not like the White he switch with my dear for the Red Wine, SO end and Uncle had the Red Wine then, Mum and Dear had the White Wine..The Red wine was not bad..but I didnt like the White Wine..thou it goes with my Mum's main course..because it was too Mild..doesnt taste like taste like water..

Beef Tenderloin comes the Main Course..Finally..! The beef tenderloin is what my dear had for the Set Dinner..It comes with baked potatoes and vegetables such a brocollies and carrots..the beef was so tender and juicy..MmmMmm..hehe..I knew it cause my dear gave me a big piece..♥ and the Baked Potato that comes with it...taste even BETTER..I wonder what did they cook it with..hehe..but Dear didnt really like the sauce..he said it was tasteless..LOL..The Beef Tenderloin Set Cost around Rm42 (before tax)

Baked Chicken Breast

Next it was Uncle Willie's main course..he ordered the Baked Chicken Breast which is served with fresh vegetables such as carrots and long beans..He took the picture thats why its a little bit I guess the next time I have to be the one who takes the pictures..hahaha.. ☺ The Baked Chicken Breast cost around Rm32++ (excluding tax)

Grilled Lamb Leg

Yeah..finally its my turn..! Mmm..MMmm..drooling
again just by looking at the picture..I always love and adore beef or lamb cutlets..I think its the best way to serve meat..especially for Lamb and Beef..I ordered a medium well Lamb Leg which comes with mashed potatoes, baked sweet potatoes and vegetables..Yummy..I think I prefer mine over the Beef Tenderlion that my dear ordered..LOL..♥ Can you see the meat is still reddish on the outside layer..? Thats the best about the Lamb..because you can know that it is tender just by looking at the blood..and how true it is when I had my first was really tender..Yum..Im gonna go back there for sure..*Just for the Lamb*..This set dinner cost the same as my Uncle's..
Rm32++ as well..

I didnt have the chance to take a picture of Mum's main course..but I remember she had Baked Grouper(Fish) for her main course..she was so hungry..and she ate so fast before I manage to take any picture of it..LOLx..well..Bon apetite..


Its dessert time..! In some restaurants there's a r
ule when having desserts served this way, some you need to eat it the dessert from left to right..and some from right to left..well..for Salsas..I have no I started off with the Creme Brulee..which is just normal to me..the Egg taste was too heavy and strong..and its not sweet enough..
As for the Ice was vanilla flavour..h
mm..not bad..think I prefer the Ice Cream more compared to the Brulee..haha..
Then..for the last I had the fruits which consist of Watermelon, Honeydew, Mangoes and a Date..I like the fruits and lucky it was fresh too..



For the Set Dinner, you get to choose..if you prefer Coffee, Tea or Ice Lemon Tea, My Dear chose Ice Lemon Tea..which I did not take a picture of it..As me and Mum we ordered a cup of Tea..and Uncle as usual will have his Coffee..This will all be served after our meal except for the Ice Lemon Tea..the coffee and tea comes together with the dessert above..

Overall I can say it was a satisfying meal..=) Can say it is quite costly..but its fine what do we expect..? LOL..besides..the Set consist of so many servings such as appetizers (not forgetting the Salmon!), the soup, main course (beef and lamb is expensive!), dessert and drinks too..! try it out for an experience..besides its a good place for couples to have a romantic candlelight dinner..♥

Anyway here
are few more pictures to enjoy..=) (Enjoy seeing my picture =p )

♪ Me and Myself ♪

♪ Mummy ♪

Took this picture when my mum didnt realise it..=) She was listening to what David was saying..haha..

♪ My Dear (MR JYE) ♪

Notice the colour of his face..? Its burning Red..LOLx..its due to the glass of wine he had..He just doesnt like Wine..haha..I wonder why..

♪ David the Owner of Salsas ♪

He is the sole proprietor of Salsas business partners at he must be filthy rich by now..LOL..since his business is that good..My mum said she Knows david for more than 20 years..during her younger days..He's a nice guy..very knowlegeable in terms of business..and he said I look familiar..LOL..don't think I ever seen him before,only once at Salsas I think a few years ago when the restaurant was still at Kelawai Road..haha..


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