Sunday, February 28, 2010

Kek Lok Si Temple

Kek Lok Si Temple

This is the Kek Lok Si Temple which is located at Air Itam,Penang..Oh..I just love bright lightings on buildings which I can say I love cityscapes view..Kek Lok Si is one of Penang's famous tourist attraction..well..cant say only for it attracts lots of locals as well..
They just completed the Pavillion for the Goddess of Mercy (Kuan Yin Ma) and it became one of the main attraction to tourists,locals and professional photographers..

Me,My Mum and My Dear went there on 17th of February ( 11th day of Chinese Lunar New year ) to check out the newly-build Pavillion and the whole place as well..There was quite a jam on the way there from Chung Ling High School..but it wasnt a slow most of the cars are locals..I think on the first few days of Chinese New Year..the jam was held up to Dato' Kramat,which consist of people from outstaion,tourists and locals..So eventhough its on the 11th day of CNY,there is still traffic jam caused by locals..

It was a memorable trip there..and as a true must at least visit Kek Lok Si once in your lifetime..LOLx..So enjoy the rest of the pictures..♥

Penang's Night View

Here's a picture of Penang during the night from the Goddess of Mercy Pavillion..This is a town view of Penang Island which you can see Air Itam the clearest from here..Penang..Home Sweet Home..

The Goddess Of Mercy ( Kuan Yin Ma )

Just reached and took the first picture of the Goddess of Mercy with my W705i camera..Clear? Hehe..

Pavillion Stairway

This is the stairway leading to the Goddess of Mercy..We are now on our way to the Pavillion..Just imagine they have all these lightings along the stairs and colourful and bright..lovely..!

Carpark and Penang View

Purposely took this picture on the way up to the Kuan Yin Pavillion, just to show the number of crowd and cars..haha..see that there are cars turning round and round searching for a place..and we are lucky to find one after just one round..LOLx..I like the Penang View behind it..We can even see Komtar which looks so small from the Pavillion..

Tree of Wishes

Those Red and Yellow Strips of Papers are wishes and prayers written on it..I think it is a way of telling or making wishes to the God and hoping their prayers are answered..I saw many people writing on it..Some of them are Indians..I did not write any though..I think the paper strips will be charged for each strip..but I think it looks nice when it is hanged like a tree..and the Lime tree below it compliments the colours of the strips..Love it! ♥

Pillar Engravings

There are different engravings on each pillar of the Kuan Yin Pavillion..Wonder if it is done on the pillar or they are glued on..? Cause from some doesnt look like it is engraved on the idea..but it looks real nice,.I think it is the lotus engraving..! ♥

Donation Coins in a Gold Bowl

There are 108 10cents coins in the gold bowl..and we paid RM11 for one bowl..its for donations to the Kek Lok Si Temple..For those who intend to donate..remember to return the bowl after your donations yea..=) LOLx..

Donation Ceremony

That's me an dear donating below the Goddess of Mercy..there are 108 bowls for us to fill the coins..I donated 54 bowls and my dear donated another 54 bowls..Since we are sharing for the donation..haha..but its kinda cool..walking around the Kuan Yin while dropping coins in the bowl..well at least I fulfilled some Feng Shui predictions which says dragons have to donate within the 15days of Chinese New Year to avoid financial problems..I never thought of it till the donation is done..LOLx..

Me and Dear

See the right picture..its me holding a bowl filled with the coins..haha..before the donation..and on the left is my dear holding the empty bowl after the donation..

Chinese Scriptures

LOLx..sorry no idea whats written on it as I dont read Chinese..but it looks huge.. see how tiny the people are standing below it..Perhaps those chinese engravings are prayers and words of wisdom..LOLx..just guessing..♥

Close Up View of the Goddess of Mercy

What do you the picture clear? Hehe..cause I took it with my Sony Ericsson W705i camera ♥ camera ran out of battery half way through so..I gotta rely on my phone..which I am lucky its so clear that I get to take close up and full view of the Kuan Yin..

Me and Mum

Close up View of Lanterns

Took the above picture with my Mum upon arrival at the Kuan Yin Pavillion..wanted to take the lanterns as the background but it was difficult cause the Lanterns are high up..! LOLx..

Goddess of Mercy (Bottom View)

They should have taken the construction steels away from the Pavillion for Chinese new year..looks so distracting beside it..I think they will paint the engravings on the pillars after Chinese New Year..

Pagoda (Front View)

Taken from the front of the Pagoda below the Lanterns..The lanterns look like Cookie Jars from cute..

The Three Gods Beside the Pagoda

Forgive me for I have no knowledge of the name of the Gods..But I think the lanterns are really wonderful above them..and it makes them look magnificient..

Pagoda (Upper View)

Pagoda (Bottom View)

This pagoda reminds me of the one at my Kindergarten(PBA), haha..cause there is one which looks alike at my kindergarten..the lightings from the lanterns are really complimenting the Pagoda..Im really attracted to those colourful lightings..♥

For those who drove all the way up to the Goddess of Mercy Statue, you can take the lift at the Gift Shop down to the Pagoda which will cost you RM2 for one-way and RM4 for two-ways..If Im not wrong the money collected will be donated to the Temple..

Me and Mum

Me and Dear

Took this two pictures before we left the Goddess of Mercy Pavillion..Been so long since I took a picture with my mum..hehe..Im glad to take one with her..Kinda difficult to take a good view of the Kuan Yin behind us..oh by the way..we used my Mum's N97 to take both pictures..

Me and Piggy Chair

Hehe..thats me with the Piggy Twin Chair..there is actually another pig on the other side of the chair..purposely hold its head when Im taking the picture..haha..there are actually many other animals sculpture like ducks and dogs but there were too many people walking around and I couldnt take a nice picture of it..

A View of the Goddess of Mercy (Far View)

Took this picture before we leave Kek Lok Si..One final look of the Goddess of Mercy's new Pavillion which is taken from my Sony Ericsson W705i camera..The trip there was worth it..and Im glad my mum followed us there..Its been quite some time she wanted to go there..It was a memorable day..and someday maybe I will get pictures of the Day View..♥



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