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Last Sunday ( 18th July 2010 ) was my dear friend Connie's Birthday..We decided to have lunch on Saturday ( 17th July 2010 ) as an early celebration for her..At first we wanted to go to Ingolf's Kneipe..but we changed the venue due to full reservations..

So Khai Sin suggested Chin Kang Hu, which is a newly opened Japanese Restaurant owned by a friend's father.. 

Those present for the lunch celebration was Khai Sin, Elizabeth, the birthday girl Connie, Me, Jye and Phui Leng..

 Connie with Her Birthday Cake

Here's an idea of what I'm about to blog..Connie with her birthday cake should be the first picture before anything else..=) There will be more pictures below after the food..

And now..let's take a look at the place before going further..

Main Entrance and Corridor

Here's the main entrance of the Restaurant..Love the pathway and the bamboos as a divider does compliment the Japanese Theme of the Restaurant..

Alternate Entrance

It is suppose to be the back entrance..but I wonder why they never use it..It looks like its under construction or something..

Mini Pond

I actually saw this mini pond on the way out..didn't notice it when I came in..but I think it looks very nice..

Condiments and Chopsticks

Neatly and nicely presented..

Salmon Mayo Temaki

Salmon Mayo Temaki ( Closed Up )

Jye was hungry on that he ordered a side dish apart from his main course..the Salmon Mayo Temaki..

Salmon Mayo Temaki is handrolled with Salmon, Mayonaise, Cucumbers, Lettuce and Rice..It somehow looks different from the picture shown in the Menu..I wonder why..
The Salmon Mayo Temaki costs RM5.00 per portion.. 

Chawan Mushi

There is someone else who was very hungry as well..Khai Sin..She ordered the Chawan Mushi as an appetizers before her main course arrived..
Chawan Mushi is a steamed egg custard with Chicken and Crabsticks as ingredients.. 

 Tongkatsu Don

Tongkatsu Don ( Closed Up )

Finally our main course arrived..The Tongkatsu Don is ordered by Eliz..

Tongkatsu Don is a breaded deep fried Pork Cutlet with Onion and Eggs in a Bowl of Rice..
It also comes with a bowl of Miso Soup and Pickles..

A set of this will cost RM13.90..

Unagi Bento

Unagi Bento ( Up Closed )

While taking pictures of Eliz main course..mine arrived..the Unagi Bento..

This is quite a common dish to most people as Unagi is a well-known fish in Japanese Cuisine..I felt like having fish..hence I ordered the Unagi Bento..

The Unagi Bento comes with slices of Unagi, Mabo Tofu ( Tofu cooked with Chillies ), korokke ( Deep Fried Potatoes ), Salad ( Tomatoes, Cucumbers and Mashed Potatoes ), and a portion of Rice..

The Bento is accompanied by Miso Soup and two slices of Watermelon for desserts..and all this only costs RM16.90.. 

Salmon Teriyaki Bento

Salmon Teriyaki Bento ( Up Closed )

Then next to arrived was Connie's main course..

The Salmon Teriyaki is cooked Salmon with Teriyaki Sauce and the Bento has the exact same side dishes as mine..the Mabo Tofu, Salad, Korokke and A portion of Rice..

Phui Leng ordered the same dish as Connie when she came after work..

The Salmon Teriyaki Bento costs only RM15.90..

 Pork Shogayaki Bento

Pork Shogayaki Bento

Since the Bento's seems to be more worth it in terms of portion and price..Most of us ordered the Bento..

Khai Sin ordered the Pork Shogayaki Bento for her main course..Pork Shogayaki are Stir-Fried Porks with Sweet and Salty Sauce which are brownish..The bento also comes with Korokke, Salad, Mabo Tofu and Rice..

All this will only cost RM13.90 which is consider reasonable for the variety of food.. 

Chicken Teriyaki Bento

Chicken Teriyaki Bento ( Up Closed )

Last but not least..Jye's main course arrived..the Chicken Teriyaki Bento which is one of his favourites..

The Chicken is cooked in Teriyaki Sauce and served with Mabo Tofu, Korokke, Salad and Rice..The Chicken Teriyaki Bento will only cost RM13.90..which is again reasonable for such a big portion..

Double Chocolate Cake

 Double Chocolate Cake ( Happy Birthday Connie )

We decided to get a Cake for Connie this year as we seldom buy cakes for her..So I suggested the Double Chocolate Cake from Ritz Cake House which tasted so delicious that Phui Leng and Jye had two pieces..! =)

Light Up the Candles!

Now here's where I'm continuing from the first picture of this posting..I lit up the Candles and persuade Connie to let me take a picture of her with her cake..
The Candles made the picture and her look really nice..She looks so happy.. 

Blowing the Candles

It was amazing that I manage to take a picture of her blowing the candles..except the candles were still lighting..LOL..It was great to have so many memorable pictures of she doesn't like taking pictures most of the time..

Cutting Cake Ceremony

Finally..she cut the cake..Again..another perfect picture..!

Phui Leng, Me, Connie, Khai Sin and Elizabeth

Thanks Jye for the picture..too bad our friend Jacquelyn was not she had an appointment to attend..

So here's the rating for the Restaurant before going any further..

Ratings :
Ambiance : 7/10 ( 0-3 Cheap, 4-7  Comfortable, 8-10 Classy )
Food Choices : 7/10 ( 0-3 Limited, 4-7 Average, 8-10 Plenty )
Pricing : 5/10 ( 0-3 Cheap, 4-7 Average, 8-10 Expensive )
Taste : 8/10 ( 0-3 Tasteless, 4-7 Average, 8-10 Very Tasty )
Service : 8/10 ( 0-3 Poor, 4-7 Average, 8-10 Efficient )

Location of the Restaurant :
Located opposite the Esso Station at Tanjung Bungah..
From Main is located opposite Copthorne Orchid Hotel.. 

After lunch we all went home to our own places..then we head on for a movie at 7.10pm..
THE BACK-UP PLAN..!! So..what happens next..? Let's head on to the night session..


Khai Sin, Me and Connie

Now here we are for the Night Session..It was the first time Connie was willing to go Clubbing with us..and she did enjoyed herself too..

Took our first picture of the night before going into Mois..I looked so pale..Geez.. 

Hwei Peing, Me, Connie and Khai Sin

It was such a co-incidence when we bumped into our dear old high school friend Hwei Peing a.k.a Emily Tan..She looks so sweet and happy..and must be real successful by now as an air-stewardess..

Since fate brought us together on that day..I suggested that we take a picture together..! 

Khai Sin and Connie

I like this picture so much..Connie looks so good in here..She looks so handsome..and so different..nice..♥

 Khai Sin and Me

Love this picture alot too..been a long time since I last take a picture with Khai Sin..There is another picture which I did not looks like we are at a concert..!

Connie, Me and Khai Sin Again..!

It was so crowded and packed that night..we can hardly move our bodies..and I can hardly dance too..LOL..but it was great..we were all gathered together..and at least Connie is happy..=) 

Happy Birthday Again Connie..!

♪♪ As We Go On..We'll Remember..All the Times We..had Together..and as Our lives changed, Come Whatever..WE WILL STILL BE...FRIENDS FOREVER.. ♪♪


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