Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Dragon-i @ Gurney Plaza

Dinner was at Gurney two days ago..and we decided to try the newly opened Dragon I which is located at the New Wing of Gurney Plaza..Dragon I is one of the popular chain of Shanghainese Cuisine from Klang Valley, and now it has a second outlet in Penang - Gurney Plaza after the first one in Queensbay Mall in 2008..

So no longer have to drive to the other side of the island just to savour some good you can now find it here in Gurney Plaza..What could be better than that?

It was almost dinner time..and the crowd are starting to gather..we were lucky to find a place before the crowd rushes in..

Dragon-i Signboard

Spotted the Signboard which is located at the main entrance of the the colour of blood red..and the cute little design of Dumpling ( Siew Long Bau )..
Main Entrance

Here's the main entrance..please excuse the quality of pictures they are taken using my phone..I forgot my camera that day..=)

As usual lets take a look around.. 


Flowers / Decorations at the Front Counter in Consolation for the Opening of the Restaurant..

Lightings and Lamps

This is the only thing which caught my eyes when I first enter the Restaurant..I do not know why..but I love the way the lights and lamps are decorated..It looks so classy and elegant..especially when it is RED and BLACK..a perfect combination..

Teracota Decorations 

As for the side wall..there are Teracota Statues which has different facial expressions on each one of them..they are built up to short six levels..

Teracota Statue

Here's one of the Teracota Statue which I took up closed..the armour of the Statue reminds me of the ancient times in China where the Soldiers are armored to go to war and this reminds me of a programme I once watched on TV about the soldiers in China savouring the cuisine which is cooked by the Emperor's Chef.. us the feeling of having dinner in China.. 

Table for Two and Six

So here we are seated at the table for four..which is next to the one for two and six..we arrived before a big family with around 10 people seated at that particular were lucky to arrive first..else our table would have been taken too..=)


Soy Sauce, Chillies and Vinegar..

Basic Table Settings

Please excuse the colour of some of the pictures..I used the Cloudy mode to avoid the pictures from being blurry..=)

Now lets savour those delicacies with our imagination.. 

Shanghainese Steamed Meat Dumplings

Shanghainese Steamed Meat Dumplings ( Closed Up )

This is a "Must Order" Dish at Dragon I..The Meat dumplings are also called "Siew Long Bau" in Cantonese..
The hot steamy Dumplings comes with a delicately seasoned filling of minced Chinese Ham, Lean Pork and Ginger..Try using a spoon to bed the dumplings before puncturing the skin to allow the hot steamy soup to seep out before savouring the dumpling with a dap of black vinegar and a few slivers of fresh ginger..

One serving will only cost RM9.00, and believe it..its worth it..=)

Steamed Rice with Chicken Mushroom and Chinese Sausage

Steamed Rice with Chicken, Mushroom and Chinese Sausage ( Closed Up )

Mum ordered this dish for her main course..and I like the smell of the it is cooked with Sesame Oil..the chicken is so tender..but one thing I don't like in particular is..the chicken skin..which is attached to the chicken when cooked..( I felt Chicken Skins are..Erm..Hairy? LOL )..except when they are deep fried *wink*..

The dish is also served with Chinese Sausages - Lap Cheong ( In Hokkien ) and a slice of vegetable..and It will only cost RM15.00 per bowl..can be considered reasonable.. 

La Mian with Brazil Beef Brisket ( NON SPICY )

La Mian with Brazil Beef Brisket ( SPICY )

Uncle and me ordered the same dish..except there is a difference in the soup..I ordered the Spicy one..and he ordered the Non Spicy..The Noodles comes with beef briskets and a slice of vegetables..You can see that the one which is spicy looks tastier than the non spicy although it looks a little bit oilier..

At first sight..I thought the beef is going to be hard and chewy..but it turns out that it is very tender and soft..and there are like four to five chunks of beef in there..I almost couldn't finish it..

A bowl of La Mian with Beef Brisket will only cost RM15.00..

La Mian with Minced Meat and Mushroom in Spicy Sauce

Spring Onion Soup

Jye joined us for dinner tonight..and he decided to order something different which is the La Mian with Minced Meat and Mushroom in Spicy Sauce..It comes with a bowl of Spring Onion Soup as the main course is a dry dish..

La Mian is actually a traditional noodle which the process of making it is by pulling the dough for a number of times..until it is soft and fine..hence the name La Mian - which means " Pull Noodle " in Mandarin for direct translation..

A bowl of this will only cost RM13.00..

Barley Beancurd Skin Soup with Ginko and Quail Egg

Barley Beancurd with Ginko and Quail Egg ( Closed Up )

Mum decided not to order any drinks but instead she ordered the Barley Beancurd for her dessert..It tasted almost like Soya Bean but it is different in the sense that the Barley Taste is much stronger than the Beancurd..and I love the Quail Eggs..Yummy..

As for Mum..she loves the smooth texture of the Barley Beancurd soup..and the Ginko Nuts which is her favourite..

This dessert will cost RM9.00 per bowl..
Barley with Lemon

Jye ordered the Barley with Lemon for his beverage..which is something new to me..I have never heard of a combination between Barley and Lemon..but my opinion on the drink is that it tasted good..and seriously..something different and new..or perhaps only new to me..=) *Ooppss*

A glass of Barley and Lemon will cost RM3.00

Winter Melon, Longan with Sea Coconut

As for me..this is what I have ordered for my beverage..the winter melon, long and sea coconut drink..Oh..Have I told you that I loved Winter Melon..? Yes..I do..especially when it is served in drink like this one..with Longan and Sea Coconut..
I'm not a big fan of Longans..but I think the Sea Coconuts are sweet..!

A glass of this will cost RM5.00..

Here is something new I will be having in my blog..Ratings on the food and for those who intend to visit..they will know what to expect from that particular place..

Ratings :
Ambience : 9/10 ( 0-3 Cheap, 4-7  Comfortable, 8-10 Classy )
Food Choices : 8/10 ( 0-3 Limited, 4-7 Average, 8-10 Plenty )
Pricing : 7/10 ( 0-3 Cheap, 4-7 Average, 8-10 Expensive )
Taste : 7/10 ( 0-3 Tasteless, 4-7 Average, 8-10 Very Tasty )
Service : 7/10 ( 0-3 Poor, 4-7 Average, 8-10 Efficient )


Information for those who intend to visit :

Address :
170-G-66 and A1, Lower Ground Floor,
Gurney Plaza, Persiaran Gurney,
10250, Penang.

For Enquiries :
+604 - 2271686

Business Hour :
Monday - Friday (11.00am - 10.00pm)
Saturday, Sunday and Public Holidays (10.30am-10.00pm)


Anonymous said...

The food at Dragon i is only so so la,so far very rare people praise the food there.Only the name is like branded but i never feel like going back again after 1 try.Environment is standard impressive only for malaysian standard but not overseas standard.

Angeline said...

Haha..I kinda agree..However, not all the dishes are bad..So are tasty like the Siew Long Bau which kept me going back..

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