Monday, July 19, 2010

Last week, on the 10th of July - Saturday, me and my friends went for a hike to Pantai Kerachut..I finally got the pictures from Connie..There were all together 6 of us..Me,Jye,Connie,Rachael,Shu-Min and Yi Ting..

It was my first time hiking..and I was expecting for the me fainting for example..LOL..because I did not have any training or exercise before hiking..

Its not surprising that if I fainted or get too tired along the way..So off we go..heading to Taman Negara ( National Park ), where we started our journey around 8.15am..
First Signboard

Here we are passing the first signboard to show our direction..and we are heading towards Pantai Kerachut..I heard from my Mum that it is a nice place the last time she went when she was young..haha..which was years ago..At that time..I was hoping to see a satisfying scenery when I reach..Hoping my trip would be worthwhile.. 

So look, our first direction, at the top left..

Pantai Kerachut!

Smooth pathway

Our journey started with a smooth pathway..which is straight with no uphills or downhills..and then I asked Shu-Min.." it that easy all along the way?"..haha..and she said.."No..its just the beginning..haha"

Picnic Table

We came across a small Picnic Table which is facing the sea along the way..Seems like a good spot for a picnic..

The First Bridge

Finally we reached the first bridge..which is also the start of the difficult areas to go through..Connie and Shu-Min is far ahead as I was busy taking pictures..LOL..

The Stairway

Im guessing that Connie hates all the steps..LOL..It was our first stairway..and I'm starting to get the hang of it..Hiking was something new and different to me..

Jungle Orchestra

Came across this notice of the Jungle Orchestra as we hike on..The notice says..that we should not rely only on our eyes to enjoy the forest..We should use all our senses including our ears to listen to the sounds of nature, from the sounds of birds chirping and the crocking sounds from the frogs..

Eeww..there better not be any frogs..or I'll panic and jump off the hill..!!

Mini Waterfall

Saw this Mini Waterfall and couldn't help but take a picture of it..The water looks clean and for those hikers who forgot to bring along their water's where you can get some..

Second Bridge

As we go along..we came across alot of bridges..this is the one located above the mini waterfall..

 Rest and Relax

Take a rest and relax here if you are feeling tired along the way..Connie and Shu-Min took a stop to rest here while we moved on..

Tricky Slope

We came across a tricky slope..that we needed the help of a rope which is provided to help us along the way..It was slippery and muddy due to the rain the night before..Lucky some of the areas dried up and was safe to walk on..

Second Signboard

Look..the second signboard..looks like we are getting closer now..It says there is another 1320m to go..which is roughly 1.32 km..Wow..

Road not Taken?

This is a weird and big rock separating the steps and I wonder how it turned out to be a triangle..

Dug Out Hill ( Bukit Belah )

The Dug Out Hill has a history which goes back to the days when the hill was used for transporting timbers using Buffalos..It was difficult for the workers to perform their work..and as a result..they used a HOE to dig out a passage..Yes..using a HOE..and here it is..the Dug Out Hill which we are looking at today..

How did they manage to dig out a passage using a HOE? Well..that's for you to figure out..if it was due to the profit they are earning..or was it due to desperation to create a better route..? 

Slippery Downhill

Look at how Yi Ting tried her best to go down the steps..It was difficult as I remember that the steps are far in distance..and we need to stretch our legs just to reach another step was slippery and muddy as well..and one of us almost tripped..

Double Bridge

Came across another bridge..which is slightly longer than the earlier ones..

Bridge and Stairway

Here's another bridge..and look at the high stairway that we need to go across..the steps are steep and was difficult actually..If you were to slipped and fall..its quite a long way down to the river..


Finally we are going downhill..but look..again..narrow and steep steps..Rachael and Yi Ting is like so far ahead..followed by Me and Jye..and behind us is Connie and Shu-Min..

Third Signboard

Oh..Look..900m to go..!! Looks like we are getting closer now..and the adrenaline is rushing in..

Tricky Slope Downhill

Here's another tricky slope..It it advisable to use the rope provided to help you down..and the steps are all narrow..I wonder why they build it that way..? Look at Connie and Shu-Min coming down..

Fourth Signboard

It was after 5-10 minutes and we reached this signboard from the previous one..We were confused as the one before said 900m and says 100m and 5 more minutes to go..We couldn't have hike 800m in less than 10 minutes..isn't it..?

I wonder how they calculated the distance.. 

The Finale!

As I walked on..I heard the sounds of water and bubbles..then I knew we were reaching the beach soon..From far..we heard Rachael and Yi Ting cheering on for we are about to reach our destination..

Few more steps and here we are..I saw the bridge..and I was so relieve..and glad that I made it through the journey - without fainting..! LOL..I can tell we are still quite high above sea level..

On the Bridge

Here we are..on the bridge..walking towards Kerachut Beach..the sun was beginning to play its was bright and hot...but the view was amazing..

Breathtaking Scenery

Seriously a breathtaking looks like a picture taken from some kinda website which features beautiful places to is too real that it looks like I'm not the one taking the picture..LOL..unbelievable that there is still such beauty which is not polluted..! 
Makes me think that my decision to go..was a right choice.. Mum once told me the sand is rough and big in size..and she was right..!! It feels like a massage when you walked on it..

Victory Picture

Jye took a picture of the five of us..standing at the end of the bridge..sort of a victory picture to show that we have all made it to the end..=)

Kerachut Beach Signboard

Here's to prove that we are really at Kerachut Beach..

Another breathtaking Scenery

I was thinking..did we hike that far..? Over all those hills...? Then I realised it is that far but the journey was not it was shorten by all the shortcuts..

Me and Connie

I seldom take any pictures with Connie..So this is a good one..

 Turtle Crossing

Since there is nothing much to do after we took a rest..We decided to head on to the Turtle Beach..where all the newborn turtles are..We took off our shoes as it was hard to walk on the sand..and as a result..our feets are burning from the heat of the sand..

Green Turtle

There was nothing much to see at the Turtle Exhibition Hut..These turtles..are either man-made or they are real and preserve for exhibition purpose..
But..they actually look so real.. 

Newborn Turtles

Again..I wonder if these are man-made or preserved turtles..these newborns are just so small and cute..

 Four of Us

We decided to go for a walk at the Jetty..and the Sun is getting even Hotter and Glaring..the Picture was taken by Connie..From the left..that's me, followed by Yi Ting, Rachael and Shu-Min..

Five of Us Now

Finally Connie joined us for a picture after persuading her many times..!


I was enjoying the view from the Jetty..the water was so calm that big waves..

The Shadows

Look at our unique shadows..=)

My Favourite Species of Tree

I know it is weird to say that this is my favourite kind of tree..I love the leaves of the you can form a game out of it..Difficult to describe..but perhaps someday I shall show it to all of you..the game..=)

Love the Sunshine through parts of the tree..

VolleyBall Match

Since Yi Ting brought a Volleyball..they decided to play a game..but it seems like the ball is flying all in the wrong direction..LOL..

Connie and Me Again

It is finally time to go back..So we took the boat..which costs us RM9 per pax..Hmm..Reasonable since we are sharing with another group of people..

Its great to have another picture of me and Connie again..=) Except that my hair look like a mess..!
Behind us was Pak Atan..the Boat Owner..

Rabbit Shaped Rock

Pak Atan showed us a rock which looks like a shape of a rabbit lying down..What do you think? Does it look like a rabbit to you..? =)

Crocodile Mouth Rock

Here is another rock..which has the shaped of a Crocodile's Mouth..this one really looks like a Crocodile..but I can't imagine if there is a real one which is that size..I'll be running for my life..or rather..Swimming for my life..?

Monkey Beach

On our way..Shu-Min told us that is Monkey Beach..Hmm..perhaps..our next trip..?? Hehe..Shall we Connie..?

Fisherman Boats

Finally we are back at the Fisherman's Village at Teluk Bahang..It was a memorable trip..and we were all so hungry that we decided to go for the famous Nasi Melayu located at the Arked Makanan opposite the floating mosque..

I cant wait to for another trip..and it was my first time hiking..such a healthy exercise..and it was great - apart from the back pain I had for the next few days..LOL..


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