Monday, August 2, 2010

Local Cuisine @ Teik Seng

Since I do not blog about local food that often..Then this is a restaurant which I certainly must recommend to all my readers..Let me introduce one of the famous restaurant/coffee shop in Penang..Which is called Teik Seng..previously,the shop was located a few blocks away..and now they have moved to a brighter and cleaner place..which is much more comfortable..

Located at the Heart of Carnavon Street..Teik Seng brings all the local home-cooked cuisine which is also known as Chu-Char to all local Penangites...

Open Air Area/Entrance

Look at the crowd..It is always full house at Teik Seng..Previously before they moved..There will be people queueing up outside the shop waiting for an open table..Now after they moved..there are much more tables available..hence..there is no long queues..

New Signboard

They have a new signboard..with a new name "Teksen"..but fear is still the same owner..and shop..!!

Chinese Scribbles on Pillars

For those who have not been to Teik Seng before..try searching for this two pillars with Chinese Scribbles on it..You wont be able to miss the shop..

Painting of Cambell Street Market

Spotted this painting of the Cambell Street Market which is at the end of Carnavon Street..again..another landmark to locate the restaurant..

Unique Lamp

There is no reason to capture a picture of the lamp..but it looks unique to me the feeling of a high class restaurant..and the amazing thing is..we are just at a normal coffee shop..!

Basic Settings

Having a new location for their restaurant..they have a new style of serving food as well..Previously..they will serve the rice with the plates and provide it before the food arrives.. They even have new plates!!

Barbeque Pork

Barbeque Pork ( Up Closed )

Here's the famous Barbeque Pork which is also known as Char Siew Bak in Hokkien..The Meat is sliced into thin long stripes..and fried with black soy sauce..together with Chili Padi which add some spiciness to the dish..

It tasted sweet and smoky in flavour..and it is also one of their Signature dishes..Something which everyone will order when they dine at Teik Seng.. 

Fried Long Beans

Fried Long Beans ( Up Closed )

This is a common local dish which many people will serve it as one of the dishes at home..

The Fried Long Beans is cooked with Minced Meat and a generous amount of Shrimps..which goes well with the white rice which is served.. 

Steamed Egg with Minced Pork

Steamed Egg with Minced Pork

Here's another local dish which is also common in our local homes..

The Steamed Egg can be accompanied with Minced Pork, Century Egg or even Salty Egg..Or you can have a combination of Century Egg, The normal Steam Egg and the Salty Egg which is equally tasty..

There were only three of us for dinner..So we cant order too many dishes..but rest assure..there will be more pictures coming up for the next visit..!

Ratings :
Ambiance : 7/10 ( 0-3 Cheap, 4-7  Comfortable, 8-10 Classy )
Food Choices : 8/10 ( 0-3 Limited, 4-7 Average, 8-10 Plenty )
Pricing : 6/10 ( 0-3 Cheap, 4-7 Average, 8-10 Expensive )
Taste : 9/10 ( 0-3 Tasteless, 4-7 Average, 8-10 Very Tasty )
Service : 8/10 ( 0-3 Poor, 4-7 Average, 8-10 Efficient )

Address :
Kedai Makanan Teik Seng
18 & 20 Ground Floor
Jin beng Coffee Shop
Carnavon Street
10100, Penang.
+6012 - 4939424

Business Hour :
12.00PM - 2.30PM
5.30PM - 9.00PM
Closed on Tuesday

Pictures taken using IPhone 


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