Monday, August 9, 2010 postings are all I was busy with a few things in my life..!! But rest assure there will still be alot of postings coming up..

About a week and my friends went out for a movie..and we decided to head on to Dragon-i for our dinner..Although I have visited and posted about Dragon-i before..I believe that good food shall be appreciated more than once..So here it is to introduce more of Dragon-i's variety of food..

Shanghainese Steamed Meat Dumplings

I have recommended the the Shanghainese Steamed Meat Dumplings in my previous postings before..and as usual..each time I visit Dragon-i..It is a must to order the Meat Dumplings..which is also known as Siew Long Pau..

There were four of us...So each for one..!! 

Shanghainese Fried Vegetable Rice with Pork Chop

Shanghainese Fried Vegetable Rice with Pork Chop ( Closed Up )

Here's Connie's main course which is the first to arrived..I like the taste of fried rice..which is not too salty...However, Connie is not fond of vegetables..So she requested that the Fried Rice is cooked without vegetables..

As for the Pork..It looks a little dry to me..But I believe it goes well with the Rice..A bowl of this will only cost RM15.00..

Fried Rice with Ham, Shrimp and Fish

As for our dear friend Elizabeth..She decided to go for the Fried she was hungry..
The Fried Rice is cooked with Pieces of Ham, Mixed Vegetables, Shrimps and small slices of fish..
The Fried Rice is almost the same as Connie's main course..However, I couldn't taste the smell of fish when eating it..although there are slices of fish..It doesn't taste like fish to is a bit weird..

The Fried Rice will only cost RM16.00

La Mian With Sichuan Hot and Sour Soup

La Mian With Sichuan Hot and Sour Soup ( What's Inside )

Here's my main course..Which is something different from the rest..
The La Mian is cooked in Sichuan Hot and Sour Soup along with pieces of Prawns, vegetables and seafood..

For those who always have an adventure for spicy should try this..the texture of the sticky and thicked..but it is tasty and spicy..and it tasted a little like Shark-fin Soup too..!

A bowl of the La Mian will costs RM12.00..

La Mian with Minced Meat and Mushroom in Spicy Sauce

I have also recommended this dish before in my previous posting..So i'm not going to elaborate much about it...
Khai Sin decided to try the Minced Meat La Mian..which is a dry dish..However, Khai Sin suggested that it shouldn't be so it will spoil the taste of the Spicy Sauce..

The La Mian with Minced Meat costs only RM 13.00.. 

Water Chestnut Cream with Sea Coconut

Water Chestnut Cream with Sea Coconut ( Up Closed )

Khai Sin decided not to order any drinks..but instead she is having the Water Chestnut for her dessert..The Water Chestnut Dessert is mildly sweet and smooth in texture..It is boiled with Barley Beans and Sea Coconut..

A perfect dessert to have after a spicy meal..and a bowl will only cost RM 8.00.. 

As for the following day..I went again with my Mum..and she wanted to have some Chinese Cuisine..and I suggested Dragon-i..!!

Black Pepper Chicken La Mian

Black Pepper Chicken La Mian ( Closed Up )

I decided to try something different..and go for the Black Pepper Chicken La Mian..
The La Mian is Fried with Chicken chunks and bell peppers as well as Soy Sauce and Black pepper sauce..

In my opinion, the La Mian tasted good in the beginning when it was hot..However, after it cooled tasted too dry and difficult to consume..Not particularly my favourite when the dish is too dry..However, the Chickens are tender and tasty.. So I ended up finishing the Chicken, and left a little La Mian..

A plate of this will costs RM15.00.. 

Mabo Tofu Claypot Rice

Mabo Tofu Claypot Rice ( Closed Up )

Since Mum feels like having rice..she decided to order the Mabo tofu Claypot Rice..
It is cooked in Egg, and Chunks of Tofu and Minced Meat..

Very tasty..However, again..It should have more sauce for it can be a little too dry..A bowl of the Claypot Rice will cost RM15.00..

Old Cucumber and Chicken Soup

Old Cucumber and Chicken Soup ( What's Inside )

Mum said we should have something cooling when we have oily food..So she ordered the Old cucumber and Chicken Soup for us to share..
I did not manage to get the price for the soup..but if I'm not will cost below RM10.00..

No ratings will be posted this time..for those who wishes to know more..please click the link below to refer to my previous posting..

First time visit for Gurney Plaza Penang Outlet.. 



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