Friday, September 10, 2010

It was the second day I was at Kuala Lumpur..and We woke up as early as 7.00AM to get ready to go to Malacca..After we picked up Phui Leng and Sandra, we head on to Malacca,which took us around 1 hour..
Upon our arrival..we headed towards the Christ Church Malacca which is directly opposite the carpark.. 

A View of the Christ Church Malacca

Here's the famous Christ Church in Malacca which is also one of the famous attractions for tourist and foreigners in Malacca..
The Christ Church is also known as the Red building..due to the red colour paint on the building..

The Three of Us!

There were Small pillars right in front of the church..and Mun Yee Suggested we each sit on one..and take a picture..

Four of Us

Xk took a picture of us before we enter the Stadhyus / Museum which is located at the side..It costs us RM5.00 per pax for entry..

The Old Stadhuys Drainage System

Just after entering the museum..we spotted this old drainage system..which is no longer functioning..Looks weird..and before reading the notice, I thought it was a tomb or a burial area..

Old Currencies of Various Countries

There were many old currencies which are on display at the museum..such as the Chinese Currency, the Portugis Currency and even the local Malacca Currency..

Fire Arms

As we head on upstairs..there were ammunitions and fire arms on display...Most of the fire arms are used by the Americans and British..

Cannons Collection

There were old cannons on display which are used during the world war era..

Daggers Collection

Daggers are also known as Keris in Malay, which is actually a small knife which are used during a fight between two or more warriors..Daggers are commonly used among the warriors in Malaysia during the World War Era..

Japanese Ceramics

Handmade Japanese Ceramics were also on display at the museum..There were many different designs on the ceramics..which are commonly made for serving home made dishes..
Japanese Ceramics were also used as a trading item during the Era where Barter and Trading were popular..

Founding of The Malacca Malay Sultanate Dynasty

The picture above was taken from miniatures on display..
Parameswara, the prince of Palembang, was resting under a tree on a hunting trip, when he noticed a white mouse deer confronting the hunting dogs, and kicking one into the river..Surprised and amazed by the display of courage, He decided to set up a Kingdom at this place and hence naming it Melaka after the tree he was resting under..

Me with An Unknown Warrior Statue

Mun Yee help me to take a picture as I tried to imitate the Statue..

Ancient Tomb Stone

There were ancient tomb stones which are on display at one of the rooms in the museum..Tomb Stones are also known as Batu Nisan in Malay..which is used to engraved a person's identity and details of birth and death of a person or warrior..
Looks kind of creepy to me..


There were many ship collections in the museum..but I have selected my three favourite ship models which is according to the order of the picture..

Model of Flora de La Mar

First one is..The model ship the Portuguese Warship which belongs to the "Nau"..A very huge and wide can carry up to 600 passengers...!! Looks majestic..!!

Chinese Junks

Followed by the second model..they are Chinese Junks which was well known to sail to and from Malacca..The Chinese are known for they good skills and knowledge in building ships..The Junk Ship was even used to sail as far as India and Arabia..!!

Model of Dutch Ship

The Final one..The Model of Dutch Ship above was named "West-Fria" which was built in Hoorn Town in 1641..Many historical moments happened on the Ship..However, in the end it was used as travels within the South-East Asia only..

Huge Bell

I saw this huge bell which is placed on the floor of the museum...It is almost quarter of my height..!! The bell was probably used as Church Bells..which I'm just guessing..


We were trying to imitate the statues behind us..LOLx..Looks almost the same isn't it..? 

At the Balcony

We were standing on a Kampung Wooden House..and looking out from the Balcony as Sandra help us to take a picture..too bad we weren't dress in Baju Kebayas..!

Long "Sampan"

The four of us are sitting in a Long "Sampan" which is probably used during the olden days as transportation in rivers...It reminds me of those water markets which uses this kind of boat to ferry goods such as vegetables and fruits to be sold to customers..

Me at the Stairway

At the Stairway again..Closed Up

Picture was taken by Sandra, and I love how she used the macro to capture the green leaves and at the same time..making the picture looks professional..! Seems like she is becoming a professional photographer soon..!

One of my favourite pictures..!

Admiral Cheng Ho

Here's a statue of Admiral Cheng Ho..If only I knew more about him..

Trying a new Angle

Second picture taken by Sandra..I remember it was very hot the day we went to Malacca, So I appreciate it when Sandra was standing under the hot sun with me..while taking pictures..Hugz..

By the Window

Now here's the third picture taken by Sandra for me..I wanted to take a picture which looks as if I'm looking out of a old wooden house window..while enjoying the scenery of the woods..sort of a Kampung-like feeling..

Release Us!!

We pretended to be in Prison with our sad faces while Phui Leng took a picture of us..I look more like I'm pouting than sad..! And Sandra looks like she is fine with staying in Prison..LOLx..

Me and Phui Leng by the Window

Thanks to Sandra again for taking such a nice picture..the background was too bright..and we had to use flash for taking the picture above..Wish I could have a better camera..!!

Japanese Army and Me

Hmm..Is that how a Japanese Army looks like..? I wonder..and for you information, the clothes which are worn by all the soldiers on display are real..!! Except they were painted with grey..

After touring the museum, we decided to go to Nadeje Cake House ( Please click link ) for cakes as it was around 12.00PM which Sandra mentioned that the Cake house will be open during that time..Posting for the  Nadeje Cake House ( Please Click Link ) will be posted in another posting..

We decided to head on to Jonker Walk for our lunch time..And yeah..our purpose is to eat when we travel..hence we opted for the famous Restaurant Famosa ( Chicken Rice Balls ) ( Please Click Link )..
After lunch..we head on to shop and sight seeing around Jonker It was my first time there..!  

Jonker Gallery

Jonker Gallery ( Inside )

One of the shop houses which we went into to look for nice clothes..Most the shops which are located at Jonker Walk..pertains mostly antiques and clothings..Along the way..there are many food stalls which sells varieties of food..such as satay, ice cream, drinks and cuttlefish..


Here's one of the drinks which are sold at Jonker Walk..Looks like some kind of fizzy drink..but I did not buy any of them though..

Jonker 88

There is a shop selling desserts such as ice kachang and chendul which is called Jonker 88..At first Phui Leng suggested having some desserts after our lunch at the Chicken Rice Balls Restarant..but after looking at the crowd and queue..we decided to move on instead of having desserts..!!

Would love to try it someday when I visit Malacca again..!

After having a stroll and shopping at Jonker Walk..We decided to visit the Old Torturing Museum..which is located close to the Red Building ( Christ Church ), However, it was closed down about a few months ago..So we just took a stroll and walk around..

The Three Commanders

I remember Phui Leng said..I look almost like a commander with my hands fold and my standing steadily..LOlx..Can notice what the three of us have in common..?
Yes..the caps..!! We bought them at one of the shop house from Jonker Walk..!

It was close to 5.00PM and we decided to go back to Kuala we were all too tired to go on exploring..We reached Kuala Lumpur around 6.30PM..and we parted ways with Mun Yee and her boyfriend..

That night..Me and Phui Leng had dinner with Sandra's Mum..No pictures were taken till the next day..!!

Stay Tune for Day Three - Camwhoring and Sunway Pyramid..!


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