Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Been so busy lately..and I fell sick twice within the month of september..!! and also my reason for the late posting..

"Sick" is not the correct word to use in the place which I visited last week..the Clinic Cafe which is newly-opened in Gurney Plaza..Me and Jye decided to visit the Clinic Cafe to give it a try..However, It was quite a disappointment, as the food was not as good as the environment..

Anyway, let's head on to look at the environment which is also the main attraction of the cafe..

Clinic Cafe Logo

Right beside the entrance was the Clinic Cafe Logo..

Front Counter

There is a front counter after entering the entrance..which also looks like one of those hospital counters..

The Crowd!

It was a Saturday Afternoon..and as usual..Gurney was packed with lots of people and hence..there were also many people who would like to try out the newly opened Clinic Cafe..


There is even a wheelchair section..however, most of the time..the area is closed..Penangites especially Chinese are famous for being superstitious, and having to sit on a wheelchair while dining would be considered bad luck..

In terms of decoration on the other hand..they are considered very creative..

Side Section

The Side Section was closed when I visited..which is why the place is empty and I was able to take a picture of the area..From afar..the couch looks exactly like hospital beds..!!

Operation Theater Lights

Finally we were given a table..and we noticed all the lightings at Clinic Cafe were designed the same at the Operating Theater Lights at hospitals..Took the picture above at the table that we were seated at..

Order Sheets

There are order sheets for customers to mark down their orders and to be passed to the waiter after you are done..

Order List

There is an order list which is hanged at the side of the couch..just like one of those patient information which is also hanged at the beds in hospitals..Smart concept..!

Basic Table Utensils

The Basic table utensils are given after we taken our order..They were placed in a rectangular box which looks like those used to keep operation equipments..

Kampung Fried Rice

Kampung Fried Rice ( Up Closed )

Jye ordered the Kampung Fried Rice for his main course..the Kampung Fried Rice uses the best graded rice which is fried with Malaysia Kampung Seasoning, and served with prawns, eggs, special sambal belacan and mixed vegetables as salad..

He said the Kampung Fried Rice tasted good..but the Salad was too dry and tasteless..

One bowl of Kampung Fried Rice will cost RM7.80..

Chicken Cutlet

Chicken Cutlet ( Up Closed )

As for me..I decided to have some western food for my main course..hence I ordered the Chicken Cutlet..

The Chicken Cutlet is cooked by deep frying the chicken which is coated in bread crumbs and served with sweet corn, french fries and fresh vegetables with salad sauce dressing..
In my opinion..the chicken tasted quite good..however, the batter was too oily..and it was quite dry although there were chili sauce to accompany the chicken..

Notice that there is a syringe on the plate with Chili Sauce in it..? A very creative presentation..

The Chicken Cutlet costs RM12.80 per plate..

Calamari Rings

Calamari Rings ( Up Closed )

We ordered a side dish to accompany our main course..and since we both like squids..we opted for the Calamari Rings which is actually Deep Fried Squids which costs RM8.80 per portion..

The batter tasted good..however, The squid is not the tasted too soft..I prefer to consume squids when they are cooked to perfection which is chewy in texture..

Strawberry Yogurt

For drinks..we both decided to share..So we ordered a glass of Strawberry Yogurt which costs RM8.80 per glass..

It was served in a round tube glass which looks like those tubes used in test labs at hospitals..again..another creative presentation..
However, I felt it was a little too pricey for a glass of Yogurt drink..

Cunning Nurse

That's me trying to look like a cunning nurse who would like to hurt/jab a patient..!! But I think I failed to do so..LOLx..

Me Again

It's me again..holding up the Strawberry Yogurt..Yummy..!

Surgery Room a.k.a BAR

There is a surgery room which is located at the end of the cafe..which is actually the bar where drinks are prepared..

Doctor's Basic Equipments

I believe these are a few basic equipments which a doctor must have in his office or patient room..especially the stethoscope on the right..

More Decorations

More hospital like decorations..

Reasons to Stop Smoking

Since I always support non-smoking campaigns, I insist on taking this picture above..Smoking is bad for for those smokers out love yourself and take care of your health..

Second Clinic Cafe Logo

Finally when we left the restaurant..I took a picture of the second logo which is also beside the Clinic Cafe..

Ratings :
Ambiance : 8/10 ( 0-3 Cheap, 4-7  Comfortable, 8-10 Classy )
Food Choices :  6/10 ( 0-3 Limited, 4-7 Average, 8-10 Plenty )
Pricing : 8/10 ( 0-3 Cheap, 4-7 Average, 8-10 Expensive )
Taste : 5/10 ( 0-3 Tasteless, 4-7 Average, 8-10 Very Tasty )
Service : 4/10 ( 0-3 Poor, 4-7 Average, 8-10 Efficient )

Address :
4th Floor, Old Wing,
Gurney Plaza.


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