Sunday, September 19, 2010

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30th August 2010

It was Day Three in Kuala Lumpur..Woke up around 9.30AM at the Sun Inn Hotel..Me and Phui Leng got up early to get ready to go our check out time was 1.00PM sharp..

On Day Three, I did not take many pictures of objects or sceneries..instead..while waiting for Phui Leng..I took many pictures of myself..but I'll only be showing two here..!

Camwhoring One

First one..which is also one of my favourite..took a reflection of myself..!

Camwhoring Two

Trying a different angle..but no idea what I was looking at..!

It was around 12.00PM after we were both ready to go out..We decided to have something light for breakfast at the Mamak Stall downstairs of the Hotel..Me and Phui Leng shared a plate of Nasi Kandar..which actually tasted good..!

After checking out at 1.00PM which Sandra also arrived in time to picked us up..She suggested we head on to lunch first..and She recommended a restaurant which sells Thai Food to us..! So off we go to Blue Dragon Restaurant ( Please Click Link )..

After our lunch..Sandra said she had to picked up some last minute items before leaving to New Zealand..hence we took off to Sunway Pyramid to do some shopping..Since me and Phui Leng intend to buy some gifts for our family at home..!

The Arabian Posing

We saw this cute little cushion which is round in shaped..Phui Leng suggested that i sit on top and take a picture with it to send an MMS to home..! LOL..

Ireland's Potato

Sandra recommended us the Ireland's Potato..hence we ordered one portion to share among the three of us..Look at her standing right in front of the stall..

Set Menu

There were around four sets to choose if you would like to purchase more than just one portion..all the sets comes with a cup of drink..and some comes with onion rings or crunchy sotong..

Dining Area

Here's the dining area if you intend to dine for us..we decided to take away..

Honey Mustard Potato Fries

Honey Mustard Potato Fries ( Up Closed )

Sandra said..the Honey Mustard Potato Fries is the best among the rest..The dressing is made up of a generous amount of Honey and Mustard! Tasted sweet and salty at the same time..! Delicious..I would definitely go for it again the next time I go to Sunway Pyramid..!


That's me holding up the fries..! Yummy!

After sharing the fries..Sandra head on home for dinner with her it was her last day in Malaysia, since her flight to New Zealand is just the next day..So me and Phui Leng went on with our shopping for gifts and dinner..

That night we stayed over at Sandra's place..and we head on to the airport the next day ( 31st August 2010 ) in the morning around 7 something and took our flight back home..!

Glad I took a trip to Kuala Lumpur..and I'm glad to be able to meet up with my dearest friend Sandra before her departure to New Zealand..I wish her all the best..!


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