Friday, February 11, 2011

Last month, exactly on the 8th of January 2011, me, my dear and my friends, Connie and Elizabeth went for a trip to Hatyai,Thailand..and it was such an exciting trip for me as it was my first time going to Hatyai although it is a city which is visited frequently by penangites as it is close to our Malaysian border..!

We woke up as early as 4.00AM in the morning..and got ready for our departure and headed to Connie's house and got ourselves into the van which is taking us to Hatyai..!!
Along the way..we were so sleepy as it was still early in the morning..hence..we slept almost all the way towards the border..!

Me and Dear

We finally arrived at the border after roughly two and half hour..took our first picture of the day with our passports ready in our hands for clearance..!

Stink Beans and Pork Knuckles 

After reaching was time to have our lunch..hence we headed to restaurant recommended by Connie to us...the first two dish to arrive was the Stink Beans which is also known as Petai in Malay and the Huge Pork Knuckles which is seriously huge..!! I like the stink it was tasty and quite spicy for the pork..I do not like it..which is why I had only one bite of it..!

Seafood Tom Yam

I thought Hatyai would be famous for Tom Yam..but to my was not as good as I wasn't sour nor spicy..but it was too salty..but I wouldn't say it tasted bad..just it should be slightly more spicy..

Crab in Curry Paste and Fried Fish

The Crab which is cooked with curry paste..tasted really delicious and tasty..I wouldn't mind having more of for the fried fish..I'm not sure what breed it is..but I would say it is quite tasty too..

Two Joint Single Beds

After our was time to check into our hotel, The Regency..and we finally got into our was clean..and everything was in good order..and the toilet was actually quite clean too..I shared the room with my dear and Elizabeth and Connie stayed with her Aunt in another room..

Assorted Buns

After resting for about half hour..we left our room and headed towards a mall which is just opposite our hotel..On our way, we spotted a small stall selling all the assorted buns which has Tomyam and Chicken Floss filling, another with Kaya and Another which is my favourite..Butter and Sugar..!! Simply delicious..


We shopped for many clothes in that mall during that day and I myself bought two dresses from that place..and as we headed upstairs to take a look at the cineplex..there were many people there waiting for their movie to start..and I think the cineplex was actually build nicely with all the purplish colours..

Thailand Vampires? - Thailand twilght version

We saw this funny poster of a movie which is showing soon..the characters look so funny on the poster..and I can't imagine how the movie actually is..I even wonder if they are females or males..??!!

Foot Long Sausages

After leaving the mall, we headed to 7-11 which is just beside the mall..the 7-11 looks like a mini market which sells many kinds of drinks, food and look..even sausages..!! The four of us shared a cheese foot long sausage..which I can even drool thinking about it now and wishing they have this in Malaysia..

Me and Elizabeth

It was then time to head back to the hotel to meet the rest of the tour group..the picture above was taken in the hotel lift which is so small that we have to cramp ourselves in there..

Mister Donut Selections

Connie said we are going to a hyper market which is actually similar to our Tesco hyper market in is called the BIG idea why that name is given to a mall..
then we came across this donut shop called "Mister Donut"..Connie said it was better than our Big Apple and I decided to give it a try..

Selected Flavours

True enough..some actually tasted better than Big Apple..but I think..not me..J.Co is still my all time favourite..those flavours above..which has filings in it..are so delicious..but those which looks like a ring ( it is actually called Pon de Ring ), does not taste as good as the one with fillings..

In the Hyper Market

We went to the hyper market which I mentioned that it is the same as buy some snacks and and dear bought lots of snacks to bring back to our homes..and of course to have something to chew on the way back to Penang the next day..LOLx..

Look at the crowd lining up to pay for their goods...The population is simply overrated..!

After leaving the Big was time to go for our dinner at the FLOATING MARKET!!
We arrived after a short while from the hyper market..and started walking around looking for food..

Can you Guess?

Can you guess what are those tube stuff..? They are POPSICLES! Unique and smart way of preparing popsicles..I actually wanted to try one..but I thought it is better to get it after our meals..but in the end..I did not manage to buy the popsicles..

Egg Crackers

I do not know the exact ingredients used for those crackers above..but they tasted like eggs to me..and it is so good that I had about 3 pieces after Elizabeth bought it..! I should have bought one for myself too..

Creepy Crawlies

As we head on towards the floating market..we saw a stall selling all the creepy crawlies which is also one of Thailand's delicacies..There are grasshoppers..fried maggots..fried worms..? No idea what are the rest..but I do not have the guts to try it out..LOLx..although I have actually tried it once before long time ago when my brother bought it back from Thailand..


From the picture..I guess you can roughly tell that those maggots above..are ALIVE! They were crawling around in the small basket which is also for sale..Eww..I hate creepy crawlies..and I sure hate maggots..!

Both of Us

Finally we reached the bridge which links us to the floating and dear took a picture with the floating market behind us..

Jellies and Assorted Fish Balls

At last we reached the floating market..The long boat was so narrow and bumpy..and I heard from Connie that those ladies actually row the boat by themselves to shore to seel their foods..

Grilled Otak-Otak

This is probably one of the best things I have tasted in Thailand..grilled otak-otak..It is somehow different from our Malaysian Otak Otak which is wrapped up in banana leaf..the one cooked on a banana leaf..till it is slightly crispy..then drizzled with thai sauce and a few pieces of cucumbers are added to finish it off..and it costs only 25BAHT which is our RM2.50...

The four of us actually love the taste..especially me..who even thought of buying more..but too bad I was too full to eat more after walking to the end of the floating market..

Coconut Ice Cream

Jye was so tempted by the coconut ice cream that he decided to have one scoop of first I wasn't that interested in it..but after tasting it..I felt it tasted better than it looks..!
There were also corns sprinkled on it too..

As for the clay can take it home after having it..and all you have to pay is 20BAHT which is equal to our RM2.00..

Omellette Sausages

The omelette sausage does not taste as good as it looks to me..maybe because of the chilli  and tomato sauce..Without the sauce I think it would taste better..

Drinks in Clay Mugs

This is something unique which I should have bought more as a souvenir..however I only thought of it after we left the place..
There are many designs of the clay mugs which you can choose any that you like..then choose your drinks and the lady will pour it and give it to you..and will only costs you 20BAHT..and it is so worth you get to take the clay mugs home..

Quail Eggs of the best food I have tasted in Thailand..although it looks small and tasted so delicious that we bought two bowls of it..The quill eggs are cooked to perfection and drizzled with soy sauce to finish it is then placed in a small banana leaf bowl with the shape of a boat..which also costs us 20BAHT per portion..


Erm..nothing special about the satay to you can find it everywhere in Malaysia..
but I like that it is served in a banana leaf bowl which also has the shape of a boat..

Just the Two of Us

We actually bought another cup of drink..which is also in a clay mug..except this one has the shape of a love with a couple on it..such a nice design which is also why we both picked it..


Compare to the earlier can tell that it is dark by now..and the floating market looks so nice from this point of view..I can say this is one of my favourite pictures..

The Three of Us!

Then it was the three of us..too bad we couldn't capture the floating market behind us..

Me and Him Again

Finally we left the floating market and while waiting in the van for the rest of the group..we took one last picture of the two of us..

After leaving the place..we headed to a huge night market (pasar malam) which sells alot of stuff..such as food,drinks,accessories and the best was Clothes!! Me and Elizabeth were so excited to buy some clothes for Chinese New Year but in the end I only bought one for myself..When we were done with our shopping..we headed back to our hotel..


Look at all the clothes..!! 
The left picture are all my clothes..and on the right are all Elizabeth's clothes..Wow..she can really shop..10 pieces all together for the whole day..! Amazing..!
Finally to end our day..we decided to try some THAI MASSAGE!! I forgot to ask Connie to take a picture for us..all three of the masseuse came to our room to give me, jye and eliz a full body massage, as for Connie she went downstairs to the shop for a foot massage..

I never expect the full body massage to be so it costs us only 200BAHT for one and a half (1 1/2) hours..and me and dear decided to give them an additional 50BAHT as their tips..Definitely something which everyone should try when visiting Thailand..!
After our massage..we took a a bath..and went to bed..ZzZzzZzz...

Stay Tune for : One Night in Hatyai @ Hatyai Thailand 2011 [Day Two(1)]


Firiz said...

Those 3 donuts interest me the most especially with the shape!

Angeline said...

Hi firiz..Try it out if you ever visit hatyai someday..they are really good..but those with the ring shape does not taste as good as the ones with fillings..=)

madeline said...

wow, nice trip. been planning to go either hatyai or bangkok and after reading your blog, i've decided to go hatyai. looks fun :)

thank you for sharing.

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