Sunday, February 27, 2011

It was day two in Hatyai, and we woke up early and meet up with the rest of the group and headed to the wet market for our breakfast..


On our way to the wet market..we spotted the same stall we saw on the first day..which sells the butter and sugar buns and tomyam with chicken floss..the lady boss was so nice and invited Jye to take a picture with her stall..and he looks like he is selling those buns now..


Now it was my turn..the lady boss said..I should sit on the motorcycle and take a picture on it..LOLx..

Sugar with Butter Bun and Tomyam with Chicken Floss Bun

Here's a picture of the two buns we bought..Elizabeth bought the sugar with butter and Jye has the tomyam with chicken floss as we have already tried the sugar and butter on the first day..

Otak -Otak 

After a short walk..we finally reached the wet market..and I spotted an otak - otak stall..the otak - otaks are freshly grilled on the spot..

Guavas and Mangoes

Ever seen such mangoes..? They are as small as a golf ball size..and it is orange in colour..I heard that it tasted very good..but I wasn't in the mood for any fruits during that time..perhaps the next round then..


I wonder why their pineapples are so small in size..and they have such nice patterns on them..

Dim Sum

Fancy some chinese food..? There is also a dim sum stall..selling all kinds of dim sum..although there are not much varieties..

Chicken Rice

Me and dear decided to buy a packet of chicken rice..which is recommended by Connie to us..
The chicken rice is made out of "sticky" rice..(I do not know the exact term..) and fried chicken accompanied with fried onions..!
This is probably one of the dish which I miss the most from Hatyai..and honestly I have never tasted such a delicious fried chicken..


After buying the Chicken rice, we headed to a shop which sells Porridge..which is also one of the famous stalls in Hatyai..Connie actually ordered the porridge without egg..but somehow..they gave her one with an egg..and the egg is raw..! Something different from our malaysian porridge..


As for me and dear..we ordered only one bowl to share among the two of we just had the chicken rice..however, ours was without the raw egg..

Both of Us

After finishing our meal..I decided to take a picture with the show how good the porridge is..

Connie and Eliz

And now it was both their turn to take a picture..

Connie and Eliz again!

Finally after reaching thailand for two days..we finally went on a tuk-tuk..I can't remember the last time I went on a tuk-tuk as it was many years ago in Phuket..The tuk-tuk was spacious..and there were only four of us in ride costs us 20BAHT per person..see how cute the both of them are..

Dear and me

The tuk-tuk was so fast..that my hair was flying around like mad..!

The four of Us

Thanks to the tuk-tuk driver who offered to take a picture for us..

Eliz with me

Look at the stuff me and Eliz bought !! We tried to take a picture with all the stuff together..but it was too much..and unable to fit in the picture...

Swensen Ice Cream

Can you guess how much the swensen ice cream above costs? It costs us only 99BAHT..which is equal to our RM10.00!! LOLx..Cheap!

Fried Kailan and Chicken with Soy Sauce

It was almost time for departure..and before leaving..all of us decided to have our lunch before leaving..hence our only choice was "Choo Char" again like our first day when we arrived..except it was a different shop this time..

Tom Yam and Glass Noodles Prawns

The tomyam tasted much better than the one we had on our first day...and the glass noodles prawns was actually very good..but I was quite full from having too much food in the morning..

After lunch..we headed back to Penang..and reached home around the was such a wonderful trip..and I'm glad I was able to travel with my friends..I hope there will be another trip to Hatyai in future..!


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