Thursday, May 13, 2010

Few days ago, 10th of May 2010, It was my friend Cheng Wei's birthday..So we decided to meet up after quite some time..Cheng Wei suggested we go to Pizza Hut for dinner first..!

So I took a few pictures when we the food arrived..but I wondered if anyone is full that night..there is only one large pizza and a regular pizza...and Four Guys and A Girl..? Hmm..Looks like we are all trying to lose weight..! LOL..

Let's look at those food..!

 Mushroom Soup

I remember we ordered a Set Meal for 6 Pax..but I can't remember the name of the set..LOL..I was so hungry and thirsty..So I did not do any of the order...The mushroom soup was not would be nicer if its slightly creamier..!


Not a big fan of Carbonated Drinks..but the Set comes with two jugs of Pepsi..So I have no choice..=) as I was thirsty..!!


Yum..I always love those breadstix from Pizza Hut..No idea why..haha..perhaps because of the butter and taste of onion..!!

Island Supreme

Island Supreme ( Closed Up )

Everytime I visit Pizza Hut or when I order a take away, this is the first topping which comes to my mind..! The Island Supreme..!! Yummy..because I love thousand island sauce..!!

We actually did order another Large Pizza, but I dont remember what Pizza..LOL..I was so busy eating I forgot to ask my friends what Pizza they ordered..!!

So after dinner..we decided to go to SIXTY9INE Mansion which I finally get to take more pictures of the place since the last time I went..!! So lets take a look at a few pictures..Some of the pictures are too I had no choice but to exclude them..! 

Pool Area

I don't know why but I love this picture..Perhaps its because of the green lightings which flashes on the deck chairs when I was taking the shot..! What a coincidence..! All the guys was suggesting we sit there..Haha..I don't get it why they are so excited..I believe the water is dirty..(Sorry no offence 69) but just imagine how many people soaked their feet in there??

Just imagine those people with dirty or muddy feet!! Eww..The last time I went..the water looks dirty to people wore their slippers and sandals in it..So can you imagine how dirty it is..?

A View From Above

Took this picture from where we were sitting that night..Can you spot the swimming pool below us? And there is actually a pool bar too..but it is too dark to take any picture of it..But I love those lightings at the bar..they changed colours every few seconds..


Here's a closer picture of the bar..


Posing below the Cabana..LOL..Yeah I know its too dark to even see my face..

The Guys!

I like this picture..Somehow the posing looks kinda cool..! Haha..
Clockwise from Right : Wilson (My Bro!), Jason Lim, Cheng Wei, Jonathan Chong 

Jonathan and Me

It's been so long since we last took a picture together after not seeing him for a long time..finally we get to take one now..! Nice..=)

Jason and Me

Me and Cheng Wei

He looks so fierce..!

Brother and Jonathan

Looks like he is trying to kill bro..!

Brother and Jonathan again!

Isn't this better?

 All of Us!

Took this picture before we left 69..Four guys and A girl..! Haha..I'm the flower among the butterflies..=)
Overall I did enjoy the night..but hopefully the birthday boy, Cheng Wei enjoyed himself too..!


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