Sunday, May 2, 2010

Sorry Peeps for the late posting..internet was down for a few days..! Ugh..! Finally I get to update my blog here at coffee bean..!

 Ice Kacang

Ice Kacang has been a traditional dessert among Malaysians for centuries..and some even named it ABC..but I have no idea what it means..I'm not a big fan of Ice Kacang thou, and I couldn't say that the one I'm introducing now is the best in town..but it is definitely the CHEAPEST in town and perhaps Malaysia..!! 

Where else can you have a bowl of Ice Kacang for just RM 1.00 nowadays?? Commonly a bowl of Ice Kacang will cost Rm2.00-2.50!!

 Ice Kacang (Ingredients)

The Ice Kacang comes with Red Beans, Jellies and Sweet Corns with red syrup and sarsi also with a generous pour of condensed milk..but there is no ice cream..What do you expect from RM1.00? LOL..My brother thought that it would cost at least RM2.50!! Which is the average price for Ice Kacang these days..

But if you choose to have it take away, then it would cost you RM1.30, extra syrups or milk would only cost 10cents and extra ingredients will only cost about 10-20cents..
Doesn't it reminds you of the good old days when Ice Kacang will cost only about 10cents per bowl..?

 Ice Ball / Snow Ball

These days you can hardly find Snowball in Penang, as I know there are only a few stalls selling it..

Ice ball is almost the same as Ice Kacang but the difference is rolled into a round shape which looks like a Snow Ball..It will only cost you 50cents for one of it and it comes with Red Syrup, Condensed Milk and Sarsi..

If you prefer to have it with ingredients just add on from the three ingredients mentioned above for the Ice Kacang with additional 10-20cents..

So head on down to Lebuh Macallum to immerse yourself with some Ice Kacang or Ice Ball to cool yourself from the weather..!!

Directions :

From the Swettenham Port, go straight till you reach Lebuh Macallum on the left which is right before the Jelutong Expressway, turn left into Lebuh Macallum and go straight, you will see the Ice Kacang Stall on your left.


SonnyKazu said...

Ohh... I will go there and try it out one day! :D

Angeline said...

It may not be the best..but its cheap!! =)

beneathdarkclouds said...

wei i wen i am back bring me thr okay?

Angeline said...

Sure my dear..anything for you..=)

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