Monday, May 10, 2010

Happy Mummy Day!! ♥

Yeah I know..I'm two days late in my posting!! LOL..thanks for being I was busy with classes and studies..and late night outings too..=) So here it is for my one and only Mummy..

So what did you get your Mum for Mother's Day? Well..I got my Mum Fridge Magnets!! LOL..yeah I know it looks so simple and small..but its SINCERE..and it looks cute too.. Buying expensive gifts are not necessary, unless you have some extra cash to spend..=)

When I gave My Mum, I said its something small, and hope she likes it..then she replied that its long its does not have to be big or expensive..=)

I'm so happy to hear mum said that..!

Actually Mum's birthday and mother's day is in the same month..So usually I will buy a gift and give it to her for both occasions..=p..

So where did we go to for dinner..?

KOCA Steamboat Restaurant!

Basic Table Setting

We decided to go for it was crowded and fully booked at all other restaurants..and it was a last minute decision to go for dinner altogether..=)

Order Form

Uncle filling up the order form...We almost ordered everything on the menu..!


Finally, we can have our dinner..!! I love both the soup..=) hehe..but I did not take many pictures on that I was eating all the way because I was hungry for skipping lunch..!!  

Me and Brother

Nice..we seldom take pictures together..=)

Mummy and Uncle Teik

Love this picture lots..=)
Hope my Mum had a great time on Mother's Day..!! Love my Mummy lots..!! 
May God Bless My Mum and My Family at all times..!! Amen! 


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