Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Xuan Xin Ramen Kitchen

My dear Readers, Visitors and Followers, My postings will be as often as My Exam is around the corner and its time to get busy..! So please be patient and stay with me..=) Hugz to you guys..!

Tonight its only me and My Mum for dinner..! Been so long since the both of us go for dinner together..We thought for a while and finally decided to go for Xuan Xin Ramen Kitchen, and since it was raining, we have no where else to go..!

Xuan Xin Ramen Kitchen is located at Gurney Plaza's Basement Area ( Old Wing ) - Which is just opposite the ATM Machines and escalator..

If I'm not wrong..its a Subsidiary of Xuan Xin Chinese Cuisine Restaurant which is also located at Gurney Plaza ( Fourth Floor - New Wing ).. 


Basic Table Setting

The table settings are exactly the same as the Xuan Xin Restaurant located at the Gurney New Wing Outlet..


There are Chinese Wordings printed on the reminds me of those ancient Chinese Scribbles on Scrolls in China..Nice..=)

Ramen with Prawn and Crabmeat in Prawn Soup

Ramen with Prawn and Crabmeat in Prawn Soup ( Closed Up )

Mum ordered the Prawn and Crabmeat Ramen cause she saw many people having it as well..Actually it tasted like our Malaysian Hokkien Mee but the difference is that there is crab meat other than prawns..A bowl of this will cost RM12.80..

Ramen with Mushroom and Minced Meat

Ramen with Mushrooms and Minced Meat ( Closed Up )

As for me..this is what I had for dinner..this reminded me of a dish served in Wong Kok which also comes with Minced Meat and Mushrooms..However this is slightly different, the mushrooms are much bigger and the Minced Meat is tastier..! =) The Ramen with Mushrooms and Minced Meat costs only RM11.80 per bowl..


Mum ordered the Herbal Tea which is actually Wong Lo Kat - RM3.00, Last time Mum used to buy a Half Dozen of Wong Lo Kat for us to drink..! LOL..
As for me..I had the Soya Bean which costs only RM2.50..Yummy..I love Soya Bean..=) 

A great meal for me and my Mum..! 


adamfong said...

hello there, its been quite some time i havent written on your blog for some personel reasons, ok back to topic, ramen used to be my favourite meals when i was in china on official trips, but there was once when someone sent me a shocking email of the ingredients of ramen that made me stop taking it, of course i don mean all ramen shops have those rejected ingredients.ramen is more famous on how the make the noodle (hand made, no machineries)and the soup is fantastic but the few pieces of meat in the soup makes the ramen inattractive. this shop makes ramen more attractive with new concept of prawns, crabs and others and guess what, this Wong Lo Kat is selling like hot cakes in china just like malaysian people buying coke.

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