Tuesday, June 8, 2010

A Dedication to Cassandra ♥

My dear friend Sandra is leaving for New Zealand this coming 31st of August 2010, such a sad news to me..but yet..a happy one too..! Im gonna miss her so badly..! but yet so excited for her..she is going with her dearest Pooi Sin which I felt that they are both a Perfect couple..!!

I remember when we were in High School..How cheeky and innocent we can be..! We were always there for each other..through good and bad times..Going out during midnight till dawn..! Still remember those times when we walked to the beach and back to my place..? LOLx..I'll remember that for the rest of my life my dear..!

And there was another time..which I was caught in an accident..right in front of her eyes..I couldn't really remember what happened as I was in a half conscious state..however I do remember..she was in a shock..! LOL..but I wouldn't forget how she showed her care and concern..and how she took care of me..till I reached home safely..=) her lots..!!

Sandra, my dear friend..always matter how far the distance is between will always be my best friend..! I'll fly to anywhere just to see my dear friend..=) I'm always here when you need a shoulder..and I bet I wont forget you no matter what even if we lose contact...or even if you have forgotten me..♥ **hugzZ**

Me and Sandra

LoL..this picture is sweet and yet funny..! Haha.."Pooi sin..dont misunderstand ar..She is my dear friend!!"

Sandra, Me and Phui Leng

Gosh...this was long ago..? **I miss my smooth black hair!!** And still remember who we ran into..? Jienie!! Who is so pretty now..hehe..

Jienie ( Jean ) , Sandra and Me

Too bad the pictures are dark..!! Remember those times when we were at Mois..? Hehe..

Me and My dear Sandra

Aww..look at your cherry cheeks Sandra!! =) 

Me and You Again!

Still remember where we were? Hehe..I miss the Chocolate drink..! Lets go for round two..=) *Slurp*

Best friendzzzzz Forever!!

At Sega's and this is the last picture we took together..! Lets take more before you leave Malaysia alright..!!

♥ Love you lots!! ♥ 


Evon Lai..... said...

Gonna miss Cass Too...!!!
She is the most daring and craziest among us~
One of the best memory that stays in my mind all this while is..during form,u n cass..take jetty to BM...n then take bus to Pacific...OMG! I just cant believe it...we were just a small kid dat time..but lucky that we 3 r tall..dats y we look convincing...kekeke
I still rmb how worried i am...wondering either we can get beck home or not...n might get lost Really CRAZY! But FUN...! All this is Cass crazy ideas...dats y we have so much fun when we were small...thx cass...! we never forget u...althou u were in KL for so many years...= ) the friendship is still dere...

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