Saturday, June 19, 2010

Feel like having some Hainan Food..? Head on to Hainanese Delights..! I recently found out about this restaurant..and finally got the chance to visit..When we first arrived, there were so many people and it was almost full house..!! Business is good during the dinner time..and even during lunch time ( that's what I heard from Mum )..

Back Entrance

We took the Back Entrance as the Car Park is located behind the Hotel and the Restaurant..There are free car parks provided, so you need not worry about any parking fees..There is also a front entrance of the Restaurant which is located on the inside of the Hotel..

Anyway lets look at those mouth watering food..!! *Yummy* 

Spring Roll ( Choon Piah )

For appetizers/starters we ordered a plate of Spring Roll which is also known as Choon Piah in Hokkien, The Spring Roll served at Hainanese Delights are homemade..the ingredients in the Rolls are vegetables ( mainly turnips and carrots ) and crab meat, and it will cost RM6.00 per roll..

Inchee Kay Bin ( Overall View )

Inchee Kay Bin 

Inchee Kay Bin is a type of Deep Fried Marinated Chicken with Traditional Sauce which is also known as Worcestershire Sauce - which is commonly known as Lea and Perrins ( or better known as "Amo Tau Eu" in Hokkkien )..
Inchee Kay Bin is typically served in most Nyonya Cuisine as well as Hainanese Cuisine..!

It will cost RM15.00 per portion..

Fried Ma Mee ( Overall View )

Fried Ma Mee

I always thought Fried Ma Mee is Maggi Mee, LOLx..till the owner said..that fried Ma Mee is actually fried yellow noodles..I wasn't in the mood to have noodles that night..So I didnt really tried the Noodles..A plate of this will cost RM7.90..

Asam Fish ( Overall View )

Asam FIsh ( Closed Up )

Yum...personally I like the Asam tasted like Asam Laksa and yet its not too sour or spicy..the curry is mild and I like the smell of peppermint..! I remember Mum telling me that they used high quality fish for this dish..but I cant remember the name thou..

A bowl of this will cost RM52.00..

Chicken Pie

Chicken Pie ( What's inside ? ♥ )

MmmMmm..Yes..I love this one..!! Although I'm not able to consume too much creamy or dairy food, I still love it..and this Chicken Pie is so creamy..and its so good..!! The Chicken Pie is prepared in Colonial Style and topped off with Puff Pastry..There are tomatoes, chickens and mushrooms in the pie..and it only costs RM12.00 for the Small portion and RM25.00 for the Large Portion..

Its good to have a mixture of Chinese and Western Cuisine..!

Macaroni Pie ( Overall view )

Macaroni Pie ( What's Inside ? ♥ )

Can't really compare the Macaroni Pie to the Chicken Pie,it tasted unique to me..but good at the same time..It is salty and sour at the same time..The Macaroni Pie is also prepared in a Colonial Style and topped of with Meringue, the Meringue Pastry tasted like milk and it is creamy..

The ingredients consist of Onions, Tomatoes, Mushrooms and of course Macaroni Pasta..
A Small Portion of the Macaroni Pie will cost RM12.00 and for the Large Portion it will be RM25.00..

Hokkien Fried Mee ( Hokkien Char )

Fried Hokkien Mee ( Hokkien Char - Closed Up )

Again another plate of Noodles except this is a mixture of Yellow Noodles and Bee Hokkien, its is called Hokkien comes with pieces of squids, vegetables, prawns and meat, which will only cost RM7.90..

Braised Lamb with Lady's Finger ( Overall View )

Braised Lamb with Lady's Finger ( Closed Up )

Not Sure if you are drooling now or not when you look at this picture..because you should be..This is the best dish of all..! Its their signature dish too..! Many years ago, Mum told me there was a restaurant named Hollywood which serves Hainanese Cuisine..and now they are the owner of Hainanese Delights and so the Signature still the same..!

Somehow, words couldn't describe how good the lamb is..the sauce goes so well with the lamb...and its So SO Tender..and I mean it..Honest! I almost finished more than half portion of the dish..and yet..I still want more..! For those who intend to visit this restaurant..I suggest that you order the lamb..No regrets..! And personally I love cutlets..whether its lamb or long it is thinly sliced!

By the way, The owner said, the Lambs are imported from New Zealand!!

A plate of this will cost only RM18..and its worth it..! Believe me..=) 

Vietnamese Coffee

Rock Sugar

The owner recommended us the Vietnamese Coffee after our dinner..And surprisingly..the Coffee tasted different from our local it does not taste sour and not too bitter..It goes well with the biscotti which is homemade by the owner's wife,and Mum even bought a packet of it, Each piece costs RM2.00..However if you order the coffee, it will all costs RM8.00 per cup along with the biscotti..

For those coffee lovers..please do try the coffee and the biscotti, as the biscotti is crispy and delicious..! And look at the rock sugar..its so unique..It looks like some ancient stones..! LOLx.. 

Mixed Fruit Juice and Orange Juice

For drinks..We ordered a glass of Fresh Mixed Fruit Juice and a glass of Orange Juice..Each costs RM4.50..

A View From the Outside

Took this picture for fun before entering the Restaurant..! LOLx..its actually one of the rooms at the Hotel 1926, and this is the balcony area of the room..It sort of gives me the feeling of the olden days where the houses are build with heritage style..perhaps this is why the Hotel is given the name Heritage Hotel.. was a  satisfying dinner..!! *Scrumptious*  

Here's the address and information needed for those who intend to visit..

Hainanese Delights
1926 Heritage Hotel,
228, Jalan Burma, 
10050, Penang.
For Enquiries :
+604 - 2261926

The Restaurant is closed on Monday
Business Hour:
11.30AM - 2.30PM
6.00PM - 10.00PM  


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