Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Last Sunday was Father's Day ( 20th June 2010 )..So me and brother went to meet my Dad for dinner at Miraku Japanese Restaurant at G Hotel..It was my second time visiting the restaurant as during my first visit..the menu did not offer many choices for a meal..until Dad suggested to go there..then it was my second visit..=)

Besides, Japanese Food is one of Dad's favourite food..!

Miraku Signboard

So here we are at Miraku..I was late for I went for a movie with Mum...LOLx..
Lucky Dad and brother waited for me before ordering..=)

Miraku Corridor and Entrance

The picture of the scenery looks so captivating..and it was supposed to be darker actually..but somehow it came out different when I took a shot..funny..

Private Rooms

We are seated at the Private Room as Dad already reserved one earlier on during the day..It was difficult to tell which one are the doors to the room..and which one is the wall..LOLx..Its complicated..


The Condiments consist of Shouyu ( Japanese Soy Sauce ), Spices in the small bowl, Pepper on the left and toothpicks on the right.. 

Miraku's Menu

No it wasn't the lighting which made it look yellowish..It's the real colour you are looking at..and it's huge..I find it funny that Japanese Restaurant likes huge size Menus..I wonder why..

Table Settings

Somehow I like the Colour of this picture..Perhaps because of the green saucer plate ( Do you know that green is soothing to the eyes? ).. For appetizers..we were served the Natto which is a Japanese fermented beans and it tasted good..!! I finished two bowls as brother doesn't like it..and I was so hungry too..

And before can clean your hands with the cold towel provided..

Today's Local Assorted Sashimi

Today's Local Assorted Sashimi ( Closed Up )

Dad loves Sashimi..So whenever we go for Japanese..we will order a plate of Sashimi..
Today's Local Assorted Sashimi is the Chef's Daily Selection of Local Seasonal Fish..

I do not really know the names of those fishes above..But what I do know is..the one which is in the middle is the Salmon or Sakae Sashimi and the one which is at the bottom is the Red Tuna or Maguro...If I'm not wrong the one top right is the Kampachi..but this one..I'm just guessing..Sorry..=)

A plate of this will only cost RM48.00

Nabeyaki Udon

Nabeyaki Udon ( Closed Up )

Dad ordered the Nabeyaki Udon for his main course..
Udon is a Thicked white wheat noodle and it is cooked in hot fish stock with vegetables, prawn tempura and egg..and there you go the Nabeyaki Udon..

A bowl of this will cost only RM 20.00 which is the average price for Nabeyaki Udon..

Spider Roll

Spider Roll ( Closed Up )

Honestly..I do not know why this is called the Spider Roll..It doesn't look like a Spider to me..LOLx..

The Spider Roll..consists of scrambled eggs, cucumbers, seaweed and Soft Shell Crab ( which is the main ingredient for this dish )..It is then topped of with sprinkles of fish roes..To be honest..I'm not a big fan of Sushi Rolls..but somehow this one looks different and it caught my attention..

And I did not regret ordering it..!! It was introduced by Jeanie..It tasted good..and I love the big piece of Soft Shell Crab..! Yummy..Just cant get enough of it..

One serving will cost only RM 22.00

Gyu Toubanyaki Zen

Here comes brother's main course..which tasted the best among all our main courses..


The Gyu Toubanyaki Zen Set comes with Chawan-Mushi, Kobachi, Zensai, Salad, Sahimi including Salmon, Touban Yaki, Nimono, A bowl of Rice and Soup, Pickles, and Two Slices of Watermelons..

Sliced beef

The beef comes with the Gyu Toubanyaki Zen Set

Touban Yaki

If I'm not wrong..this is called the Touban Yaki which is used to cook the sliced beef..Earlier on I mentioned that Brother's main course is the best among all our main courses..and the Sliced beef is the reason why it is the best..It tasted so good that I wanted to order a Set for myself..

Tip : If you plan to order the Gyu Toubanyaki Zen, be sure to order a one Sake Serving to cook with the beef..It tasted so much better together..! *Slurp*  

Green Tea Ice Cream

Last but not the least..The Green Tea Ice Cream which comes along with most of the Sets..Don't you just love the seashell teaspoon?? And the green tea ice cream tasted good too..makes you feel fresh after all the hot sizzling from the beef..

The Gyu Toubanyaki Zen will only cost RM 42.00..Definitely worth it to me.. 


Unadon ( Closed Up ) last here comes my main course..Unadon which is Japanese Grilled Eel on top of White Rice..I did not know what to order..the choices were too many..and I was hungry..So I ordered the first thing I saw on the menu..The Unadon comes with a bowl of Miso Soup..

A bowl of this will costs only RM 26.00

Sake ( Japanese Wine )

Here's the Sake which I mentioned earlier ordered this to go with his main course..but Dad's doesn't like the taste of this Sake ( Don't really know the name of the Sake ), as it tasted too sweet..and its not bitter enough..

As for me..I just drink it..=) However I strongly agree that it goes well with the beef... 

Hot Ocha ( Green Tea )

I like the engravings on the cups..looks very classy..hehe..and for your information..drinking Green Tea is good for health..especially when you are having oily food..!

I was expecting dinner to be expensive..but it costs only RM181.70..well..can't say that it is cheap..but it is not too expensive too..=) 

Brother and Me!

Hehe..After dinner..I took some pictures with my brother and dad..! He looks weird thou..

Me and Daddy

Finally after so long..I took a picture with Dad..its been so many years...miss my daddy lots..He's getting older..Sigh..but its ok..I still love him lots..


Now its my turn..took it outside of the restaurant with the Miraku Signboard..! =)

Overall dinner was great..and it was good dining with my Dad after so long..cant wait to see him again..

For those who intend to visit the's the information..

Miraku Japanese Restaurant
1st Floor, G Hotel,
168A Persiaran Gurney,
10250, Penang, Malaysia.

For enquiries :
+604 - 2298702 

Business Hour :
12.00PM - 2.30PM
6.00PM - 10.30PM 


adamfong said...

japanese food is in my favourite list too :P this restaurant looks nice to pay a visit but u didn't comment on the food here compared to other japanese outlet or its just about the same?

Angeline said...

Yeah the food is just about the same as other japanese restuarant..but one thing good is..they don put lots of aji-no-moto..or rather you wont feel too thirsty when eating..
when we are thirsty and we drink lots of the tea..then we will be full..less space for those food..=) hehe

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