Thursday, June 3, 2010

My Dearest Mum's Birthday

Yeah I know I have been away for a long time lately..been so busy preparing for exams..!
Mum's birthday falls on the 27th of May, and I know I should have posted this earlier..but..
Well..Its never too late thou..=)

So to celebrate Mum's Birthday..we went to G Hotel Sesame to have dinner..I had previously blogged about this place before..which you can find the link below..Its been quite some time since we been there for dinner..which is why we decided to go that night..

Now lets look at all the delicious food..!! AlthoughI have blogged about some of the dishes before..I decided to upload them as they are clearer using a digital to previous pictures which were taken from my phone..

Wok - Fried Hunan Beef Cubes

Wok - Fried Hunan Beef Cubes ( Up Closed )

Previously I've blogged about this dish before..Do visit this page Sesame G Hotel

I guess we can never get bored of such a delicious delicacy!

Prawns cooked in Salted Egg Puree

Prawns cooked in Salted Egg Puree ( Up Closed )

Also blogged about this one before..Please refer the above link..! =)

This dish is always a it is my favourite..!!

Roasted Spring Chicken

Roasted Spring Chicken ( Up Closed )

Do refer the above link again..! Thanks

Baked White Tuna 

Baked White Tuna ( Up Closed )

Its the second time we ordered this dish..but Its my first time blogging about it..I can say it is one of my favourite dishes too..and especially since I love white tuna, and having it baked seems to be something different and unique..!

All of us like tht White Tuna, it is baked with Chinese Herbs in a White Paper Bag..The smell of the Chinese Herbs is just so mouth watering..and rest assure the herbs aroma is mild and suitable for those who doesnt like strong herbs..

For those who like Fresh White Tuna, do not worry that the taste from the White Tuna is destroyed when the taste is exactly the same as fresh white tunas..except there is an additional taste of herbs..! A plate of this costs RM26..

Me and Mummy

Gotta take a picture with Mum on her birthday..!! Nice..I like this..!

Macadamia Nut Yogurt Cake

After dinner..we decided to have some Coffee and Tea at Coffee Bean..and since its mum's birthday..we gotta have at least a slice of cake..! =) 

The Macadamia Nut yogurt Cake tasted like lemon and it goes well with the nuts..!

Anyway I hope my mum had a great dinner and that she enjoyed herself too..! 

Love you lots Mum!


adamfong said...

no veggies on the table? i thought veggies are your mum's favourites anyway the food looks nice tho

Angeline said...

Oh yeah...I didnt realise there were no vegetables..actually we ordered Snake Beans..but i didnt post it as I blogged about it more on previous postings..hehe..Lets go someday!!

adamfong said...

i never miss any of your posting, its just that i didnt comment on all of it, not good mah :P seems like im the only 1 commenting ,and hell yeah we will go try it out some day. cheers and keep up your blogging

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