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It was Day One ( 10th December 2010 ) in Singapore, and as we all have planned..we headed on to Orchard Road to start off our day..It was a cloudy day..and it was such a nice day to hang out in the open air..

Christmas Tree at ION Orchard

We arrived at the Orchard station through the MRT which is below the ION Orchard Shopping Mall..As soon as we came out of the Shopping mall..we saw this huge Christmas Tree..It looks nicer than the one which was on display last year..!

Me and Dear

So quickly we took out our cameras and start snapping away..! The purple colour of the tree is such a nice background for our picture..

Both of Us

There is an entrance to enter the Christmas Tree..and it was so beautiful on the inside..The purple lights were so bright and it goes all the way up to the top of the Christmas tree..!

Dear with Nutmeg

If I'm not wrong..the nutmeg is the ION Orchard's logo..? It was on display since the last time I went last year..and it is still there today..

ION Orchard

I remember I took a picture of the ION Orchard last not gonna take more pictures of it..So here's part of the ION Orchard building during the day..

Giant Statues

Seems like those giant statues are still there after a year..they look so different during the day..

Hmm? What's he reading?

Look at the size of the statue when I'm standing beside it..

Korean Kimchis

After walking around, we decided to have lunch..and we headed on towards Wisma Atria where the Food Republic is located..I still remember that I had lunch at the same place exactly one year ago when I visited Singapore..
We had Korean Kimchis for our lunch that we felt like having something spicy and look at the beef keeps me wanting more..!! So me and Jye go for the beef kimchis, but the difference is that the one he ordered, has a BBQ Beef!

Dear, Me and the Christmas Tree

After lunch, we continue our journey in the Wisma Atria Shopping mall..Again, I can't believe I took a picture with a christmas tree at the same place again one year ago..

Tiffany and Co. Christmas Tree

We got out of the Shopping mall, and head on towards Somerset Road which is just ahead of Orchard Road..then we saw the above Christmas Tree which was sponsored by Tiffany and Co.. Look at those cute small boxes of presents..which looks like ring boxes..

Marche Restaurant

As we entered a Shopping mall 313@Somerset, We came upon this restaurant called Marche ( pronounced as Marshay ), It was so captivating and the way the place was decorated looks like a farm house bakery..!


Look at all the delicious pastries..It looks so tempting and mouth-watering..!

Bakery Overall

Here's the overall of the bakery and how it looks like from the outside..I just love the decorations in the shop..

Marvelous Cream

As we walked on by, after Marche, we stopped by Marvelous Cream which sells Japanese Sweet parfait..which is also known as ice cream and waffle..I remember coming here once last year..and there was a long queue of people waiting to be served..and the workers were displaying their ice-cream throwing skills..!

Strawberry and Strawberry

Me and Jye decided to try the ice cream as we did not have the chance to try it last year..and Strawberry and Strawberry was one of the famous selections in Marvelous Cream..and one of it costs us around SGD3.00..Honestly, I didn't really like the taste of the waffle was too soft..and the ice cream doesn't taste as good as it looks..I was quite disappointed..

Dark Cherry Compote and Custard Pudding

As for Phui Leng and Darren, they ordered the Dark Cherry Compote and Custard Pudding to share among themselves..and it costs the same as mine too..SGD3.00..

Second Longest Escalator

After leaving 313@Somerset, we headed on to Orchard Central as I was actually looking forward to visit the Asian Food Channel(AFC) outlet in Singapore..Upon reaching Orchard Central..we found out that the escalator leads us directly from 4th to the 7th floor!! Wow..I was freaked out honestly..and I was actually afraid to take a ride..but in the end..I decided to go for it..!

Asian Food Channel ( AFC ) Entrance

As we reached the 7th was the AFC outlet on our left..and quickly I took out my camera and start snapping away..! I was so excited as I finally get to visit the outlet that I have been wanting to visit for a long time..

One of the Chefs

Saw a chef preparing the ingredients for their cooking class..

Rest and Relax

There is a rest and relax area in the AFC outlet..where you can buy the food provided or books to read and relax at the same time..

AFC Merchandise

Look at all the AFC merchandise on display..I was so tempted to buy some of the products..but I was afraid that it was not worth it to buy..thinking back..I should have bought something..!

Me and Dear

Both of us..posing with our favourite channel's logo..! I just love the colour of green which is also the theme of the AFC Channel..

Drinks and Pastries

There are drinks and pastries which are for sale at the outlet..and I would advise those who intend to visit the outlet to try out some of the pastries..

Clothes for Sale

Actually I thought of buying one of the t-shirt for my dear said I shouldn't as it was not worth it..The aprons which are for sale looks really colourful and nice..If I were a cook..I would have bought it at once..

Maple Cream - Cream Puff

Well, like I said, for those who are visiting the outlet should try out their pastries..and the above was what I bought..! Doesn't it look tempting to you..? The Maple Cream costs us only SGD1.50 for two..!! It was worth every bite, as it is so tasty..I wanted more..

Merchandise bought by Darren

Darren bought a Dessert book which is created by Daniel Tay as he was interested of the contents and wanting to learn more about it..

Longest Escalator

Finally, we reached the longest escalator I have ever ride on..! It starts from the 7th floor and ends at the 11th floor..!! Wow..but this time..I wasn't that scared of it anymore..As my adrenalin had prepared me for the ride..! 


That's me posing in front of a fine dining restaurant at the 11th floor..seems like there are many people who are willing to go that high to dine at such a nice place..


The reason I said it was a paradise was because it was written at the signboard..but I do not understand why it is called a paradise..perhaps a paradise of weird creatures?

Creative Decoration

As we headed on towards the loo, we saw this creative decoration which above the stairs which leads to the 12th floor which is also the Roof Garden..The above picture looks like there are two persons..!


Took a picture of him standing in front of the mini waterfall at the Roof Garden..which is also a nice place where there is a wide view of the city..!

The both of Us

Can you spot the Marina Bay Sands behind us..? It looks so magnificient..! Too bad we did not have enough time to go to Marina Bay area..!

Pastries from Marche

After walking around Orchard Central, we decided to have something for tea we headed on back to Marche at 313@Somerset and bought some pastries..!

Ceasar Salad and Bruschetta

Phui Leng and Darren decided to have something light, so they ordered the Ceasar Salad to share among themselves..It was delicious as Phui Leng let me have a few bites of it..!! As for me and dear, we ordered a plate of bruschetta, which is topped with cheese, onions, tomatoes and other vegetables with olive oil..!! Simply delicious..!

There will be more postings on Marche in the next two post, So stay tune if you want to know more about the place and the food..!

Me and Phui Leng

Finally before leaving the place..Me and Phui Leng took a picture together..Its been a long time since we both took a picture together..and it is nice to have one..! =)

We headed on back to our hotel around 5.00-6.00PM to rest and refresh ourselves..before going out again..!

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