Thursday, December 16, 2010

Last week, exactly on the 9th of December 2010, it was the last day of my exams..and on the same day..I took the night flight at 9.10PM to Singapore..!
The trip was planned months ago..and finally it was realised..! We rushed to the airport after my exam..and boarded the plane at 8.45PM..!

First Picture of the Trip

Here's the first picture we took and it was in the Air Asia plane..I still remember the flight number which is AK 5806..!


It was drizzling before we boarded the plane..and I took the above picture of my reflection on purpose..and I think it looks unique..! LOLx..

Penang Bridge

We finally took off at 9.00PM sharp..and the view of Penang Bridge was so beautiful from the top..It was the first time..seeing the Penang bridge from such an angle and it was captivating..!

Night City Landscape

Another night city landscape of Penang..!

We finally reached Singapore's Changi Airport at 10.05PM..ahead of schedule by 15minutes..We headed towards our hotel which is located at Geylang 16, called the Hotel 81 Palace..

A view of the Room

The room has a simple design and although it looks was slightly dirty when we entered the for the was actually quite clean..the room cost about SGD250 for 4 nights..which is actually considered cheap in Singapore..

After checking in and refreshing ourselves..we decided to head on out for supper..!!
Along with us were Phui Leng and her boyfriend, Darren..he recommended the Frog Leg Porridge which is located opposite of our hotel..

Spring Onion Frog Legs 

We ordered a bowl of Spring Onion Frog Legs Porridge..if you buy 2 Frogs, they will give you one for Free, which will cost a total of SGD16, and it will cost a total of SGD22 if you buy 4 for us..we decided to go for the Buy 2 Free 1 choice..

 Gong Pao Frog Legs

We added on another bowl of Gung Po Frog Legs which also cost us SGD16..I think this one tasted better than the Spring Onion ingredient, and I have always like the taste of Gung Po..

Bowl of Porridge

We decided to order two small bowls of porridge to share among the four of us..Overall..I felt it was a delicious meal..I can hardly find a nice Frog Leg Porridge in Penang..

It was close to 3.00Am when we got back to our hotel..and we called it off for the day and  headed to sleep..!

Stay tuned for : Miles Away From Home @ Singapore 2010 - Day One(1) - Orchard and Somerset Stroll
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