Tuesday, December 28, 2010

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Miles Away From Home @ Singapore 2010 - Day One(1) Clarke Quay Night Out

It was 11th of December and Day Two in Singapore..We woke up as early as 7.00AM and got ourselves ready for Sentosa Island..! Took the MRT from Aljunied to Outram Park and lastly to Harbour Front where we will proceed with the Sentosa Monorail..

Christmas Tree @ Vivo City

Upon reaching Harbour Front, we arrived at the MRT station which is located at the basement of Vivo City Shopping Mall..Took a picture of the christmas tree which actually looks the same as last year..nothing changed I guess..

Breakfast From Toast Box

Me and Dear felt like having some traditional we headed to the Toast Box Stall which sells all the traditional breakfast including pastries such as nyonya delicacies..We ordered two sets which comes with a cup of tea/coffee, two half boiled eggs and two toasted breads in each set..

After having was around 9.45AM and quickly we rushed to the Sentosa Monorail..and took the monorail towards Universal Studios..!

Xmas Tree at Universal Studios

When we reached Universal Studios, it was around 10.00AM..and we learned that the tickets are all SOLD OUT!! Seems like the tickets are sold out one hour after the park was opened..! I wonder if it was worth it that so many people rushed to enter the theme park..? Since, the tickets are sold out..we decided have a walk around universal studios before heading to other stations..


The famous Universal Studios Globe which I think everyone will take a picture with when they visit the place..Look how tiny I am standing below it..

Both of Us

The picture would have been perfect if the guy had not been standing there..It was difficult to take a picture of the whole is just huge..!

Candylicious Shop

As we were about to leave Universal Studios, we saw this shop opposite the theme park..the Candylicious Shop which sells all kinds of candy..

Candy Trees

Look at the trees which are made out of candies..!! They made me felt like I was in Candyland in some fairy tale..!!


Striking another pose in front of the candylicious shop..


The famous M&Ms..many people wanted to take a picture with those M&Ms too..

Jye and Darren

Both of them with a bucket of Candies..!! I believe if those candies are real..they would finish them at once..!! LOLx..

Me and Phui Leng

Look at us..ready to have some candy..! =)

Me and Dear

With the Jelly Belly which are actually Jelly Babies..


Trying to Chew the large delicious Candylicious Chocolate..!


The same merlion picture I took last year in Sentosa..Not gonna upload anymore pictures with the I have uploaded a few last year..

Pearl Clam

They are having a recycle campaign at making up sculptures using recycles aluminium tins and bottles..they look great..

Dolphin Sculptures

Another recycle aluminium sculpture...Dolphins..

Want Some Ice Cream?

Spotted this Ice Cream Cart as we walked around the Imbiah Station..and Since Jye loves the ice cream so much..he pretended to be the seller..and Darren is gonna buy some ice cream from him..!! LOLx..

Acting Like Workers

There is a truck beside the ice cream cart..and behind it..there are boxes and rice sacks which are displayed as a photo taking area..Look at us..looking like workers carrying rice sacks..!

Luge and Skyride

After taking enough pictures..we decided that it is time for rides and attractions..and the first one which caught our attention was the Luge and Skyride..After buying our tickets..which costs roughly SGD14.00 per pax for two rounds of each ride..We head on to the LUGE ride which is the first ride..

The Skyride

Top of the Skyride which is also the end part of the ride..

On the Skyride

We were not allowed to take pictures of the Luge there will not be any pictures of it..After the Luge Ride..we headed towards the Skyride..and it was a great experience..being up above the ground..and it was windy..however, the ride can be dangerous there is only a steel bar protecting us..

Me and Dear

Both of us on the was difficult to take a picture on the we were so afraid that we will drop the camera..!

The Four

Look at us with those helmets..which we are supposed to wear during the Luge Ride..We look so funny actually..but it was really a great experience to play the Luge Ride..sort of a mini Go Kart..but much more exciting..!

Luge Ride Tattoos

Our Luge Ride Tattoos which are given to us during the ride..Seems like I got my first "tattoo"..!! =)

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