Friday, December 24, 2010

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After taking a rest at the Hotel..We decided that we should go out for dinner and also to explore the night life in Singapore..and where else to enjoy the perfect night out besides Clarke Quay..? 

Clarke Quay Area

Clarke Quay area is surrounded by Night Market Stalls, Restaurants which consist of Fine Dining and Casual Dining, and of course the main attraction would be the clubs..!

Ice Cream Seller

During the day, me and Dear was searching for the wafer ice cream that we both love since the last time we went to Singapore..! However, it was a sad thing that they didn't have any at Orchard Road compared to last year where there are tonnes of them!

So, seeing this uncle selling the wafer ice cream, we were so excited and head on to buy our favourite wafer ice cream!

Ripple / Rapsberry

So we ordered the Ripple Flavour, which is actually Rapsberry flavour, and also our all time favourite..the pricing are still the same, which is SGD1.00..Simply delicious..! 

Clarke Quay Bridge

As we continue our journey, we saw a bridge which leads us to Clarke Quay Area..There were people eating and drinking along the bridge..and it is such a nice place to chill..

Boat Quay

You can take a boat ride at the Boat Quay which tours around the whole Clarke Quay area..taking the boat can be romantic as during the night..the lights from the buildings are mesmerizing..

Dear and Me

Thanks to Darren for taking such a nice picture of the both of us with the Clarke Quay bridge..

Christmas Deco

Christmas Decorations along Clarke Quay Area..

Mini Stalls

There are lots of mini stalls selling accessories, clothes, hand phone accessories and even food..!

Waraku Japanese Restaurant

We decided to have our dinner after walking around for about an hour..We headed back to Central Shopping mall and finally found a Japanese restaurant called Waraku..

Beef Kaminabe

As for Jye, he decided to have the Beef Kaminabe, which is actually beef cook on paper pot..We both have been craving for beef for a long time..and since the beef was cooked on paper pot, it looks interesting..and ordering it was a good choice too..cause the beef actually tasted tender and tasty.. 

The beef kaminabe costs around SGD10.80 per serving..

Pork Ramen

For Phui Leng, she ordered a bowl of Pork Ramen which comes with pork Slices and seaweeds..A bowl of Pork Ramen will cost only SGD9.80..

Tori Tamatoji

Since I felt like having noodles with soup..I go for the Tori Tamatoji vegetables, fish cake and pork cubes..the soup is made up of stock and egg..A bowl of this will cost around SGD7.80..

Curry Katsu Don

As for Darren, he ordered the Curry katsu Don for his main course..which actually tasted very delicious..the curry is thick and it one of the best Curry Katsu Don I ever had..and a bowl of this will only cost SGD12.80..

Unique Designated Earphones

After was time to stroll around the night market..which sells a lot of stuff, like Clothes, Girls Accessories and tech Accessories like the one I bought above..the one which has the colour pink and black belongs to Phui Leng, Jye's was the one with stripes and mine will be the pink and white tablet..

Brother told me that there is an outlet in Queensbay, Penang selling those earphones for RM20 each..I saved up alot as the ones we bought above, costs us SGD 10.00 for 3 pairs!! Even after conversion, we still save alot..!

Blue Christmas

Heard of the Song Blue Christmas..? This Blue Christmas tree suits the song..

Me and Dear

Here we are posing with a Christmas Tree Again..

Blueberry Wafer Ice Cream

We stopped by for another ice cream again, as dear wanted to try out new flavours besides Rapsberry..and the blueberry actually tasted as good as the Rapsberry..!!

Both of Us

The both of us..with our favourite wafer Ice Cream..See how happy he is holding the Ice Cream..!

Darren and Phui Leng

When we were done with the Night market..we know it is time for us to party..!! We actually walked around looking for clubs to go to..however, we finally picked a club with the name Yello Jello..

After ordering our is then picture time..! See Phui Leng giving the thumbs up..She looks so cute..!

Dear and Me

It's been quite some time since me and him took a picture together in a club..I just love this picture above..

Me and Phui Leng

Nice..again another picture that I like..

Tiger Beer

Our drinks finally arrived..we ordered a jug of tiger beer which costs us around SGD28.00..That was all we had for the night, as we don't plan to tire ourselves out..since we plan to go out early the next day..

Musical Instruments on Stage

There is a stage which beside the DJ Booth which are used my bands to perform..

Let's talk about the ratings of the club..
It is actually a nice club, has a small space thought, but the sound system was amazing..! The songs played by the DJ was great too..and of course..the best of all..Singapore clubs don't allow people to smoke in there unlike clubs in Malaysia..! So for non-smokers like me..I wouldn't mind clubbing all the time if it is in Singapore..=)


Here comes the band..which I though was amazing..I love the voice of the drummer and the lead singer..and one thing good about the band is that all the members of the band knows how to sing and perform..unlike some bands which always leave the singing to the leader..

It was around 2.30AM when we left Clarke taking the taxi back to our hotel, it was almost 3.00AM..and of course..after cleaning ourselves..we went straight to bed..!

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