Friday, January 14, 2011

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Miles Away From Home @ Singapore 2010 - Day Three(3) Chinatown Walk

During our third day in Singapore..we decided to have something expensive and delicious since it was our last night in Singapore..hence we picked one of our favourite restaurants since we the first day we arrived in Singapore.."Marche"..

On my previous post..regarding my first day in Singapore..I mentioned about Marche..but we did not have the chance to try out all the food..which is also the reason why we decided to go there again for our dinner..

Promotion Crepe 

Promotion Crepe (Closed-Up)

Me and Jye decided to order our first meal which is the promotion crepe..I was attracted to the crepe since the first time I went to Marche..and what else would I choose for the topping..? SMOKED SALMON of course..!! 

I chose the smoked salmon as our main topping..and it comes along with cheese and vegetables..and all of it will only cost SGD12.90..

Roasted Pork

Darren ordered the roasted pork which is shared among us..however, me and dear are not big fans of pork..hence we only ate a little of it..but one thing..I do love the crispy skin of the roasted pork..!

Potatoes and Brocollies

As for Phui Leng..she ordered a small bowl of Potatoes and comes with lots of mushrooms..potatoes and brocollies..which actually tasted good as well as healthy..

Foot Long Sausage and Mash Potatoes

Darren's cousin joined us for dinner during that day..and she ordered the foot long sausage which comes along with mash potatoes wrapped in aluminium foil..

I should have ordered a plate of this..cause it tasted so good..She was so kind to shared it with us..

Fettucini Carbonara

Darren added on another plate of Fettucini Carbonara for his main course..I must say this is also one of the best dish I tasted in Marche..
Although it doesn't look as good as it taste..I can assure you..that it is very tasty and creamy..I do not know if there are other ingredients in it besides turkey ham..but for sure..if i ever visit any Marche outlet..I will order the Carbonara for my main course..!!

Ribeye Steak

Now here comes another of my favourite dish..the Ribeye steak..! Me and dear have been eye-ing the steak since we first went to Marche..and I did not regret ordering it..

It was so tender..and juicy..the steak was grilled to perfection..and it was medium rare..!! The ribeye steak costs only SGD19.90 and I must is totally worth have such a well cooked steak with that price..

Bread and Butter Pudding

For and phui leng decided to walked around and find something delicious..and we finally ordered the bread and butter pudding..I wanted to order two bowls..but I was better to order one and give it a try before ordering more..

In the was only one bowl..I would not say that it is not delicious..but it tasted too creamy..and perhaps too sweet...? Still..I think it tasted good..and it was worth a try..

Fresh Oyster

We thought it was the end..till Phui Leng..ordered the fresh oyster to give it a try..She said..she couldn't resist the temptation..LOLx..However, it was only one piece as she wanted to try it only..

Root Beer

As for drinks..Darren ordered the root beer..which is actually as good as the A&W Root and Jye did order two glasses of drinks..but I did not take any picture of it..

After was time to meet up with our dear friends, Rachel and Elizabeth..they were suppose to meet us for dinner..but they were lost on the way to Orchard Road..!! LOLx..they wanted to have dinner..and since it was late..we picked a restaurant which is opened 24 hours..!!

Peppermint Tea

Since, we just finished our and jye decided to have some tea instead..and we ordered the Peppermint tea..which is good and soothing for our throats and body..

The Three of Us!

Finally its picture time..!! Of course we have to take some pictures..What are the odds that the four of us will be meeting at a restaurant in Singapore..and talked about the past?

Phui Leng and Rachel

I seldom see this two taking pictures this is a really memorable picture..!

Eliz and Me

Been a long time since we both took a picture together..and look at her..smiling so happily..

Friend Forever!

Finally..the four of us took a picture together when we were about to part..

The Four of Us Again!

Again another one last one before we took us a few shots before getting a perfect one..LOLx..

Jye and Darren

Lastly..we took a picture of those two guys..looking at something above them..looking underneath some girl's skirt or perhaps underneath the christmas tree...? LOLx..but it was nice shot..totally random..

It was around 2.00AM..and we decided to call if off for the night..and head back to our hotel..! 

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