Friday, January 14, 2011

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Miles Away From Home @ Singapore 2010 - Day Two(2) Bugis and Orchard Hangout

It was Day Three (12th December 2010) in the morning..we headed back to Bugis for our breakfast and shopping as there were no pictures taken during that time..

When we are done with shopping..We decided to visit Chinatown which is actually a place which can be found at most of the foreign countries..besides Malaysia..

Located close by to Clarke Quay..Chinatown portrays the olden days buildings which reminds us of the old china buildings..the place is filled with chinese cuisines..and all sorts of chinese antiques which also includes decorations and accessories.. 

A View of Chinatown Walk

Here's a view of the Chinatown you walk will find that there are lots of shops and restaurants on your left and right..

Old Chinatown Buildings

The place was build with the old chinatown buildings concept..which gives you the feeling of being in old chinatown..except they are painted with colourful paints..

The Tintin Shop

The Tintin series was one of my favourite books..! I miss reading the tintin stories which are now seldom sold at book stores..


Too bad we are not allowed to take any pictures in the shop..there are so many tintin merchandise which are for sale..they even have other characters such as Captain Haddock, the Thompson twins, Professor Calculus and of course not forgetting tintin's favourite pet dog, Snowy..

Old Chinatown Trishaw

Although its an old chinatown trishaw..they did a good job maintaining the looks of looks so new..

Duty Free Products

Spotted this duty free products stall..which sells perfumes and cosmetics..I'm not sure if they are original or not though..which is why I did not buy anything from the stall..

Me and Phui Leng

We stopped for a break while the guys have some wafer ice we girls started taking pictures..

Chinatown Temple

As we walked on..I saw this huge Chinese Temple..however, we did not enter to take any pictures...although I like the design of the building..

Me and Dear

We took one last picture before leaving Chinatown..this picture above gives me the feeling of being in China..and I like it..!

From Chinatown, we headed back to Bugis Shopping mall where there are lots of restaurants at the basement..and we picked a restaurant called the Soup Spoon..

Beef Goulash

Me and dear shared a bowl of Beef goulash as we were both not that hungry..and besides I wanted to have something with soup..and we were both craving for beef..hence we ordered the beef goulash..! It comes with a bun and the beef was so tender..tasted so delicious..!! A bowl of the Beef goulash will only costs SGD7.20..

Chicken/Mushroom Soup?

i'm sorry, but I have forgotten what Phui Leng and Darren ordered..but its either chicken/mushroom soup..which comes with puff pastry and a side salad..

Vanilla Cream Puff

Dear wanted to try out the Puff From a stall called Beard Papa Sweets..what a unique he ordered a vanilla puff which he shared with tasted delicious..and it is about the size of my palm..!

Chocolate Cream Puff

As for Darren...he bought the Chocolate flavour puff to share it with Phui Leng..


Look at him..having his vanilla puff so happily..

After having our puffs..we headed back to our hotel..and had a good rest before going for dinner that night..

Stay Tune For : Miles Away From Home @ Singapore 2010 - Day Three(3) Dinner at Marche & Meeting with Buddies at Orchard


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