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Miles Away From Home @ Singapore 2010 - Day Two(2) Fun at Sentosa [ Part One(1) ]

After the Luge and Skyride, we headed on to our next attraction..which is the MEGAZIP!!
For those who are familiar with the name..would be excited to hear it..and for those who are not..this is a ride which you should definitely try out when you visit Sentosa..!

We paid around SGD29.00 per pax for the ride..and after weighing and strapping ourselves with the harness, off we go towards the MEGAZIP Tower!!

The Four of Us

Seems like we can still smile before the ride..! But to be honest..I wasn't that scared..although I was a little nervous before the ride..

Jye and the Instructor

We allowed the Gentlemen to go we ladies stand back and watch..! Jye took a picture with the instructor before the ride..I wonder if he is nervous at that time?


And...Off they go..!! They were shouting in excitement all the way..! Too bad no one took a picture of Me and Phui Leng when it came to our turn..

A view From the Top

Here's a view of the ride..and also the height of the rope towards the end..Megazip is a ride where you are strapped to a harness and you will be swing from the top of the tower towards another small island which is the beach and also the end..The ride took us around 1 minute plus..and that's it..SGD29.00 gone..!!

I must say however, it was a great ride..and a great experience..=)

Victory Picture

We took a victory picture after the ride ended..and we were giving a thumbs up for the ride and of course thumbs up to ourselves too..!!

Dear and Me

Love the scenery behind us..the water was so calm on that day..and the rocks behind us made us feel like we are at some getaway thing which I didn't like was..the sun was too glaring and hot..


Since I mentioned that it was a hot and glaring day..we decided to have some ice cream to cool ourselves down..and Jye has been wanting to try out the Ben&Jerry's ice Cream for quite some time..

Strawberry Cheesecake Ice Cream

Me and Dear ordered a scoop of Strawberry Cheesecake Ice Cream which is also our favourite ice cream flavour..Although it tasted good..I would still prefer Haagen Daaz..!

Ben and Jerry's Ice Cream

Can't remember the name of the flavour Darren ordered..but it tasted good as well..

When we were done with our ice creams..we headed back to Imbiah Station by bus from Siloso Beach..After having so much fun..we decided to have our late lunch..and so we chose a restaurant named Tastes of Singapore @ Imbiah..!

Mushroom Soup

I ordered a bowl of mushroom soup to share it with Jye which only costs us SGD5.00..The mushroom soup is thick in terms of texture..and it is filled with creamy mushroom taste which is simply delicious..

Singapore Chili Soft Shell Crab

As for our main course, we decided to share it among the two of us..and go for the Singapore Chili Soft Shell Crab which is also one of Singapore's signature dish..I must say that it is really delicious..but it would have been perfect if it was slightly spicier..

A bowl of the Chili Soft Shell Crab will costs only SGD14.50..

Spaghetti Napoli

For Phui Leng, she has been craving for Spaghetti since we reached Singapore..hence she ordered a bowl of the Spaghetti Napoli which cost SGD9.00..

Sliced Beef Koay Teow

Darren decided to order the Sliced beef koay teow after looking at a customer having it..Reminds me of the beef hor fun sold in Penang..A bowl of it will costs only SGD9.80..

When we are done with our lunch..we decided to go for the next attraction which my Dear have been wanting to go for a long time..So off we go heading back to Siloso Beach area..towards the Underwater World!!


Spotted this huge peacock when we were lining up to buy our Underwater World tickets..Peacocks are known to be arrogant and proud, but I wonder why the peacock just refused to show off its feathers when there are so many people watching..

Underwater World Tickets

Finally we got our tickets after waiting for about half an hour..The ticket costs us SGD22.90 per pax..

The Touch Pool

The first thing we saw was the Touch Pool when we entered the place..The touch pool allows visitors to touched the fishes and corals in the pool..


The starfish was one of the creatures which Dear has touched..It says on the signboard that the starfish can only breathe underwater and not on air..hence when we picked it or touched must remain in the water..

Stingray - Back

Next, it was the Stingray Pond..where there are like more than 10 Stingrays in the pool..I manage to capture one perfect picture of the back of the Stingray though they are swimming so swiftly..

Stingray - Front

And, look I managed to capture the front of the Stingray too..!! It looks like it is smiling with me..

Kissing Fish??

Honestly..I do not know the name of those fishes above..but they look like kissing fish though if I'm not wrong..As you can see..Jye inserted his hand into the box of the aquarium..and all those fishes came to nibble his fingers..They sure look cute as long as they don't bite..!

Deep Sea Corals and Fishes

The ocean is filled with beautiful corals and fishes..It is a waste that we couldn't see them on the surface of our seas..however, you won't be able to see them beneath the Malaysia sea though..LOLx..

Unknown Species

This fish is as long as a 5 Feat Human..However, I did not take notice of the species or name of the fish..I was just so attracted to the size and length of was all the other visitors during that day..

Entrance to Sea Angel

When I first saw the name Sea Angel..I was wondering..what is a "sea angel"..?? Sounds very interesting and sounds like a huge creature..!

Sea Angel

Look..! That's the Sea Angel..and I wonder what kind of creature is that..? It is so tiny..that we have to use a magnifying glass to see it..It says that the Sea Angel lives in a cold temperate and polar oceanic waters of the Northern Hemisphere, and up to 600 metres deep!! Wow..sure is cold down there..!

Dear and Me

Oops..only manage to take like half of the big fish..but still I like this picture..


As we walked on..we saw this huge octopus..which reminds me of "Paul" the octopus which predicts the World Cup Football Tournament..and it actually looks scary as it is about the size of a toddler..!

Giant Squid

Now, the giant squid..seems like most of the ocean creatures are huge in size..! It is about the size of a human head..or perhaps bigger..? The face looks so sleepy and bored..which actually makes it looks cute and funny..LOLx..

Spider Crab

Ahh..again..another huge creature..the Spider has huge long legs..which actually grows up to the size of a human head or perhaps bigger..I never like the idea of something which crawls though..hence the spider crab don't really attract my attention..

Sea Dragon

Here is something which I totally love to look at..I was amazed when I first saw this..Can you spot the Sea Dragon..?

Sea Dragon

The above picture is a clearer view of the Sea Dragon..can you see it clearly now..? The Sea Dragon is the on in yellow..
At first sight, I actually thought they are seaweeds and leaves..LOLx..which is why I was amazed when I realised they are actually Sea Dragons..Something which is different and interesting..

Sea Dragon

Actually the above two creatures are sea dragons except they are different idea what species though..but this one above..looks more like a seahorse..although in actual they really look like dragons..!

Dear and Me

Love the fish tank behind us..Thanks to Darren for helping us take the picture..

Corals and Black Percula

If you look closely at the will see a fish at the top right of the picture..that's the Black Percula fish..I have no idea why there are only about two - three fishes in there..

Assorted Jellyfish

One of the most dangerous water creatures..the sting and it can leave you in pain for days..Nice to look at..but beware when touching it..!

Transparent-like Jellyfish

Honestly..I'm really attracted to the transparent-like jellyfish..the lights in the aquarium changes every few seconds..and the jellyfish will glow along with the colours from the the above was the blue light..hence the blue coloured jellyfish..


Doesn't look as scary as I thought it would be..

Giant Stingray

As we proceed..we saw this huge stingray swimming above our heads...It is as huge as a square dining table..!

After the Underwater World tour..we decided that it is time to head on back to our hotels to get some rest before heading out again during the night..

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