Thursday, January 13, 2011

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Miles Away From Home @ Singapore 2010 - Day Two(2) Fun at Sentosa [Part One(1)]
Miles Away From Home @ Singapore 2010 - Day Two(2) Fun at Sentosa [Part two(2)]

After leaving the hotel around 8.00PM something..we headed towards Bugis Area which we plan to shop for some Chinese New Year clothes..

The Two Of Us

Christmas Tree in front of the Bugis Mall..

Street Shopping Location

We finally reached the Largest Shopping Location in Singapore in Bugis Street..but it was a sad thing..that they closed at 10.00PM and it was around 9.00Pm that time..we did not have the chance to walk or even to shop..! 

So we headed on towards Albert Centre for our dinner instead..which is just opposite the Street Shopping Location.

Fish Ball Noodles

My first Singapore Hawker Meal..!! LOLx..Fish Ball was hard to look for food at the they were close to closing time..Hmm..I would is not really that a penangite..obviously I would say..that the fish ball noodles in Penang is much better..but I have no complains there wasn't much food around for us to choose..

Fish Porridge

As for my dear..he has the Fish Porridge..which comes with "Eu Char Koay"..he said it tasted "not bad" but I can hardly find any fish in there..! I guess he was short-changed! LOLx..

Sea Coconut with Lime Juice of the best dessert I had in Singapore..! Although it looks normal and plain..but it tasted so refreshing and cooling..especially since we were both having sore throats on that day..! I would recommend this to anyone who visits the food court at Bugis..!

Nasi Lemak

Pandan Rice nasi lemak..? Unique..but weird too..he said it costs around SGD3.00++ and it is consider cheap since there is chicken, sambal and anchovies..

Rice with Pork and Vegetables

As for Phui Leng..she had pork with white rice and vegetables..

After our was too late to hang around Bugis we headed on towards Orchard Road again..

Christmas Tree @ ION Orchard

Remember my first day at Orchard Road..with the christmas tree at ION Orchard? This is the exact same tree..but during the night..the lights are light up..and they look really amazing..!

TV Screen

Same Tv Screen on the building of ION Orchard which I also took a picture of last year..

Christmas at ION

What I did not take a picture of last year was this one above, the wordings "Christmas at ION" which is on the ION Orchard Building..


If you refer to the Orchard and Somerset Stroll Post which is also the first will see the same christmas tree which I took a picture with..and look at the purple-lish lights during the night..they look even clearer during the night compare to daylight..!


Looks like a trumpet to me..and I hope I'm right..LOLx..At least they have new christmas decorations at Orchard..


Here's one of my favourite instrument..the Violin..which I plan to take some violin classes when I start working..which is also why you can see me posing with it..!


Again, I'm guessing again that this is a saxaphone..Love this picture of the two of us..


Look at me..playing the giant harp..!! 


One of the shops at Orchard..The colour of black makes the shop look so classy..and of course..what else do you expect from Dior..? Of course they are classy..

Phui Leng and Me

Both of us..posing like a model..!! Orchard Road Models..?

Tiffany & Co. Christmas Tree

Those cute little tiffany and co. boxes are just so adorable..If only I can have one of them..with something fancy in it..!

Dear and Me

Us posing with the giant present box..! Look at him smiling away so happily..

Ferrero Rocher Christmas Tree

I remember seeing a Ferrero Rocher Christmas tree last year..except they look much bigger than the one above..this year..they had it in small ferrero rocher..and they forgot to on the lights..!! Sigh..

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