Tuesday, January 25, 2011

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Miles Away From Home @ Singapore 2010 - Day Three(3) Dinner at Marche

On the fourth day which is also the final day we were in Singapore..we met up with Jye's cousin Siew Wing at her house..She then took us to ION Orchard again by bus to have our lunch..

After looking around for a while..we decided to go to a restaurant called Meatworks..

Meatworks Entrance

The restaurant has sort of a urban jungle theme..


Bar Counter

Soup of the Day

Me and Dear..ordered a bowl of soup to share among the both of us before our main course as we were both famished during that time..

Mini Garlic Breads

The soup of the day comes with mini garlic breads and it will only cost SGD8.00 per bowl..

Meatworks Special

Jye ordered the Meatworks Special as his main is actually a beef burger which is made up of vegetables, beef patty and various type of dressings..
The burger also comes with a side salad and french fries..and all for only SGD18.00..
The burger tasted great to me..but it would be better if the beef is slightly more tender..

Lamb Rack

As for me..I was torn between the beef and lamb..but at that time..I was actually craving for lamb..hence..I ordered the Lamb Rack..
The lamb rack is tender in terms of texture..and it is accompanied with mint sauce which is also one of my favourite dressing for lambs..along with it..was the mashed potatoes as a sideline and assorted vegetables..
Simply delicious..and the lamb rack costs only SGD 32.00..

Salmon el Funghi

Jye's cousin, Siew Wing joined us for lunch during that day..and Jye said it was his Siew Wing ordered a plate of Salmon el Funghi which is actually Salmon Pasta..
cooked with herbs and mushrooms..the pasta tasted simple and delicious..
A plate of the Salmon el Funghi costs SGD 20.00..

Hanging Tender

For Phui Leng..she decided to have some beef as well..and go for the Hanging Tender..which is actually imported beef..I'm not sure what dressing it comes with..but it is also accompanied with mashed potatoes and mixed vegetables..
The beef has a very tasty taste..but again it would be better if it is slightly more tender..
The hanging tender costs around SGD 26.00

The Silver Cod

As for Darren..he opted for something healthier..the cod is also accompanied with mashed potatoes and mixed vegetables..and a plate of it will costs only SGD30.00..I would say it is consider cheap for a cod fish...

Creme Brulee

Finally after our main and dear decided to have some dessert as we were craving for something sweet after our lunch..hence..we ordered the creme brulee..

Creme Brulee is actually both our favourite dessert..and it comes with strawberry slices as toppings as well as rapsberry and blueberries along side as a decoration...and it costs us around SGD8.00 per serving..

Fruit Punch

Phui Leng ordered the fruit punch to share it with Darren..which costs only SGD10.00..

Hot Mint Chocolate

As for me and dear..we decided to have some hot mint chocolate for our drinks..the hot mint chocolate was tasty but it would be better if it is slightly hotter..

After our lunch..we hanged out around Orchard Shopping malls..and did out last minute shopping...when we were done..we headed back to Jye's uncle's house to refresh ourselves..and head on for dinner..

Illegal Immigrants?

When we were done with our dinner..Jye's uncle fetched us using his van to the MRT station to take the train to Changi Airport..
we had to cramped ourselves behind the van..and it was narrow..and guess what we looked like...Illegal immigrants..!! LOLx..I remember when we were at the back of the van..we were all laughing non it was so crowded and we were all crushed together..

Changi Airport

It was my first time at Changi Airport..and I was totally amazed by the way the airport was decorated and presented to tourist as well as locals..the place was decorated with a jungle theme..and there is even a waterfall in the middle..!


There is even a slide in the airport for people of any age to use! From the top can use it to slide down to the lowest!

Leisure Area

There is a leisure area for passengers who would like to rest before their flights..and the seats are unique with the same of triangles..and the best is it has the view of the departure and arrival area of all the airplaes...

Dear and me

Jye's uncle offered to take a picture for us..with the christmas decorations behind us..

All of us

Again..his uncle offered to take another picture for us..look at Jye..he blinked when his uncle took the picture..! LOlx..

Jye and His Uncle

Now it was his turn to take with his uncle..Look at his uncle who smiles so happily..he is such a nice and kind man to help us and took us for a walk around the airport..

Huge Christmas Decorations

There were huge christmas decorations as we walked along..Somehow I silently wish our Penang or Malaysia Airport has the same spirit to decorate for the christmas occasion..

More Decorations

I'm guessing this decoration is there all along..the grass decorations looks so is as if we are at a garden..

My Dear

Look at him..smiling so was a random shot though..
It was almost time..and we had to head on towards our airplane..and after boarding..we head on back to our hometown...PENANG..!


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