Sunday, February 7, 2010

The Genting Escape

Miniature View of Genting Theme Park

Bonjour! This is one of the place which I used to visit when I was still schooling..until today..=) can say..I like this place alot..especially Im officially 21 and is allowed to enter the Casino..Wondering when will be my next visit to the Casino..LOL..I must say I admire the creator of Genting,the late Mr Lim Goh Tong..

I went there last year with my boyfriend on the 13th of August 2009, Staying the first night in the First World Hotel for just a few hours after checking in..the room is included with the bus fare which in total cost us both around RM130..but the reason we stayed only one night was because we were suppose to check in another room in Theme Park Hotel on the Second day..which is actually a complimentary gift to my Godfather from Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf..
LOL..cant complain much..its a complimentary gift..><" Well..lets go on with the rest of the pictures..

In front of the Restaurant

Look at all the Spices behind him..haha..there is even more actually..and they are so weird..Some of the spices I cant even recognise them..but they look good..ahah..LOL..sorry loving food too much..!

Me and Dear at Theme Park Hotel

We are on our way to the Casino..haha..You know..I was underage at that time..its not my birthday yet and Im still 20..haha..but the guard was so good..he let me in..yay..haha..too bad we dont get to take any pictures in the Casino..

The Flying Coaster

This is one of my favourite rides..the flying coaster,hehe..too bad its so expensive..cost us around RM20 bucks per person..>< cant afford to play too many times..but beware..the seats "Stinks" cause of the sweat of some unkown person..yuck..thats so disgusting..somehow still enjoy the ride..excluding the "Smell" ...*Revolting*

The Statue of Liberty In First World

LOL..If this is real..then it would be really funny if they have this in New York..haha..I think its a smart move you know..cause the Statue is actually laughing..haha..and riding a Harley dont see a statue riding a superbike everyday right..? haha..

Boat Ride in First World

I think most of you can tell..its not a real human standing there..LOL..but the boat ride is actually quite cool..I've been on it once during my school trip in the takes you around the shppping mall and restaurants and to a place where you can drop your coins and make a wish..but its not easy..

Me at the Koi Pond

Hehe...I was so worried I might fall in the Pond when I was squating there.. Cause it was raining and it was slippery..but the view of the Koi Pond was so nice that I wanted to take a picture with it..

The Cockscrew

This is another one of my favourite rides..the cockscrew..see the highest part..LOL..looks scary right..? but actually its one of the best part..when you are gonna feel like your heart and soul is still at the top..when your body drops to the bottom..haha..I never miss this whenever I go to Genting..its a must for me to go on this ride at least once..

Fish Feeding Ceremony at Lost World

Pity those fishes that we fed at the Lost World Pond..they must be really hungry..for they leave it to starve for food..just to encourage people to buy fish food and feed them..but some of those fishes are real big..haha..some the colours are really nice..Is this Koi Fish..? so "noob"..some even jumped up to the hands of those who feed the

Random Pictures at StarWalk

We took this on the last day..LOL..he wanted to take a random picture..and I stole a look..not realising He is taking a picture..haha..but it looks natural to me..

Me and Dear in Vintage Car Display

We took this picture during our first day in the Theme Park..LOLx..dunno why I like this picture..can you see tht our hair is soaking wet?? Its due to the rain..eventhough it rain quite heavily after a few hours..I can say we did enjoy ourselves..and Thanks to my dear Godfather for giving the ticket to me..=) Overall..a wonderful trip..! For those who wanna see more pictures..visit my facebook..thanks..


Jonathan said...

I've missed Genting a couple of times. Wish i could go there. Last I've been there i think was 8 yrs ago i think.

Angeline said...

Aww..shud go..its not expensive..and you dont have to travel far to find a theme park..LOL..

Jonathan said...

Yea, i know. But if i go, I think I'll go alone. I get to do what i want whenever i want without consulting anyone. Hahaha. But that would be boredom to the max.

Angeline said...

Haha..yeah tht would be very boring..last time we did plan a trip with my bro and the rest ma..haha..end up..><..

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