Monday, February 8, 2010

Hot Air Balloon

Upon Arrival

Just arrived at Quayside, Its only available for one day which is on a Sunday(7/2/10) from 10am till 1pm and only limited rides excited when I saw the hot air balloon..ran out of the car as soon as I can as I was so excited..Its my first time going on a Hot Air Balloon and might be the only time too..then we went to sign a Liability Form and took our number(6)..then off we go waiting for our turn..

Inside the Hot Air Balloon

The look at the top of the Hot Air Balloon where we are standing..this is where the gas is pump in to the balloon producing hot air which brings the balloon up to the air..

The Hot Air Balloon

This is the look of the Hot Air Balloon from far..nice picture..thanks to the compliment of the trees below it..

On Air

This is my favourite picture out of all..Love the look of the sky on the it makes the hot air balloon looks like a drawing eh..and the colour of the balloon suits the sky a I exaggerating..?

A View of Quayside

Can you tell we are on air now..? hehe..These are all the houses at Quayside area in Seri Tanjung Pinang,Tanjung Tokong..Actually the bungalows are really nice..and I think they are not cheap..and most of it are bought by foreigners..they have a new condominuim there..but no idea how it is I only passed by..didnt really check it out..
A view of Gurney Area

Taken from the Hot Air Balloon as well..Can see the view of Gurney Area from here..nice..feels like Im floating on air right now..hehe..


Can hardly open my the wind is blowing and the sun is glaring..the Gas above me is burning my head..haha..but it was a cool experience..worth it..!

Me and Dear

Taken by another guy with us when we are on air..can you spot the tiny car below us..? hehe..thats to prove we are on air..hehe.."thanks mate for taking the picture for us" very nice guy..he even joked with us..too bad dear's face was block by the rope..

Propane Gas Tank

Not sure if they used the propane gas or what..haha..but took the picture of the gas tank on show that we are really in the carrier of the hot air balloon again..

Tiny Me

See how small am I when I stand below the Hot Air Balloon..? Hehe..purposely made the shape of an oval to signify the hot air balloon..

Leaving Quayside

About to leave the Quayside, Took a final picture of the hot air balloon..on purpose as I like the view of the Hot Air Balloon being covered by the trees..its like it is hiding among it..
Glad I woke up early to catch a ride of the Hot Air Balloon..So happy..It was such a great experience and Who knows it might be the only time I get to be in a Hot Air Balloon..Hehe..!


Jonathan said...

Wow. A hot air balloon ride? Free? I wanna try. Really tired from cleaning house. Dang.

Angeline said...

Hahah..but its only one too bad eh..kinda cool actually..

Jonathan said...

Cheh. didn't tell also. =P

So jealous.

Angeline said...

haha..i didnt know ma..i got to know about it the day before only..which is at night around 12am..

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