Monday, February 8, 2010

Kuala Lumpur One Day Trip

Me at Times Square

Finally took the first picture at Times Square Mall..behind me is the Roller Coaster I that I love..haha..went to the outdoor theme park only once..but the roller coaster was amazing..went on it a few times when I first enter the park.. I did went to a few shopping LOT 10 and Sungai Wang..but did not take any there is nothing amazing..
Then I head to Pavillion its my dear's first time at took him there to look at it..We did plan to go to KLCC too..but we ran out of time as we went there for only one day..haha..So lets look at the rest of the pictures at Pavillion..

Lanterns at Pavillion

The lanterns are the decorations at the Pavillion Mall Main Entrance..this mall is filled with all the luxury products and most of the shops have big doors..haha..dont know why..maybe its to show that it is they have carpets in their store too..

Crystal Fountain at Pavillion

Crystal Fountain

Me standing with a board telling people about the Crystal Fountain, it says that it is Malaysia's Tallest Luili Crystal Fountain in the Malaysian Book of idea what is Luili..but it says you can make a wish when you toss a coin in it..and the coins collected from the fountain will be donated to charity..
And the above is the full view of the fountain..the water pressure changes as time goes by..sometimes it at high pressure shooting up to the tallest bowl..and sometimes at the lowest to the lower bowl..

Sakura Trees

Took this when we first arrive at Pavillion Mall.. Looks like they are decorating it the Spring Style like in Japan during the Spring Season..

Entrance Decorations

This is taken at the entrance of Pavillion's Shopping Mall..Nice decoration but I wonder why they dont allow people to take any cameras in..was it because they have those branded stores in house? but we are not taking any pictures of the stores or products idea..


Sitting on the bench against the ground floor of Pavillion Mall..We were so tired from walking all the way from Bukit we search everywhere for a bench..lucky they have before when we are at LOT 10..we couldnt even find a bench..haha


Actually we are trying to take a picture of the Background at the entrance..haha..but we failed after trying a few times..but the picture is nice..I like it..too bad I cant take the picture of the background together..else it would be even nicer..

Me at The Stairway

The stairway looks like its going up very to Heaven..Wow..wonder if I will ever take the stairs to would be magnificient..LOLx..Im actually at Pavillion sitting at the staircase to the ground floor..

Pancake With Pistachio Nuts,Choc Chips and Strawberries

Fair Lady Hot Chocolate

Yum..thanks alot Sandra for the treat..this the the My Fair Lady Hot taste very sweet..there are many other hot chocolate drinks to try as well..some are bitter and some and sweet..and some are mild..and the above is a pancake..ordered by Sandra's boyfriend, Pooi Sin,but I dunno what is that..haha..but looks quite good...

Me and Sandra

Miss her lots..but happy that she is coming back for Chinese New Year..yay!! hehe..She took me to Chocolate for a treat..thanks alot dear...the hot chocolate was really nice..

Me and Dear

Took this in front of a wishing fountain..taken by a passer-by..thanks alot this picture..
The Happy Me

This is taken when we are about to leave Pavillion Mall..I like the Sakura tree Style..makes me feel like Im in Japan..LOLx..and the lanterns are so cute..too bad the flowers are not flying around when the wind it would be even more real..
Anyway..a one day trip is tiring..but we did go to Ipoh for dinner where we ate something really really good..its actually a Koay Teow and beansprouts as well..but I was too hungry to take any pictures..Maybe the next time then..=)


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