Monday, February 15, 2010

Queen Mary 2 (QM2)

Queen Mary 2

I must say "WOW" to this..haha..the Majestic Queen Mary 2 sailed into town on the 5th of February 2010 and casted a shadow at the Penang Swettenham Pier,many motorclyclist stopped to enjoy the view of the Luxury Cruise Liner as they are awed by the beauty of the Ship..

QM2 arrived from Phuket and departed for Port Klang after 10 hours of docking at the Pier..
She will also be making maiden port calls in Cairo, Phuket, Shanghai, Adelaide and Perth, Durban and Cape Town. QM2 set sailed from UK on the 4th of January on a 101 day Cruise..If Im not cost around USD 250k for the 101 day trip..thats alot..but also cool..seems like you have a new home for 100days..LOLx..

The facilities in the Cruise includes 15 restuarants and bars, 5 swimming pools, A Casino, A ballroom, A Theatre and the First Planetarium at Sea..Musical Shows and Performance can be seen at the Royal Court Theatre and bookworms can also enjoy reading books at the huge at Sea..

Although I have never visited the Queen Mary 2, this is one of the Cruise which I intend to visit someday..=) Enjoy the rest of the pictures..

Queen Mary 2 ( Deck and Cabin View)

A close up view of the decks and the name of the Ship i.e Queen Mary 2..They ought to have more lifeboats..LOLx..rememeber the Titanic..? haha..Im so bad..ahh..*touch wood*.. This is where the cabins are more expensive as they have a balcony and sea is cool to rest at the balcony, having a drink and enjoying the view..ahhh...nice..

Today the Queen Mary 2 ranks third in terms on size compared to the 225,282 GT Oasis of the Seas which was done constructed late last year..Wow..Whats the second then..? Haha..will find out about it soon..QM2 made the history by being the largest cruise ship sailed to Malaysia in March 2007..Ooo...

Queen Mary 2 (Front-Side View)

This is how the front of the Cruise Ship looks like..*So Sharp*..LOLx..See the ropes hanging on the Ship to prevent it from floating away..? There are actually many ropes alongside holding the Ship firmly at the Port..

Queen Mary 2 (Slanting View)

Nice..took this picture from Georgetown,Penang. Like the way the sky compliments the Cruise Ship..its as if it is meant to be there forever..You can see this from the Marina or you can have lunch at QEII (Queen Elizabeth 2) to have the best view of it..I should have gone for it the other day..Ish..

Royal Court Theatre

A luxury theatere in the Cruise liner..looks like a living theater in UK or something..LOLx..its huge..this is those performers entertain guests on the Cruise Ship..remind of me the Arena of Stars in the Gemini Starcruise which I once board in 2001..but its not as big as this one..!


Hermes is one of the luxury shops inside the Queen Mary 2..This is a high end brand..wonder if they have shops such as Versace, Giorgio Armani or Burberry? Haha..I think they do have a few of them..sigh..I just wish someday I will be shopping in such places instead of just shopping online of cheap shops..LOLx..

Brittania Restaurant

One of the luxury fine dining restaurant in the Cruise is located at the bottom of the sweeping imagine those juicy beef steaks..Yum..

According to The Star (hopefully info is correct), the Queen Mary 2 has a maximum speed of 29.62 knots..and a cruising speed of 26 knots..much faster than other passenger cruise ship INCLUDING the Oasis of the Seas..haha..Looks like that Oasis cant be the King in this one..apart from size..


This is one of the lounge inside the luxury cruise liner..looks so comfortable the seats..maybe this is where you can sit down..and read your newspaper while enjoying a cup of coffee or cocktail and look at the like paradise..Can you imagine how many lounge they have..? This one is just one of them..and it looks so big..

Many superstars have visited this cruise and travelled on it before..for example the property tycoon Donald Trump, Rocker Bon Jovi, Rapper Jay-z and R&B singer I have the chance to go on board..that would made me feel like a superstar too..haha..

Front-Side View

Here's a final picture of the Queen Mary 2 before departing Penang..Still cant get the thought of it out of my head..after two weeks..haha..somehow wishing I was there for a tour in the ship..I should thank them for building the new Port..or rather renovating it..and deepen the sea..else there wouldnt be so many cruise docking at our Port in Penang..

Queen Mary 2 leaving Penang (Close-up VIew)

It is finally departing Penang..seriously looks so majestic from far...those tiny cruise ships couldnt be compared to this Queen Mary 2..seriously cant imagine how nice it would be to be in there..Too bad the weather is cloudy and rainy..else the picture would be nicer..

Queen Mary 2 Departure From Penang(Far View)

This is a picture of the Queen Mary leaving Penang from a Far View..look how tiny those ships around the Queen Mary..even some of those Cargo ships which are big ones looks so tiny..LOLx..talking about the King of the seas..! or at least at Penang..haha..since there is a bigger one now..which is the Oasis of the Seas..(wish someday I can be on it)..Well..even if I least I wanna go board this Queen Mary 2 someday in future..=)

Pictures are courtersy of : Penang Georgetown and Star


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