Monday, February 8, 2010

Singapore 2009

Me and Him

Both of us at Jye's house before departing to Singapore by Bus..very tiring if you travel by next time if we intend to go to Singapore again..we will take the airplane for sure..! So lets go to Singapore now..=)

MRT Routes in Singapore

Here we are in Singapore on the first day..meeting up with Jye's relative at Bugis Station in Singapore..We arrived on the 19th in Johor and took the bus to Singapore..quite tiring actually..haha..anyway..this is where we took the MRT to Orchard Road after a stop at a few stations..I never realise that its so easy to follow the direction of the MRT route..thats why we are both proud that we went to Sentosa on our own without any help..=) Alright..lets go on with what is happening in Singapore..

Randoms At Wisma Atria

With Jye's Relative and Friends

Bird Cage at Wisma Atria

Jye's uncle said we are Singapore's two birds in a cage..haha..but its really nice..we even took one with Jye's relative and friends and the first picture above is taken beside the bird cage with the small christmas tree..

Me at Food Republic

Most of the Shopping Malls have a Food Republic..its like a Food Court..see the cute Santa..looks so fat..and the christmas tree is actually beside the the Santa..

Sports Bentley

Saw this Sports bentley in front of a hotel..Do you know that in Singapore..they used this as a Limousine? But this one above is not one of belongs to some rich owner..which at the back of the has a sticker saying "My other car is a Porsche"..LOLx..Actually..I can see lots of luxury car along the road in Singapore..especially the Lexus IS250,it seems so common in if they have tonnes of money and dont know where to spend it..even the Mercerdes Guardian..


Took a Random Picture while walking, behind us is the Christmas Tree on top of Tang's Chocolate Shoppe which you can see the picture on the right..I actually took a picture of the night scene..but deleted it..cause it was quite blurry..

Raspberry Ice Cream

Actually it has another name for this ice cream..forgotten what the name is.. look at the size of the ice cream..I regretted not buying more...haha..cause it taste so so So So Good..Yum..*Drool*..and it cost me only $1 per bar..which is only Rm2..I don mind paying even more for it..hehe..should have bought more of it..miss the ice cream..there are actually many "uncles" selling this type of ice cream along orchard road..

Me Being A Greedy Pig

LOLx..look at the new Kinder Bueno White..looks so good..and so big..I cant even resist it..feel like giving it a bite..hehe..too bad its not real..else I would peel the whole thing off and munch it..hahaha..on the right picture is me..being cute..haha..and behind me is the Mandaring Gallery which I will explain more later..Notice that there are many people on the first floor..? Tell you why later..=)

313 @ Somerset Bay

This is also a newly opened Shopping Mall..313@Somerset Bay..By the you know that from the above MRT Route Picture, all the MRTs are linked to the shopping malls..? Almost all of them..and when you are already in the Shopping dont have to find a car park or even pay for the car park..and there are no traffic jams..just convenient? By the way..I think a few of the shopping malls opened 24 during midnight..nice..

Chinatown Glass

Do you know that if you were to be there in will think that you are looking at a real Chinatown through the glass..It looks as if the old Chinatown is behind us..thats why I like this picture alot..they have many of this glasses around Orchard Road..they even have jungle style..but I think this is the best one..Looks real..

Mandarin Gallery

Another funny Shaped Shopping Mall, The Mandarin Gallery which I promised to explain earlier on..Look at the shaped of the porch roof..below it..they have a place where there is a band playing jazzy musics and a singer singing all the jazz songs..(and I thought he was Michael Buble and made me so excited ><) LOLx..his voice was really good..and there were people dancing as well..looks like a ballroom dance..on the right is captured below Mandarin Gallery during the night..

An Evening Dress Reindeer

There are actually many other reindeers wearing different outfits or costumes..but Im too lazy to take so many pictures with all of them..LOLx..So I picked the one I like the most..Just imagine Santa lost all his reindeers and they are posing here with funny costumes..haha..Pity Santa..

Takashimaya Mall from the Outside

The Big Ribbon Christmas Tree

The ribbon is so cute on the middle of the christmas tree..notice how small we are below the tree..? Wonder why Penang dont have big Christmas trees like in Singapore? This Christmas tree is in Takashimaya Shopping Mall..Just imagine how big the mall is when it can fit such big tree..all the Shopping malls there are like the size of Queensbay Mall in Penang..and the building looks unsually Huge..!

Free Coke Give Away

Me with a Coke Bottle

There is a free Coke gift away..Actually one person is only allowed to take one bottle and everyone is like snatching away when they opened the barrel..haha..I took two bottles and my dear took two as well..the bottle is so cute that I kept two of it..and still using it now to store water in the Car.. There is even a Fat Santa there..but he doesnt look like a real one..haha..Should learn to dress up better..

Storm Troopers From Star Wars

Storm Troopers

For those who watch Star should know who they are..LOLx..they are the Storm Troopers..with an extra touch of Santa's Hat..haha..looks so cute to me..I remember when I took this picture..the guy on my right said to the left.."Eh you Damn Pervert you know"..Haha..just because he was staring at me..though I cant see his face..but I think they are kinda cool..See the above picture..? Jye was about to get shot by the Storm Trooper and he still looks so happy..haha..while Im so scared I closed my eyes..but cant help smiling..

ION Orchard

This is one of the nicest shopping mall I have ever seen..its a newly opened shopping mall at Orchard Road..for those who watched might have seen the advertisement on ION Orchard before..those are not lightings on the wall of the building..its actually a giant tv screen on the glass of the building..really amazed me..Haha..I sound like I just came out from the jungle..but seriously..its beautiful..should go see it..!


Me posing with two you know how many guys is waiting to take pictures with those two girls..? Cute arent they..? but they only get close to the girls like for the guys..they just post and maintain a distance..pity them if they are taking pictures with perverts..haha..they are dressing up for the Christmas Celebration at Orchard Road..

The Brightest Star

"I bring you Good news of Great Joy" signifies the birth of Jesus on 25th of December which is Christmas Day..*Praise the Lord*..

The Three Wise Men

Do you know who are the Three Wise Men? The made this theme specially for Christmas..the three wise men came during the birth of Jesus to present Him with gifts which you can see above in the picture..they are holding gifts.. *Amen*..

Me and Dear

With Dear's Cousin and Friends

Christmas Tree At Paragon

Took this picture with my dear's cousins and friends..Its right in front of Paragon Shopping Mall..Notice the during the night..the butterflies are lit up..? See the top one..which do you think is nicer..? The night one or day? See how small we are below the tree then you can imagine how big the tree is again..?

Ferrero Rocher Christmas Tree

If the chocolates are real I think I would jump on it..and steal all of it..and eat them before going anywhere..LOLx..actually it looks so good eh..and nice too..good idea that they can think of making a christmas tree out of chocolates..but the pictures looks funny I know..haha..bad looks like its tilted..funny..

Sponsored by CIMB Bank

See the difference when its bright and dark? Too bad there is so many people walking around during the night..cant really take a full picture of the Christmas Tree..this one is sponsored by CIMB can even see mcdonalds standing beside it..

Shopping Mall at Orchard

Love the lightings on this runs around and the lights go on and off every second..really really nice..One of the best..or probably the best to me..haha..i felt its so unique..but I did not have enough time to enter this shopping no idea what it is called..haha..


Now the second day at Singapore..we are heading to Sentosa tell you believe me if i say that is human hanging there and doing some push ups? haha..nah..its not possible..any idea how high is that..? its actually a man balloon shaped filled with air..but it looks so real that even I was almost deceived when I saw it..LOLx..

Christmas Tree At VIVOCITY

This Christmas Tree is Real Big..just outside of the VIVOCITY Shopping mall located at Harbour Front..Wondering how it looks like during the night as the lights will be on..too bad i went back in the afternoon..By the way..this is where you will take the monorail to Sentosa Island for those who intend to visit..


Taken from the Monorial below the Merlion..nice..? hehe..really unique..a combination of mermaid and lion..mer-lion..LOLx..did you spot the dark sky above the merlion..?

Merlion at Sentosa

This is the full view of the Merlion at Imbiah Station..At this station you can see lots of wildlife and for your can even go up to the top of the Merlion's mouth with the price of $ idea what is at the top though..LOLx..but its very huge..we look so tiny standing below it..

In front of Merlion Waterfall

Both of us standing in front of the Merlion waterfall..the waterfall current was strong and the water was splashing at us when we walked pass the bridge beside the waterfall..haha..

Village In Sentosa Island

I think those village houses on the sea are for tourist to stay..or was it for those permanent residents? hahaha..but they looks like not stable..yet I wonder how it feels like to stay in there..LOLx..It was about to rain..and we didnt have much time to travel around Sentosa..but on my next trip..I will stay there for sure at least a night and find out about the Night Life..haha..I wanna go to FRESH!! We are actually at Beach Station..where all the beach activities are held during festivals and countdowns..there is also the Underwater World which I didnt visit..sadly because I ran out of time..

Legend of The Seas

Just before leaving Sentosa Island to VivoCity and Johor..We caught the sight of one of the Royal Carribean Cruise named Legend of the Seas..If any of you travels around our Penang Swettenham Port might be lucky enough to spot this cruise..Wondering when will the Oasis of The Seas sail to Penang..? LOLx..Im dreaming again..

But I guess I had a great time in Singapore overall..Made me want to migrate there there is no such thing as "bribery" among the police and there is just and fairness there..MOST OF ALL..its much SAFER and cleaner too..haha..really admire Singapore..Will go there again someday soon..and for those who has never visit Singapore before..please do so..


Jonathan said...

LOL. You just made me wanna go there more. WOW. Next time i gotta take pictures of places in picture. Heard that PICTURES OF PLACES IN PICTURES? Making any sense? Just the photos of those place. Not there.

Angeline said...

Lol..i get what you mean..but why do such things..? Yeah you shud go there someday..nice place to visit especially during festivals as the decorations will be nice

Jonathan said...

So i've heard from my friend. It's definitely worth going. I will. Someday.

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