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Chill Out at Crepe Cottage

Crepe Cottage

Are you planning for a place to go for Dinner, Desserts, Supper or perhaps just somewhere to chill with your friends?? Head on to Crepe Cottage then..! Here you have varieties of good food and desserts to savour all night long.. =)

Let me tell you about the history of Crepe Cottage..
Agnes Chee who is the owner of the place is a big fan of the Archies Comics!! She was inspired by Pop's Tate ( in the Archies - Pop owns a cafe selling food and desserts which is the gang's favourite hang out ) and here she is with her own version of Pop's Tate, the Crepe Cottage..!!

I think its cool..and to be honest..I'm a big fan of the Archies too!! I own a mini library of the Archie Comics!! It feels so good to be able to visit a place which gives me the feeling of Pop's Tate..♥ ( Wonder if there is someone like Jughead who frequents Crepe Cottage? LOL)

Signature Savouries

These are all the signature savouries in Crepe Cottage..Mmm..It tastes even better than it looks..!

Menu - Savouries

Look at the variety of the main courses in the menu..and that is not all..this is just a part of it..!

Come..lets look at all the good food..!!

Creamy Mushroom Soup with Garlic Bread

Creamy Mushroom Soup

Mum ordered a bowl of Creamy Mushroom Soup (Rm6.00) before having her main course as she was quite hungry..The Mushroom soup comes with lots of onions and mushrooms in it..and sprinkled with herbs and spring onions..I thought it tasted good..but I'm not a big fan of herbs thou..haha...

Brown Sauce with Mushroom Chicken Breast

Brown Sauce with Mushroom Chicken Breast

We ordered the Brown Sauce with Mushroom Chicken Breast for my Uncle..and guess what he said..? "Very Good"..He is a very choosy and very particular when it comes to food ..and yet he Compliments this dish..!! So can you imagine how good it is..?

The Chicken Breast comes with a side dish of vegetables ( brocollies, onions, carrots and tomatoes ) and topped of with a piece of plain crepe with Mashed Potatoes..It will only cost Rm 15.00 per serving..

Crepe a la Italienne

Crepe a la Italienne ( Closed-up )

Mum ordered the usual..Its her favourite as it is very nutritional..and can be considered a vegetarian dish..Well..Vegetables are her favourite..!

The filling of the crepe consist of black olives, chopped capsicu
m, mushrooms, pineapple, tomatoes and topped off with double melted cheese..!! Do you believe it if I say..all the ingredients are her favourite especially the double melted cheese..Mmm.. *drool*
There is a scoop of mashed potatoes too for extras!! How perfect is that? You can have it all for only Rm15.00 !!

What a healthy dish and it is suitable for vegetarians..!

Cheesy-Baked Tomato Chicken Pocket

Cheese-Baked Tomato Chicken Pocket (Closed-up View)

Mmm..This has been my all time Favourite Dish in Crepe Cottage!! Even Jye loves he ordered the same dish..I just cant get enough of this..and I would order this each time I go there..

It is baked with Cheddar and Parmesan Cheese and drizzled with creamy lemon sauce..Yummy..the sauce is the best part of all..Even Mum says its good!! Some of you might not like Creamy Sauces as they can be very filling..but this is just cant get enough of that Creamy Lemon Sauce..Yup..the lemon makes it special..Not only that,it even comes with a scoop of Mashed Potatoes and all that cost only Rm14.00..! =)

Plain Crepe with Honey (Closed-up View)


Plain Crepe With Honey (Overall View)

if only there is an ice-cream to go with the would be PERFECT!! I would normally have two pieces..but since it was Uncle who ordered it..he would prefer it without an ice-cream and another with just lemon and sugar (picture below)..

Not sure if this is their Signature Dish..but lots of people seem to like this plain may not look that attractive..but it tasted good..and it is simple and appetizing..a great choice for dessert..!

Recommendation :Order a Scoop or two of VANILLA Ice-Cream to accompany the Crepes! It will cost you Rm1.50 per scoop or perhaps you you prefer Fruits to go with your crepes and can have a choice of Strawberries, Bananas or Mangoes for only Rm2.00 per variety!!

Plain Crepe With Lemon and Sugar

Uncle Willie ordered two plain crepe which includes this one above..He told us..when he was in UK, he used to have this on Easter Day..and what a co
incidence Easter Day is just a few days ago..I took a bite..and it was not bad..I prefer the Honey Version Crepe..!! *Slurp*

Each piece will cost you only Rm3.00 and if you prefer will only cost you only Rm4.50 per piece..You have a choice of spread with either butter, honey, jam or maple syrup, or you can sprinkle it with sugar or both cinnamon and sugar!

Teh Tarik

The Classic Teh Tarik..I shared it with Jye as we cant drink that much after our main course..
Love the Teh Tarik lots ♥

CC Special

CC ( Crepe Cottage ) Special is what my mum ordered..We both love the CC Special and we will order it each time we go to Crepe Cottage..It is sort of their Signature Drink..CC Special is actually a mixed of milk tea with sprinkled Cinnamon Powder..The Cinnamon powder makes the drink special..sort of like drinking "Chai Latte" in Coffee Bean but even better..!

Auntie Agnes

Lovely Lady isn't she? Always with her friendly smile..=) She's the owner (Agnes) of Crepe Cottage..and earlier on I said something about the history of this yes..She is like sort of the Malaysian Version of POP in the Archies!

Me Me!


That's my mum..hehe..she didnt know I took this picture of her..=)


Wow..his face looks burning red..but he is not drunk..haha..its just the lightings that made the picture looks weird..

Me and Jye

Took this picture outside the Cafe..Sigh..just by looking at those pictures..I can *drool*..missing the food now..
So try out Crepe Cottage!! Its a great place to dine in for dinner and desserts..bring along some friends and be sure that you have plenty of time if you choose to go there..=)

There are many other choices of Main Courses such as :
Spaghetti Bolognese, Creamy Seafood Pasta, Double-decker Beef and even Starters like Four Mini Crepes with Cheese and Ham!

For Desserts..Do try out :
-> The Hot Apple ( Highly Recommended ) - Its my all time favourite!!
-> Sweet Harmony ( For those with a sweet tooth )
-> The Flapjacks!! ( Recommended as well ) - Triple Pancake with Ice-Cream, What could be better?

They are open from 6.00pm- Midnight (12.00am), and they are closed on Tuesdays..

Here's the address for those who would love to try out:

Crepe Cottage
77-A, Persiaran Gurney,
10250, Penang.
For Reservations:


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