Sunday, April 18, 2010

I'm Published!!

I'm finally featured in The Star R.AGE Column!!! I was so excited to see myself in the paper..

However..It was such a sad state that they printed my surname wrong..!

Ahh...It would have been perfect if its Angeline Teoh instead of Angeline "Chua"..Sigh..I'm not Chua..I was supposed to be happy but I was disappointed instead because THE STAR made a mistake..! 

Actually I did not include my surname when I sent the email to Niki Cheong..I guess they cant do anything, and they cant change the name too since its published..

Well..I just have to be happy that my face is in in the Newspaper and its Nationwide..!! =)
At least they didnt get the facts wrong..Hopefully no more such mistakes in future...

Anyway..for more info..log on to this website to check me out..but its only available till next wednesday (21st April 2010)

R.AGE : The Blog

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The Star Newspaper
Star Two Page 12
R.AGE Column 


adamfong said...

u do look very charming in this published picture, anyway i dont think that nikki chong can do anything about it, maybe he's too small a fry to do ammendments or apology column in the papers by looking at the space he's been given but did he reply your email for an apology?

Angeline said...

nope..he didnt reply..but its alright anyway..i already stated the star made a mistake..haha

Shu-Min said...

i saw u in the newspaper that day! forgot to mention it to you! ;)

Angeline said...

Shu-min : LOL..yeah but im not teoh..haha

adamfong said...

oh well, just move on dear...all the best

Angeline said...

Thanks alot for the support..!

Jonathan said...

Hi, Miss Chua. I've never met you before. Never even seen you around. Are you new here? If yes, then welcome!!


Angeline said...

UGH..!! So bad you jonathan..!! next time i call you jonathan chua..! LOL..

Angeline said...

finally you visit my blog too jon..

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