Monday, April 26, 2010

A Date with Angeline Fong ♥

Yeah I know I haven't been updating my blog for a few days..Reason? I've been partying too much lately..LOL..actually just two days in a row..Was too tired to even update anything..but thanks to my blog visitors and followers for being patient..So here are the updates..

A Date with Angeline Fong ( Day One ) 

My dear friend Angeline Fong ( I normally call her Mun Yee, It has been a norm for a long time ) came back to Penang for a weekend trip..Been so long since I last saw her..Erm..before Chinese New Year 2010..? LOL..Each time when she is back..she will invite me to meet up..

So on friday night ( 23 April 2010 ), She asked if I wanted to go to Penang Bowl, and I agreed..We reached there around 10 Something..and the bowling alley was so CROWDED..!! So...we decided to head on to Upper Penang Road instead..Mun Yee's friend, Alvin suggested we go to Zenzibar for a karaoke session..

Me and Mun Yee did not sing any songs we chatted and gossiped all night long..!! And we took some pictures too..!!

Angeline and Angeline =)

Haha..sounded like real sisters..really miss her being here..! too bad she is staying in KL..else we would be hanging out everyday..!! ♥

Me, Jorgie and Angeline

Geez..I look weird here..haha..and Jorgie's face looks red..and my dear Angeline looks pretty..! 

Angeline and Kelvin Cheah ( Or better known as Poh )

Alvin and Angeline

Is there something going on between these two..?? LOL..oopps..Mun Yee's gonna kill me if she sees this..=)

Well..these are the only pictures we took for that night..Then we head on to SOI 11 and then to Slippery Senioritas ( SS )..Haha..sounds like club hopping..? wait till you read about day two..!! 

That night I went home around 3-4am..and woke up at 10.00am the next day to meet Mun Yee..!! so..lets go to Day Two..!!

A Date with Angeline Fong ( Day Two )

Saturday ( 24 April 2010 )

Got myself to Gurney around 12.15pm..and meet up with Mun Yee at Starbucks...and she told me thanks for waking her up from LALA LAND ~~~ LOL..I guess she was too tired and sleepy..or perhaps..hangover?

We thought of going for a movie - Toy Story 1 and 2 3D version, but it was full..!! we decided to go for lunch instead..and I picked Winter Warmers..hehe..

So lets talk about the food we ordered..!

We both ordered the Set Lunch which consists of Appetizers, Main Course, Dessert and a drink..

Appetizer ( Garden Salad )

Garden Salad ( Up Closed )

For appetizer its the Garden Salad..It comes with Shredded Cabbage, Bell Peppers, Raisins, Tomatoes, Cucumbers, Corns and topped with Thousand Island Sauce..

Spaghetti Bolognese 

Spaghetti Bolognese ( Up Closed )

I ordered the Spaghetti Bolognese Set Lunch which costs only Rm16.90, and I add on Rm1.00 to change the beverage to Rose Milk Tea ( See below )

Each time I visit Winter Warmers..I will order the Spaghetti Bolognese..Its my all time favourite dish..apart from the macaroni cheese baked..I prefer Bolognese which has a sour taste instead or salty..but one thing I'm particular about is the herbs and spices in the sauce..Don't really like them thou..

Bolognese Cheese Baked

Fussili Pasta ( Sideline )

Mun Yee ordered the Bolognese Cheese Baked that I recommended which costs Rm19.90 for her set lunch..It is almost the same as my Spaghetti Bolognese except it is baked with cheese..It comes with two sidelines, one the Fussili Pasta and another Tomatoes with sour sauce..not sure if she likes it or not thou..LOL..

Dessert ( Mango Pudding )

Mango Pudding

For Desserts they served us the Mango Pudding topped with cream and chocolate sauce..
Sometimes they will serve other flavours such as Honeydew Pudding..but I prefer Mango..=)

You gotta remind them about the waiters/waitresses tend to forget about desserts sometimes..haha..

So what did we order for our drinks?

Rose Milk Tea

Again another of my all time favourite..the rose milk tea..The scent coming from the tea is just so soothing..a pot of this is equivalent to a main course as it contains milk and its very filling..!!

Mixed Fruit Cocktail

Again another drink I recommended Mun Yee..the mixed fruit cocktail..If I'm not wrong..this beverage is one of their signature drinks..and many people love to order this whenever they dine at Winter Warmers..It comes with slices of apples, lemons and a cherry..and also a cocktail glass to go with the drink..

Well thats all about lets look at the pictures we took..!!

My Dear Angeline

Aww...she looks so pretty..unlike my picture..haha..She looks so cute with the cherry..! I remember she taught me to do something with the cherry stem..*but its a secret*..LOL..

I look too ugly..haha..So not gonna post my own picture at Winter Warmers..

The Two Angels again..!

After lunch we went for a walk around Gurney, and when we were tired..we took a stop at Segafredo..So we took a picture at Segafredo before leaving Gurney..Picture was taken by Jason..Thanks alot to him for being our "driver" from Gurney to my house..LOL..and Since he is the "tauke" or "lou pan" which means BOSS of Segafredo on that particular day..we get to sit and drink two glasses of sky juice without ordering anything else..!!

LOL..he is gonna kill me if he sees this..

And so we head on home to my place..and rest..and we were ready to go out around 7 something then we waited for Alvin to pick us up..and finally we head on to......


We were so excited as it was our first time was so crowded that night..and we were expecting it to be really good..!! BUT we were quite disappointed..! The live band was awful..I'm sorry if any of you like it..but most of us just didn't enjoy the music..we couldn't understand a single thing they sang..!

The live band group is from China, and I'm guessing from some kinda tribe..!! Sorry for being mean..but they look like they are chanting and screaming in nonsensical languages, doesn't sound like ROCK either..

We were so bored..and we ended up taking pictures to kill our time before leaving..!

Me, Angeline and Mei Lin

Mei Lin was actually my ex-schoolmate..Been so long since I last saw her..she was my senior..but same age..! girl..! but it was cool to see her..very friendly..!!

Angeline and Angeline again

I looked so fierce and fat..! LOL..its a good thing..I wanna look fat..since everyone has been saying Im growing thinner..!

Me and Mei Lin

The Gang!!

Here's a group picture of who attended that night..!

Actually I saw many people that night and most of them are familiar faces..but it was such a sad thing that its boring..the place was actually AWESOME apart from the live band..the decorations are creative and nice..a very good place for drinking..!

Jienie and Me!!

My dear dear old friend Jienie ( or better known as Jean now )..!! Love her lots..miss those good old days with her..Look at how pretty she is now..=) ♥

This was the last picture I took before leaving Sixty9ine..then we headed down to Upper Penang Road..!! 

Which club did we go to..?? MOIS and then SOI 11..we even thought of going to SS but we ended up staying in MOIS and SOI most of the time..the dance floor at MOIS was amazing..!! been so long since I dance so much..♥ what a night..!

Can't wait for you to be back again this coming friday my dear dear Angeline..! 


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