Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Rachel's Farewell @ TAO

Its been so long since we last meet up with our dear friend Rachel, who is also known as my Sister since high school..LOL..we were unlawfully recognised as sisters by our maths teacher..yeah I still remember that after 7-8 years? Gosh, I feel old now..!

Anyway..we decided to go to TAO at AUTOCITY on Sunday (18th April 2010), and off we go with two cars, and our two drivers are Connie and Hoe Seong..We were all so excited and most of us had a light lunch on that day, so we can spare ourselves for dinner..! 

I'll be focusing mainly on our night out and not much on I know one of my friends will be blogging about the food need not say more...=)...There will be more pictures of me and my friends..

Rachel and Khai Sin

Took this picture when we were on our way to TAO,Autocity in the car..It was a random shot and the road was I was lucky to be able to take a picture of both of them..


She's wearing the necklace from GOLDHEART given by all of us..=) It really suits her..! ♥

Me and Sis (Rachel)

Finally we reached Autocity..! Picture was taken beside Hongkie Restaurant..

TAO Restaurant

Tao is a Japanese Buffet Restaurant...Here you can EAT-ALL-YOU-CAN !! It costs us around RM57.50 per pax that night inclusive of Tax..So order and eat as much as you can..!

Let's look at the interior of the restaurant..

Entrance of TAO

Love the decorations of the entrance..♥ 

Journey to Amazing Delicacies

These are the steps located at the front entrance..looks very nice..but its dangerous for those who are wearing be careful and watch your steps..but it was creative to build it that way..

Bamboo Decorations for six/eight pax table

I like the bamboo sticks behind the seats..they compliment most of the pictures we took that night..            

Basic Table Settings

So here we are..finally settled down at one table..fortunately we did a reservation earlier it was crowded that night..

Anyway lets look at a few dishes that we ordered that night.. 


We ordered first ordered the TOP 10 on the menu..and one of it is the scallops with thousand island sauce sprinkled with spices..The scallops are scrumptious but its quite filling to have too much of it..

Scallops ( Up Closed )

My friend Elizabeth said that during weekdays..the scallops taste better as the sprinkled spices are more generous compared to the ones we had that day..Well..can't blame and food provided will be lower in terms of quality when its during peak periods or weekends..


Takoyaki ( Up Closed )

I guess that is what it is is made up of squids and vegetables..I think I had three as my friends didn't really want it..

Abalone With Vegetables

I think we ordered 2 to 3 plates of the abalone..if I'm not is artificial abalones, but it tasted good, Connie and Khai Sin finished the first plate in just a few minutes..LOL..

(Picture taken by Connie)

Sashimi Platter

The Sashimi Platter consists of Salmon, White Tuna, Red Tuna and Octopus..we ordered about 3 plates of these..and I love the Salmon lots..and I'm a fan of White Tuna too..I didn't really like the ones served there..and the last serving wasn't that fresh..

(Picture taken by Connie)

Baked Salmon with Cheese

Yeah Connie, I know its your favourite..LOL..I like it too..but I prefer Fresh and Smoked Salmon over this one..Next time I promise to help you with the Baked Salmon!! =) ♥

(Picture taken by Connie) 

Cawan Mushi

Evon loves this Cawan Mushi and I have to agree with her..I love it too..!! ♥ There is a small piece of artificial abalone and fish slice in it too..! Yummy..

Well..I guess that's all for food now..=) For more info check out my friend's blog at my blog list..! Lets look at the pictures taken during and after dinner..!!

Rachel, Me and Connie!

My dear sis and my dear friend..

Sis and Me

Aww..I miss those times in school when we were sitting next to each other..LOL..she is one of the best partners I have in school..

(Picture Taken by Connie)

Elizabeth and Steven Khaw (Hoe Seong)

Why does Hoe Seong always look like a perv each time his pictures are taken..? tsk tsk..!! But I have to agree..there is no fun without him..he makes all of us laugh..but sometimes..he is annoying too..! LOL..oopps.. =)

(Picture Taken by Connie)

The Ladies

I will think of the good old days when we were in school each time we take a group picture..and we seldom have group pictures nowadays..Some of our old friends are not in the picture too..Sigh..

Rachel, Me and Connie Again

LOL..Rachel's funny faces are on most of the pictures because of Hoe Seong..haha..but this is cute..she looks so chubby..

Me and Connie

I love this picture of us hugging the long pillow..looks so cute..!

Khai Sin, Evon, Elizabeth, Hoe Seong

(Picture taken by Connie)

Sis and Me

Elizabeth, Rachel and Me

Looks like we really love taking pictures..don't we? But if we don't take them now..then when..? =)

Its the Ladies Again..!

Friends Forever!!

Can't wait for our next hang out..! It was great having dinner with you guys..=)

(Picture taken from Connie's Cam)

Me and Elizabeth 

Outside of Tao after dinner..!

(Picture taken by Connie)

Girls Rule..!

Taken outside of Tao..LOL..I know Khai Sin is denying that she is the shortest..but I guess she is not because Eliz was wearing Heels..

(Picture taken from Connie's Cam)

(Picture Taken from Connie's Cam)

The Top 6 Models looked like we were posing for a modeling show or contest..

(Picture taken from Connie's Cam)

Acting Cute

We were doing what girls do best..Acting cute..!! LOL..I guess we will always be young at heart thou we are growing older..!

(Picture Taken from Connie's Cam)
Me and Rachel

All of us took an individual picture with the main character of the night, Rachel..=)

(Picture taken by Connie)

The Models Again

Here we are modeling again..!

(Picture taken by Connie)


Rachel said we are the Malaysia Version of Pussycat Dolls, The KittyMeow Dolls..LOL..Purrrr..Roarrr...

(Picture taken by Connie)

Khai Sin and Me

(Picture taken by Connie)

Me, Rachel and Khai Sin

Taken at Coffee Island..

(Picture taken by Connie)

I'm gonna miss my dear Rachel when she leaves..Can't wait to see her again at the airport..!! Had a great night out with them especially at TAO and Coffee Island! 

Thanks to all our random photographers, as well as Hoe Seong and Connie for taking most of the pictures..

Will upload more pictures from the airport!! See you then Rachel!

For those who wishes to visit Tao :

TAO Restaurant,Autocity

[Monday-Friday] Lunch 11.30AM - 2.30PM
[Saturday-Sunday] Lunch 11.30AM - 4.00PM
[Monday-Thursday] Dinner 5.30PM - 10.00PM
[Friday-Sunday] Dinner 5.30PM - 10.30PM


beneathdarkclouds said...

hais... miss those days wen we r all together... btw where is rachel going off to?

Angeline said...

finally you visit my blog dear..hehe..she is going to singapore in may..working for SQ..Singapore airlines..

adamfong said...

:P buffet, i can take a lot, my friends said if u wanna go buffet u must not leave me out lol, and these japanese food is in my favourite list too, looks nice and i feel hungry now

Rachel said...

i teared when i read your blog. im gonna miss you girls the most when i leave. love you all muchyyyy! xxxx

Angeline said...

Adam : Take me to Tenji when i go to KL..=) I heard that its good..

Rach : Thanks sis for visiting my blog..see you at the airport..hugz..!!

adamfong said...

angel, u need to find out where the location is cos im more to a home staying guy, will take u there when u come to KL (u can snap photos of the food and the restaurant but hopefully not me i dont want u to scare your followers with my looks :P)and rachel, all the best to u, the society needs young talented people like you for the next batch of future coporate players

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