Thursday, April 15, 2010

Sesame @ G Hotel


Its been a long time since the last time I went to Sesame at G Hotel..Me and my family went for dinner after watching "Clash of the Titans"..After unanimous votes..we decided to go for G Hotel's Sesame! LOL..Actually the name of the restaurant is Sesame Soy..Sesame serves fine Chinese Cuisine whereas Soy serves Fusion Style Cuisine..

I've only been to Soy once..So I cant really comment much about the food..but Sesame is our all time favourite..and for sure we will be going back there for more..!! 

Lets take a look around the place then..♥
G Hotel Ornament

Basic Table Setting

Table for Four

Enjoy your dinner while overlooking the G Hotel Lounge!

Ti Kuan Yin

Smells good..but I still prefer Oolong Tea from Forum

Now lets talk about food..!

Prawns Cooked in Salted Egg Puree (Closed up)

Here comes my favourite dish of all..! Sesame is the only place which served this type of dish..I never fail to order this each time I visit Sesame..I love the Prawns which are coated with the Salted Egg Puree which is topped of with Creamy Wasabi Sauce on the side..and it has a sugary taste on it..There are five pieces per serving for RM24..
 Snake Beans

Do Snake beans sound scary to you..? Rest Assure it is safe to eat and it is not an extract from Snakes..! LOL..It was named the Snake Beans because the texture of the beans looks like snake skins..With only RM16, the Snake beans stir-fried with Shrimp Paste and Beef Brisket Slice (in other words - Beef Bacon)..such a crispy delicacy..!

 Wok-Fried Hunan Beef Cubes (Closed up)

Wok-Fried Hunan Beef Cubes (Overall)

My first impression on this dish is that it won't taste good..I did not know why, but it changed my mind after I took the first bite..and it tasted really good..the Beef Cubes are fried with garlic and dried chillies which will cost Rm26 per plate..I thought I was going to miss the old Hunan style beef..but this one tastes as good as the old one..!!

Roasted Spring Chicken (Closed up View)

Roasted Spring Chicken ( Overall View)

The roasted spring chicken is cooked with herbs and served with dragon fruit sauce which will cost Rm22 per plate..My uncle loves the roasted spring chicken...although its not my favourite..I think it tasted good compared to normal Chicken served in restaurants..but I'm not a big fan of Roasted Spring Chicken as it reminds me of chicken rice..LOL..

Baby Chinese Cabbage 

Baby Chinese Cabbage (Overall View)

This is my Mum's favourite..Ahh..well..She loves all vegetables..LOL..The Baby Chinese Cabbage comes with fried scallops, enoki and shitake mushrooms..its a very healthy dish to order as it comes with wolfberries (red herbs) which is nutritious for the eyes..and it will only cost you RM16 per plate..

Deep Fried Smoked White Tuna with Mango Salad (Closed Up View)

Deep Fried Smoked White Tuna with Mango Salad ( Overall View)

Mmm...the smoked white tuna comes with Mango salad sauce and it is deep fried but not to the extend of spoiling the taste...You can still taste the White tune as if it is served fresh..the mango salad sauce really compliments the fish..Yummy..! One plate will cost you around Rm40++ (Cant remember the price..sorry)

 Hot Towel

Finally there is a hot towel for you to clean yourself after has a touch of scent which will make your hands smell good..!! =) Refreshing too..

So any of you who are looking for Chinese cuisine..head down to Sesame at G Hotel..

Here's the address for non-penangites :

Sesame Soy Ghotel
168A Persiaran Gurney,
10250 Penang, Malaysia.

(Sesame : Open Daily for Dinner 6.30pm - 10.30pm)
(Soy : Open Daily for Lunch 12.00pm - 2.30pm, Dinner 6.30pm - 10.30pm)

Dishes of the pictures shown below are no longer available in the MENU as they update their menu occasionally..(isn't it good that we can have more varieties to choose from?)

 Stir Fried Brinjals with Anchovies and Shrimps

Tender Hainanese Beef Steak with Pineapple 

 Deep Fried Soft Shell Crab


adamfong said...

how will i grade this restaurant?, decorations and atmophere are cool, food wise looks attractive enough, was the lighting glaring over there?. it kinda make the food look oily,

Angeline said...

erm..nope..its not glaring in fact it was quite dim..but the food is good..take you there when you are back the next trip...=)

adamfong said...

hmmm,ok will try that when i go penang :)

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